Wonderland Carnival


Halo Fifteen: Izaya:

Three interns have turned up dead or missing. Last week, Hitomi and her boyfriend were found dead in an abandoned apartment. Namie wasn't picking up her phone either. Izaya frowned as he looked at the screen. He was convinced that the murder in 1987 had something to do with it. The information broker went over the facts in his head.

In 1987, a girl named Isobe Hisayo was savagely murdered by her mother. The police found her body stuffed in the ceiling in a large clear garbage bag. Before that, no one really noticed that she was missing. However, the back story didn't really interest Izaya. He looked for something deeper and darker. The man opened up Google and typed in, "Kinko Sekai Apartment curse."

Those who moved into the apartment didn't live past a year. Most of them died or disappeared. The few that survived went insane and didn't last long in the end. Izaya remembered that he sent Namie and half of the interns to the abandoned apartment.

"Namie, I need you to check out something for me," he said at his computer. She rolled her eyes as she glanced over at him.

"What is it now?" Namie grumbled. He turned his laptop to her. She looked at the screen.

"What is it?" the woman asked.

"Just a certain apartment," Izaya answered.


"Just because…"

"Why?" she asked again. Izaya only shrugged his shoulders. That alone told her that he was plotting something so dirty that he didn't want to stick his hands in it. Namie snorted as she turned away.

"Whatever," she muttered.

"Good girl," Izaya purred. The next day, he sent her and six other interns off to the apartment for a little "assign." They didn't know any of the details, but when they came back, they didn't want to talk about what they found. Namie didn't really think much about it. Izaya only sat back and waited for the results to take hold. So far, two of the interns disappeared. Hitomi and her boyfriend were dead, and Namie hasn't shown up for work since she ran away scared from the building.

"The boss isn't picking up her phone," one of the remaining three interns told him this morning. Izaya didn't even look up from his computer screen.

"Okay, so?" he asked.

"You don't think… Hisayo killed them?" she asked. He glanced up at her with a poker face.

"Do you want my honest opinion?" he asked. The intern nodded her head up and down. Izaya gave her a little smirk.

"Of course not," he said. "She's been dead for years." He put up his hand to quiet the intern before she opened her mind. "Both her sister and her mother," the information broker added on.

"But… what who that girl I saw that day?" the intern asked in a quiet voice.

"Probably your imagination."

"Why is Hitomi-senpai dead? Where is the boss, Shu, and Sosuke?"

Izaya shrugged his shoulders at her. "Who knows?" He wasn't showing too much concern for them. Why would he? They were just pawns in his own twisted experiment. He got what he wanted from his curiosity. Now he had to sit back and watch the other three to drop like flies.

At sundown, Izaya got the phone call that he expected.

"Hello?" he asked. "Yes about your offer, I have my own our terms and conditions to lay out before we begin." His lips curved into a smirk.

"Well then, let's begin…"

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