Wonderland Carnival


Halo Five: Box:

Junko kept a locked box in her office. The black wooden piece of art sat next to her leg on the lower shelf. The students tried to guess what was in it.

"I bet it's some fake ids."

"It's stolen cash."

"Maybe it's jewels."

"Or a body part."

Many guesses circle that box, but never are really right. She never talked about it. That didn't stop the students from trying to find out what was inside. Most of them tried to sneak into her office, but most of them failed. Junko seemed to know when someone was about to break into her box. Just out of nowhere, the nurse would pop up behind them.

"Who gave you permission to touch my box?" she would hiss in their ear. That was all it took to send the students running away in panic. The students weren't the only ones with questions about that box.

Her colleagues during the meets and lunch breaks just had to ask questions as well. Junko causally brushed them off as well.

"It's just my secret treasure," she said would answer. The nurse kept the key in the pocket of her white coat at all times. No one dared to try and steal it from her because of it.

However, there was only one time that her coat was left unattended. An unexpected heroine happened to be walking by the open office while Junko was out for a phone call. One curious little trip let to another open gate to the wasteland.

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