Fallen City


Key Nine: Plotting:

Their blank eyes made him want to vomit. They just stared into his soul without even trying. The fluids pumped into their chests made his stomach turn. Allen felt himself shrinking in this place. He couldn't chase the voices out of his head.

Help us!

We want to go home!

Save us!

Save us!

Save us!

Allen turned his back to drown them out. They won't shut up and he doesn't even know how long he's been in the basement. The faded green lights are starting to hurt his eyes. They won't go away. They won't go away.

It was then Allen's way of thinking began to change. I shouldn't be here. I should be back at home. I have to get out of here. He tried to get up, but his body was too frail to move. He lied back down on the ground.

But how do I get out of here? Allen tried to map out this whole tower in his head. It donned on him that he didn't know how he got in in the first place. One moment he had crashed into the city and the next he woke up in a cage. That alone wasn't enough to help him get out. He didn't really get to see much of the tower either. The only rooms that he knew of were Road's and the doctor's office. The angel closed his eyes.

This didn't help his situation any. He needed a better to think from. Suddenly, a line of thinking filled his head. How did the monsters bring angels inside the tower? They would have to go outside in order to do that. Allen's eyes widened at that logic. Of course!, he thought. The angel would need to sneak outside when the monsters went to go pick out the litter of their crop. But, how could he pull this off without getting caught? They would tell that he was an angel just by looking at him. If he failed, he would possibly end up like the vegetables in their glass cages.

Allen trembled as he struggled to roll over onto his pasty back. I do not want that!, he thought. He paused in thought as he noticed exactly how he was breathing in that moment. The angel paused in a panic.

The infection!, he thought. Allen could tell when it was time for his candy again when his breath became short and his chest began to ache. No…, he thought. If I don't get out of here soon, I'll be really screwed. He didn't want to fall to this point, but he really need Road to come back and get him for the candy. Allen shut his eyes in the vain wishing hope that she would show up and save him.

Suddenly, he heard the elevator doors open across the room. Allen squinted in a poor attempt to see through the painful green lights. His heart nearly froze in his chest at the sound of footsteps. He panted harder as the footsteps stopped before him.

"Aww, poor baby," a familiar voice cooed at him. "Just look at you. Just like a hopeless, wounded animal." His mind went elsewhere as grey fingers parted his mouth and slipped in that vile grayish-blue candy in his mouth. He took it into his jaw and held it there. As he let his mistress drag him away, he resumed plotting how to escape from this tower and the city altogether.

I will escape from here, Allen thought as he and Road disappeared into the elevator and began the dragging climb back to the sixth floor.

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