Fallen City


Key Eight: Tower:

There is a tower that stands dead in the middle of the whole fallen city. Nine stories reach all the way to the sky. The building stands like a prison guard over the rest of the city. All the way from its thick base to the sharp point nearly touching the sky. Its presence alone made the angels shudder.

It isn't easy to get into this mighty tower. The whole thing is made of a really strong glass. The shiny black surface makes the strongest angel freeze cold in their tracks. The thick glass itself makes it hard to tell where the doors are. Looking isn't an option, but feeling around for them doesn't help either. One touch will make one's hand draw back fast enough because it's so cold. The angels don't like to look into the glass either; the appearance of themselves throws them further down into despair. Only the monsters know where the doors are.

There is no light inside. Why would there be? The monsters have no real need for it. The angels learn how to live without it gradually. It's just dark glass at every corner on the inside. It's also so clean inside. Almost unnaturally clean. The smell of disinfectant forever fills the air. Almost to the point that everyone wants to throw up inside the tower. Funny thing is that there is blood that splatters on the floor every day at least four times, but it always gets cleaned up by the next morning.

The air quality in the tower is next to poisonous. Many assume it is due to the chemicals used to clean the whole place. That may be the case, but really, who has time to look into something like that? The air quality is not good for angels as it already is; it's worse after their wings are torn off. The science to why is not hard to figure out. The bacteria in the open wounds combined with the particles in the air cause more harm than good to the angels themselves. Because of this, they are given candy to counteract the poison. Now, what exactly is the candy? It's actually another poison that cancels out the other one. Yet, the higher up the tower goes, the worse that the air gets.

There are exactly nine levels in the tower itself. The only ways to move through each one is through the elevators. Not many go up to the very top. That place requires a certain pass code to get in. Only three of the monsters have this code. Not many can even make it to the top anyway. First off, the air gets too thin and poisonous as the angels go up. Second, the temperature drops at the same time. It begins to feel arctic. So cold, that they can see their breaths when they breathe out. The cold air even freezes up their joins so that they cannot move. In the end, they are just laid out by the time the elevator doors open up. And if that doesn't stop them, there are the spears that spring and impale them on the spot. No one will even come to them unless it is those three monsters that can access the top.

Even so, there is a secret level in the tower. This one is underground. This place is a graveyard so to speak. All of the angels in a vegetated state come down here to never be seen again. They are just stuffed into tubes and just left there to be forgotten. That is until other angels are thrown down on this level to face them as punishment. The vegetable angels are a warning to them. You don't obey your masters, you'll end up here.

Allen is down here right now. His mistress just closed him in this level under morning. Seeing the faces of the "dead" are getting to him. But, could it be also possible that he could be using this to plot his escape?

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