Wonderland Carnival


Halo Four: Mizuho:

Chiharu walked home when she noticed a red sports car in the parking lot. She frowned, rolling her eyes. Oh, you've got to be kidding me! The schoolgirl raced up to her apartment.

No way! No fucking way!

Chiharu pushed open the door. "What the hell are you doing in my house?!" she snapped. A woman about twenty-three years old looked up at her from the couch.

"Welcome home," she told her. Chiharu glared at her.

"Cut the crap!" she barked. "What are you up to now, Mizuho?" The woman gave her an innocent shrug.

"What?" Mizuho asked. "Can't I visit my favorite in the whole world?" The schoolgirl gave it her all not to gag.

"You didn't come here to see me!" she barked. "You only want to see aniki!" A flash of annoyance filled Mizuho's eyes, but she battled herself to stay ladylike.

"Guilty!" she said. "Do you know when he'll get in?"

"How the hell did you get in our apartment?" Chiharu asked.

"When does Tatsuya-kun get in?" Mizuho asked, trying to be civil about this. Chiharu reached into her schoolbag with a frown on her face. The other woman felt her cheeks hurt from smiling.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm calling the police," Chiharu replied. Mizuho raised an eyebrow at her.

"Why?" the older woman asked. The schoolgirl retrieved her cell phone in her hand.

"Unless you tell me how you got in, I will have you arrested for breaking and entering," she answered. Mizuho gritted her teeth.

"Just tell me when Tatsuya-kun gets back!" she hissed. Chiharu flipped open her phone, smirking when the "evil little fairy" showed her true colors.

"Not until you tell me how you got into our apartment," she said. Mizuho sat back pouting as Chiharu's finger drew closer to the key pad.

"Fine, the landlady let me in when I told her I was his fiancée," she admitted. "You happy now? Please don't call the police on me." Chiharu closed her phone, unimpressed. I need to have talk with our landlady later on, she thought.

"Aniki's at work right now," she explained. "He'll be here in a couple of hours." Mizuho noticed her grinning as she regained her ladylike demeanor.

"What?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Was that so hard to give me an answer?" Chiharu asked. Mizuho sat back, smirking.

"It must be hard for Tatsuya-kun to raise such a difficult younger sister," she said. "I wonder why he hasn't killed you yet." Chiharu gritted her teeth, hissing. She was about to bite back when he cell phone rang.

"Excuse me," she said coldly. She turned and stood in the doorway with the phone to her ear. The call didn't last longer than five seconds before the schoolgirl raced out the front door.

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