Fallen City


Key Three: Filth:

The feeling of emptiness. Nowhere to go but down. Allen sits on the ground watching his mistress with blank eyes. He still sleeps in his cage only the wires are on his arms alone and not his wings. His back still felt sore but at least the yellow tint in his skin and eyes had died down. That candy that Tyki prescribed him did some wonder despite the bitter taste. The muscles in his stomach still felt weak, however. Allen had to fight back throwing up each time the candy went in his mouth.

Road-sama wouldn't allow that however.

"If you vomit, you will be licking it up!" she warned him after she took him back to her dream world room. That alone just wanted to make him try her. But, what good would that do? He would just lose no matter what the outcome was.

The angel noticed that he had caught his mistress' eye. He waited for a response from her. Instead, she took her sweet time to study him. She tortured him, took his wings, and took him to be healed. Now, what to do next? Her own "personal" games screamed out to be acted out in this very moment, but not at this very moment. Through all of that, he still unconsciously fought to keep his purity. Made her rather annoyed thinking about that. This is why he needed a little discipline. But, how to execute this next part of the game?

The possibilities seemed endless. She had to start somewhere, however.

The mistress needed to make him so dirty that there could be no possible way he could clean himself again. Humiliation answered that so easily. That's when she noticed that he looked like that he would throw up again. The wheels in her brain began to turn. Road gave him a devilish grin.

"Aww, is little Allen hungry?" she asked. The angel looked at her with big, blank eyes as his focus locked on her. He didn't even bother to try and communicate with her. The mistress didn't wait for an answer as she moved her hand over to her plate. He watched as she picked up a piece of unidentified meat and held it out to him.

"Here," she said. "Have some." Allen looked at her with big, silent eyes. He knows this is a trap to make him vomit, but food seems so good right now. The angel sat up straight. Road held out for him to see in clear view.

"Come on," she said. "It's just one little piece of meat." A little drool ran down the corner of his mouth. Before he had time to think, Allen found his body darting towards to desired meat that his mistress held in her gray hand. Road simply just let the prize drop to the marble floor. The angel pounced and ate up the small piece on the floor. Road smirked to herself as he did so; she knew what was coming next.

The little victory gave way to heavy defeat in under seconds. Allen's hand flew to his mouth as he tried to hold back his sick. Road watched him, suppressing a laugh.

"Don't throw up, Allen!" she cooed. "You know what will happen!" Allen fought back his urge to vomit as he crouched down with pains in his stomach. Road leaned in for a better look.

"Hold it down!" she commanded. "Unless you want to lick it back up!" Allen shook his head as his cheeks puffed up. It's like… no! She was using reserve psychology on him. Road wants to see him vomit to make him eat it up like a little puppy. He resolved to deny her the satisfaction of seeing him throw up by swallowing back his sick. However, this set up an endless cycle inside his mouth. The more he swallowed back, the stronger it would come back, desperate to come out of his mouth. The clock ticking in the background didn't really help him.

Road waited in anticipation for her pet to crack. Her wish didn't have to wait any longer. Allen huddled up into a little ball.

I can't hold it!, he screamed in his mind. Road smirked with a childlike glee as the angel gave way to spewing up the morsel that she had fed him a minutes before. The sound and the image made her have to hold back a twist squeal of delight. In that very moment, she found her niche to rein him in for much more mature types of games. Allen fell back, panting after all of that embarrassing hell that she put him through. Road rose to her feet and made her way over to him. Allen didn't have time to think as she buried one hand deep into his scalp. The angel let out a tiny whimper as she leaned down to his ear.

"You know what's coming next," she whispered. Allen swallowed in discomfort. Of all of the worst things she could've picked…

He rolled out his tongue to the sick on the black marble below. Road watched in morbid delight as he got to work.

"Yes," she said. "Get it all up. I want this floor clean!" Allen felt his stomach turn as he attempted to get this over with to spare himself further embarrassment. Afterwards, he laid there on his side, trembling. He knows this is only round one of her "fun" little games that she has in store for him.

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