Fallen City


Key One: Allen:

It's been close to a year and a half. Allen Walker drew his eyes open. There isn't any clean air here. The staleness of the environment chokes up his lungs. The darkness made his eyes too sensitive to the light. His stomach stopped grumbling from being from long ago. The angel doesn't even know what time of day it is.

He paused when he heard the door slid open. She's back!, he thought. He fixed his ears on the dull sounds across the black marble floor. A graceful grey hand reached forward and caressed his left cheek.

"Good morning, baby," her smooth, poisonous voice filled his ears. He gritted his teeth. If he could only get his wrists out of these chains and strangle her…

"Aww, why do you look at me like that?" she asked. "It looks so ugly of you." She frowned at his growling. Her mood shifted to a bitter one. That's all he does to her nowadays. Not the look on him that she wanted. He's still too strong for her personal games that she has planned for him. She has given it her all to make him suffer in his steel-wired cage. His body displayed proof of her work. His ribs showed through his pale skin covered in cuts and bruises. Dried blood clung to his skin. The sweat glanced on his slender body. Dirt painted itself all over his wings and skin. Even the electrical wires attached to his wings to prevent him from escaping didn't even faze him.

She narrowed her eyes at him. What was with this guy? After months of starvation and abuse, he still won't submit to her. Usually, most of her toys submitted under pain. What's different about him? Allen smirked at her. He's not supposed to be doing that.

"You will never break me!" the angel bragged. She gritted her teeth and shocked him with her cattle prod. He gasped aloud at the shock. After four more shocks, Allen hung there, panting. She stood there less satisfied than when she walked into the dungeon. This morning was another waste. Okay, time to do some serious troubleshooting.

By the time she finished her breakfast, his mistress came to an epiphany. She had heard this rumor all over the tower about to deal with unruly angels. She just had to try it out.

By that evening, she gathered up her tools that she needed to pull this off. She came back to Allen's cage and unlocked the door. He looked at her in curiosity. What is it now?, he thought. His mistress smiled she took every single wire off his wings. She licked her lips she watched his wrists drop limping by his side. The low humming made him a bit nervous. She grabbed by the wrists and dragged him under the moonlit bay window. His frail body lied limp across a wooden bench. He lifted his head to look around, but she forced it back down. Her hand gently caressed his back in a mocking way.

"Shhh," she whispered. "This'll make it all better for us." He gritted his teeth to himself as he already didn't like where this was headed. She cuffed his wrists and ankles in the spread eagle position. He winced at the discomfort, but prepared not to give her the satisfaction of suffering tonight. Her hand rubbed on his back in a small, circular way before cutting to the attack.

She stretched out two thin steel wires as far as they would go. Her bony knees dug into his lower backside as she wrapped the wires around the base of his right wing. The tight pull broke his concentration. His cry of pain was like music to her ears as she pulled her wires back and forth like a saw. She licked her lips.

"There, there," she said with fake sweetness. "I'm just about finished here." Her hands still went slow with the cutting. Allen gritted his teeth as he writhed underneath her. The knees in his back held him in place.

"Almost down," she whispered. With three more twists and the wing fell right off on the cold marble floor below. Allen still screamed in pain afterwards. His body thrashed around result. She licked the flowing blood on his back. A twisted smile came onto her face.

"Mmm," she mumbled. "You taste so good." Yet, she wasn't finished yet. There was still the other wing on his back. She could that he knew what was coming next because she felt him winced underneath her. He even trembled at the thought of the wires coming at him again. She smirked at her little pet.

"Come on," she cooed as she rubbed on his back again. "We're almost done here. Everything will be better when this is all over." Allen didn't believe her. He knew what was really coming next. She wrapped the wires around the left remaining wing and got right to work with the same slow motion. This time, he didn't even try to fight her off. The pain blocked out any rational thoughts in his mind. He thrashed about in pain to get her to stop, but her knees held him down in place. His other wing fell on top of the first lost one. She licked up the second round of the flowing blood. She felt herself getting wet with excitement. But not yet; she has to go through obedience training with him first. However, right now he's in pain from their "bonding" time.

She freed him from his restraints and let him fall to the floor after she got off of his back. Allen huddled up on the floor in a small ball, trembling. She knelt down and stroked his white hair. Her lips leaned down to his ear.

"You are to call me 'Mistress Road' from now on," she whispered. Allen didn't respond. The pain blocked out any coherency in his brain. He just sank into himself to cope with the pain.

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