Fallen City


Key Eleven: Communication:

Why do you believe that?

Allen froze as he heard that thought in his head. Who was that?

It's only me.

Who are you?

Tell me who you are first.

How are you hearing my thoughts? Are you one of them?

No, I am not a monster.

Then, show yourself!

Very well.

Allen's caught hold of a black and blue portal opening within his thoughts. His dulled grey saw a naked red-haired woman chained up in the darkness. The paleness of her skin almost blinded him. Yet, that wasn't the only thing that he noticed about her.

You still have your wings?


Allen's eyes gave way to puzzlement. But why?

My master just wants to torment me that way.


Yes. Why do you believe that you can escape?

I have to! I can't stand to see those eyes anymore.

Those eyes? You saw the bodies in the basement, didn't you?

Allen nodded.

How long did you stay down there?

His lips trembled as he tried to guess the right answer. The winged-angel gave him a sympathetic smile.

It was a long time, wasn't it?

Allen tried to sit up to the best that he could. And where you?

In the basement.

Allen gave that response a puzzled look. That can't be… Where were you?

I am held in a hidden room behind the graveyard. You won't see or hear me because the walls are so thick.

I see.

You can't do it, you know?

Allen paused and looked up. And why not?

No one has ever escaped from here and lived.

But I have to try. I am going to try and I will escape from here!

There are the monsters. They will not let you go! The worst that could happen is that you would end up as a vegetable in a tank in the basement!

I am aware of that! But I have to get out of here!

Okay, say that you do manage to get out of the tower. There is still the city that you have to cross through. There is nothing but wasteland all around. You will most certainly will lose your way and your sanity from everything that you will see while trying to escape. Pretty soon, you'll just wish for death just like the rest of them!

And what about you?

The winged-angel paused. What about you?

Do you wish to die?

She shook her head. I have to stay alive. I plan to break out these chains and kill my lord for putting me through this hell for years now!

I feel the same way you do.


I too want to get out here and go back home.

Do you even know how?

Allen went silent from there. The winged-angel gave him a sympathetic smile.

I have to admit, you are bold and insane to hold onto the hope of escape after all of this time. I will tell you how to get out of the tower under the condition that you tell me your name.

Allen sat back with a small smile on his face. Allen Walker. And you are?

The woman smirked at that question. Leda.

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