Tea Leaves and White Pearls

Gates of Hell

Match Ten: Gates of Hell:

The gates of the Wasteland have been ripped open. Rather, they were jimmied open and now the distress is creeping in. The Wasteland is seeking out for fresh life to latch onto. The countries around the world cannot see this, of course. This does not stop them from sensing that something is wrong. Kiku was the first to feel its effects.

Even his therapist is starting to see how the wasteland is taking hold of him. Many times the doctor would awake in the middle of the night panting. He could feel Kiku's dreams passing through him. The therapist tried not to sleep without medication anymore.

Kiku isn't the only one who notices the problems that are coming. Ivan's version of the Wasteland dreams has been getting much more vivid lately. Every night he awakes, he could still feel the effect of the tormented angels in the Fallen City. His back felt as if something had been ripped away from it with a wire saw. Ivan ended up checking his back in the mirror every morning.

While some are feeling the small effects of the Wasteland, others deny what is happening. Ludwig keeps telling himself that nothing is wrong. Despite the dreams that he sees night after night, he believes that they are nothing more than dreams. The effects are slowly snaking their way through his normal daily life. There is nothing wrong, he keeps saying, It's all in your head. Get a hold of yourself! His own words began to crumble in his mind as the Wasteland came and filled the cracks in the world.

Alfred hasn't caught onto what's happening yet. He's too busy getting closer to Florence. Lydia can feel it coming however. It worries her about her sister's budding relationship with the American man. He doesn't know his true intentions with her yet and that could lead to disaster. Because of this, Lydia has vowed to herself to stay close to the pair and watch them until the young man's intentions become clear. So far, things look pleasure and simple for all three of them. Lydia has no idea how long that will long.

Even so, there is still one question that no one has yet to ask: Who opened the gates to this brewing Hell coming their way? There hasn't been a big effort impact for people to even sit up and take action. Yet, the answer is staring them down in the face. The source comes from the unholy tempting union of two people and they continued to spread the flames of the Wasteland faster through their copulations. However, one wants to stop it, but doesn't know how to. As she gets closer to her new lover, the hungry power of the Wasteland's despair opens its gaping mouth to swallow the whole world in.

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