Weeping Angel


Key Eight: Charmer:

Ophelia came up to Allen's room and knocked on the door. "Allen," she whispered, "It's me and I've brought some people to help us."

"Come in," he said in a low way. Ophelia pushed open the door and led the men inside. Allen peeked out from his bed. The female angel stepped closed to the bed.

"These are my good friends, Tyrone and Kit," she said, "Tyrone is great with fire powers while Kit is an excellent mechanic. These guys will be perfect to help us out on our mission." Allen looked at both men in silence as if he was looking at two new exhibits in a museum. The pale-colored angel backed away with a nervous fear written all over his face. The dark-skinned man, Tyrone, tilted his head at the angel in the bed.

"Isn't this the tower angel on the loose?" he asked. Ophelia nodded sheepishly. Tyrone shook his head.

"Oh hell no!" he shouted, "Count me out of this shit!"

"Tyrone!" Ophelia wailed.

"Wait!" Allen called. Both angels paused and looked up. Tyrone walked back to the bed.

"And why should I?" he snapped.

"We can't keep you here," Kit, the other angel, reasoned, "You have a bounty on your head." Allen gave him a blank stare.

"A bounty?" he asked.

"Every time an angel escapes from the tower," the other angel broke down, "A bounty is placed out to capture and return them." Allen stared at them.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"We get meat in return," Tyrone answered. Allen took a while to think about it.

"That it?" he asked. The men stared at him.

"Aren't you scared?" Kit asked.

"Well, yes," Allen admitted, "But I can't stay here anymore. I have to get out of here."

"Are you crazy?" Tyrone asked, "Nobody has gotten out of this mother fucker? They won't let you leave!"

"Everyone has told me this!" Allen shouted with his eyes shout, "I have seen the hell in the city and the tower! I can't become a vegetable and give up!" He opened his eyes and grasped the sheets. "I will get the Hell out here even if I end up leaving the city half dead!" The other three angels stared at him with stunned silence.

"You can't do it, you know?" Tyrone asked.

"It won't stop me from trying!" Allen said. Ophelia looked at now stunned and inspired angels.

"So what do you say?" she asked. Tyrone gave her a little smile.

"I'm in," he said simply. Kit gave him a little nod.

"I'm in too," he said.

"You have me in as well," Ophelia added. Allen gave his new teammates a proud smile.

"So when do we leave?" he asked.

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