Tea Leaves and White Pearls


Match Eighteen: Kitsune:

Sena stared at the doll on the kitchen counter. Kiku placed a total of twenty in the house. To be honest, it started to creep out his wife.

"Honey, why can't we take these down?" she asked. Sena reached for the doll on the counter, but Kiku grabbed her by the wrist.

"Don't!" he pleaded. Sena turned to her husband.

"Why?" she asked. Kiku shook his head.

"They keep away my nightmares," he said in a quiet voice. His wife blinked at him with confused eyes.

"Your nightmares?" she asked. Kiku nodded as he looked down at his hands. Sena titled her head at him. This wasn't even a joke anymore. Her husband seemed to be closing himself in further and further out of fear that she could comprehend. Even his therapist didn't understand what was going on.

"I can't really make out any of this," he explained to her one day.

"Isn't there any you can do for him?" Sena asked. The therapist shook her head.

"I'm still working on it," he explained. That answer didn't sit well with the woman. Sena looked back at the doll on the counter. Seeing her sitting there just made the feeling of unease much worse. Sena reached out and took hold of the doll by the neck. This time, a sharp chill raced through her body. Her mind opened up to a horrifying image.

So much blackened dust blew everywhere. Screams filled her ears. Tokyo, no all of Japan looked to be on fire. A blackened fifteen-year-old girl stood before her staring with dead eyes. Beside her stood a six-year-old girl holding a stuff bunny to her chest. Fire rose up around them. More screams surrounded her. Corpses on crosses hung above her head in the blackened sky. A light rain of blood fell on her below. Cries of agony joined the screaming. Bone skinny angels dragged around the deserted wasteland before her. The images began to skip and blend together in her mind at a rapid pace.

What… What is this? Why am I seeing this? Make it stop! Make it stop!

A dead silence followed behind with a pitch darkness. One voice filled the emptiness.

"Don't let the devil get me."

Sena fell back on the kitchen floor panting with big, shocked eyes. Was this what Kiku saw? She looked over at her husband with his eyes down on the table. The doll watched them the whole time.

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