Weeping Angel


Key Six: Dreams:

Her rough hand stroked his back. He huddles in a little ball to escape her touch. He could hear her laughing at him.

"Aw, why so scared?" she asked him. Allen clenched his teeth and tried not to give her the satisfaction of what he felt in that particular time. She cussed at him under her breath. A sharp kick came to his lower back. Allen bit into his lower lip as he sucked in a mouthful of arm. This was back when he still had his wings. What was left of his power still remained with him. Road rolled him to face her. She leaned in close to his face.

"I own you," the monster whispered, "Never forget that." She didn't enjoy the cold glare in his eyes. Road slammed his face into the cold marble. Even that didn't do much to shatter him. However, she's not the only the one who can read into thoughts by looking into eyes. Allen read in Road's that she wanted to do more than harm him physically.

Her caresses told him that, "I want your body." Those words alone made his stomach turn. However, it didn't end there.

Time jump forward and Allen lost his wings. He awoke chained to a bed naked. The angel looked around for any signs of comfort. A grey hand caressed his chest. His eyes darted upwards to see a pair of gold ones staring down at him. A cold smirk crossed that face. Her weight pinned him down in place. Her lips touched his ear as he tried to squirm away from her body.

"Just as I said," Road told him in a low voice, "I owe you." She moved her mouth to his shoulder. Allen let off a loud gasp as she bit down. It didn't take her long to start thrusting back and forth against him. His mind became engulfed in a sea of pain and pleasure.

The angel jerked up his eyes with his body covered in sweat. He looked around and found himself in a darkened hotel room. Allen slowly pushed himself up to sitting in bed. He took long breaths to ease his heart pounding in his chest. He just about calmed down when he felt someone watching him.

"Who's there?!" Allen snapped.

"It's only me," Ophelia said, walking through the door. The other angel tried his best to relax again.

"Okay," he replied, "I'm sorry." Ophelia closed the door behind her.

"You were having nightmares about your master, weren't you?" she asked. Allen looked at her with big eyes.

"How did you…" he began to ask.

"I could hear you screaming from down the hall," Ophelia whispered. The other angel looked down at his frail hands. It chilled him to his core that Road still haunted him despite escaping from the tower. Ophelia took a seat on the foot of the bed. She patted him on the hand.

"Take time if you need to," she said in a whisper, "I'll be back to check you, okay?" Allen nodded in silence. Ophelia lightly patted him on the shoulder.

"You'll find me in the breakfast bar," she told him. Allen watched as the angel rose to her feet and walked out of the room. The exorcist angel blinked and shook his head.

I have to get myself together, he thought, I need to get out of here.

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