Wonderland Carnival


Halo Fourteen: Hisayo:


She had the look of a girl in love.

Hisayo knew she never had a chance with her beloved Abe-sensei. Still, she couldn't control how she felt about him. Only problem was, her mother had the same feelings about her homeroom teacher that her daughter did.

Probably the reason why her mother accused Abe-sensei of molesting her daughter. Hisayo shut her eyes on her bed.

Why can't she leave him alone?

Hisayo looked up when there was a knock on her bedroom door. "Yes?" she asked.

"Nee-san?" a tiny voice asked on the other side. Hisayo relaxed as she realized who it was.

"Toshiko-chan?" she asked. "That you?" The little girl slid open the door to a crack. Her older sister sat up, watching.

"Can I stay in your room until you fall asleep?" she asked. Hisayo gave her a tired, little smile.

"Sure, come in," she said in a small voice. The little girl dragged her little white teddy bear inside with her. She climbed into her sister's futon. Hisayo patted her on the head.

"Did you have a bad dream?" she asked.

"Yes," Toshiko whispered back. Her sister hugged her close to her body.

"It's okay," she whispered. "I'm here for you." Her sister looked up at her.

"Why have you had red cheeks?" she asked. Hisayo's cheeks fired up again.

"What?!" she asked. The child gave her a strange look.

"Your face is red now," she said. Hisayo put her hand to her cheek.

"Oh…" she mumbled.

"Are you okay?" Toshiko asked. Her sister quickly nodded.

"Of course!" she said as fast as she could. "Yes." Toshiko didn't say a word. Hisayo rested her chin on her sister's head.

"Can you keep a secret?" she asked. Toshiko looked up at her.

"A secret?" she asked.

"Yes," the older girl replied. She squeezed on the little girl. Toshiko winced at the pressure on her rib cage. Hisayo leaned her mouth down to her ear.

"I really like someone," she whispered. Toshiko looked up at her.

"Who?" she asked. Hisayo gave her the answer almost inaudible to human ears. Toshiko gave her a weird expression on her face.

"Who did you say?" she whispered. Hisayo whispered the secret name to the little girl again.

Outside of the room, their mother strained to listen in for the name. Deep inside of her, the time bomb ticked away. It would take a big tragedy to cause her to explode into the Wasteland.

Back in Present Day…

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