Fallen City


Key Ten: Feed:

She spends all day in her downstairs dungeon. She's just above the graveyard basement. Tyki has her chained up like an angel on a Christmas tree. Each link came close to cutting into the feathers of her wings. Too much movement might cut it off. Now, that would piss off her master. She would become weak and she would serve no use for his entertainment. Yet, she would lose herself in the process. She couldn't have that. She wanted to have all of her in order to kill her master when she got free again.

Tyki has patients upstairs again. She trained her ears to the ceiling for a listen. He's prescribing more candy pills again. There is a rumor around the tower that at the very top is where they perform experiments on angels. Naturally, none of the angels liked the sound of that one. Like hell she would ask him if that was true or not. She would rather die than come to that point. But she couldn't hang by these chains like this.

It'll be hours before he gets back. Clawing at the ceiling won't help her either. He just stamps his foot to shut her up. She didn't know how this happened. The doctor used to be so loving towards her. The angel can't remember how he changed exactly. Maybe he was like this from the beginning. She tried to swallow back her rage again. The angel closed her eyes and tried to remember any old songs from her childhood. However, she chose not to hum it. The last thing she wanted to do was give him the satisfaction of her misery again. His little "Singing Lark" was what he called her when he heard her singing one night. Since then, she tried to keep herself silent in protest. Looking for songs in her scattered memory didn't help, so she turned to her other gift.

Even when she was human, she had the ability to hear thoughts. She couldn't remember if she was rejected as a child because of it or not. Her only gift that the monsters hadn't taken away became her only keep to sanity at times like these. Most angels in the Fallen City lose their powers upon entering. A good number lose theirs after their wings are cut off. It is assumed that she still had some of her powers because she still had her wings on her back. Her gift was another facet that intrigued her lord so much. He wanted to learn more about it on his down time. As for her, hearing those voices kept her from clawing at her own throat in an attempt to kill herself out of spite.

The fiery-haired closed her eyes and just let all of the voices in. The problem with this setting is that she only hears misery and wishes for death in this whole city. The thoughts in the tower alone would make one want to slit their wrists after the first thirty thoughts or so. The angel believed that she had become used to the negativity that visits her head every time she took a listen. Hearing that too often makes her wish that she never had the gift in the first place. It's the same things that she's been hearing for months now. More misery and despair from the mouths of the angels. She groaned to herself in her head.

Oh come on now!, she thought. Isn't there anybody in this city that thinks about anything else for a change? She already knew the answer to that question; it already seem kinda of silly to hope for a different outcome once again. They were all in the Tower and Fallen City after all.

I will escape from here!

She paused at that thought. She hadn't heard that thought before will that still-strong sense of vigour after all of this time. Curiosity led her to find the source. A white-haired angel stood chained up in his cage, plotting his escape. Such a dangerous made her pit him, but yet she took a strong interest in him at the same time. The ginger-haired angel just had to learn more about him. So, she dove deeper into her mental web to reach out.

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