Fallen City


Key Twelve: Escape:

Allen played back the instructions in his head.

Use your instincts to get out of the room in which you are being held in.

He had to wait until his mistress took him from his cage again. Road would even be gone for a couple of days to hunt for more angels to fill the city and tower. He reached out to try and unlock the door to the cage. The only thing he had was his arm in attack mode, however it wouldn't last long due to his weakness.

I only have one shot at this, he thought. I need to make this work! He reached a claw into the lock and began to turn it. Come on, he thought. I don't have long. I don't want to stay in this Hell anymore! Don't revert on me yet!

He tried to work the lock for about three minutes before it clicked open. A little smile came onto his face. Yes!, he thought. Allen pushed open the cage door and crawled out. Picking the lock took what little strength he had built up before his mistress left. His brain tried to remember Leda's next set of instructions.

Go out in the hallway to the elevators. Make sure nobody sees you. If you are caught trying to escape, they will beat you until you cough up blood.

Allen breathed for a moment before flipping himself over onto his stomach. The sudden movement made all of the muscles in his body ache. He gritted his teeth and breathed in. The pain in his lungs told him that infection was starting its spread again. He would need more candy again. The angel would've have taken the escape process slowly, but time became the enemy in this case. He took a moment to start crawling again. The angel slowed his breathing as he pushed himself to keep moving. As an extra measure, he tried not to breathe in the smell chemicals on the floor.

The distance from the cage to the door looked and felt longer than it actually was. The pain and infection did little to assist him, yet Allen refused to quit. Escape narrowed out any other thought in his brain.

I have to get out of here!, he thought. That thought was the only thing that kept him moving. He reached up and pressed his hand up against the solid, black door. His fingers seemed to slip through the thick metal; yet he couldn't fully tell if he was imagining it or if it was really real. Another wave of pain in his lungs told him not to ponder that question right now. He grabbed onto the door and tried to push it open. The best that he could do was get it to crack. His strength had been to exhausted at the moment.

Allen paused when his ears caught footsteps. Sounded like heavy work boots crossing the black marble floor. His heart sped up in his chest as little dots began to form in his vision. I'm running out of time!, he thought. If the infection hits his body, he would be finished. He had to do something quick for the boots were getting closer to the door. He rolled onto his back to try and think about what to do next.

The door to Road's room was pushed open moments later. The dragon-like soldiers came in and looked around the deep purple and black curtained room. The rookie private turned to the sergeant.

"Looks good so far," he said. "Think we need to check the cage?" The older sergeant took a moment to think as he looked intently around the room. His eyes stayed on the cage for a good ten seconds. He walked over for a better look. The sergeant poked the bundled up heap with his spear. The dragon-like creature turned to his rookie.

"Come take a poke and tell me what you think," he commanded.

"Yes sir!" the rookie said with a salute. He walked over and poked the bundle with his spear.

"It looks okay, sir!" he said as he stepped back. The sergeant gave him a stern look.

"You sure about that?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" the private called. The sergeant's face didn't change.

"Good enough," he said. Then, he headed to the door. "Onto the next room for inspection!"

"Yes sir!" the private yelled. They both headed out of the room to go next door. Allen had already crept out in the hallway as they inspected the cage. He dug in his brain for the next part that Leda told.

Go to the back elevators on the other side of the hallway. If you do happen to escape on inspection day, the elevators stay open until somebody goes in them. Press one and just ride all the way down to the ground floor.

Allen pushed his body forward as the dots in his vision became fuzzy and darker. He took in slower breaths to soothe the pain in his lungs and chest. I'm just about there. Don't pass out. Try to stay awake! I'm almost there!

The cool passing breeze on his skin was the only indication that he had made it to the elevator successfully. His hand limply reached up and pressed one. He managed a weak little smile on his face as he felt himself riding downwards. It took the angel to try and push himself into kneeling on one knee. The final part of instructions came into his brain.

Once you got off on the first floor, the back door is on the far end of the hall. Just push it open and rest the you will have to find out on your own. If you do happen to escape, think of me and enjoy your freedom.

Allen nodded in his head as he tried to catch his breath in the slow-riding elevator. Thanks Leda, he thought. When the doors opened, the angel looked out. His desperate mind screamed, "Look! Freedom!" But first, he needed to get up and get out of the elevator. Tricky move here. He still lacked strength in his legs and the infection could still be spreading in his body. Still, he didn't have enough time to think about all of that. Allen counted to three in his head. The angel gradually pushed himself up to his feet. His muscles felt so weak and sore. Starvation and abuse had taken their toll on his body. He stood now, time to start walking. He tried blink the dots out of his eyes before he started moving.

The air felt stale, but not in an attacking way. His lungs didn't ache as much as they did upstairs. His body did feel a bit cold. Allen shivered and forced himself to keep walking. He tried to run, but his legs were still too weak for that. The best that he could do was push his body walk really fast. Despite the pain his knees, Allen refused to quit walking.

I just need to make it to the door, he thought. And then I will be free! Allen pushed past the pain in his knees to keep walking. Finally, he reached out and his fingertips touched cold metal. His heart leapt up in his chest.

Found it!, he thought. It's here! The angel gathered his remaining strength to push open the heavy steel door with the metal handle.

Outside, a haze of dust blew past him. Allen shielded his eyes for a better look. His heart doubled as he came to realize that he had came out to the outside. The first part was over; he just needed to get out of the city next.

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