Tea Leaves and White Pearls


Match Twenty: Whispering:


I don't like the chill I have been getting lately. It's not a cold or anything either.

Something awful is coming. I keep having two visions every night.

One vision is of an unnamed city in Japan. It looks so normal on the surface. The people go about their day, not noticing a thing. It's spring there by the looking the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It's all fast-paced and no one has any real worries on their mind. However, I know better. Glass eyes shoot cold glares in my soul.

I find myself slowly backing up out of an unspeakable fear. I don't understand it, really. They don't move and try to attack me; they just in the windows and stare at me. The whole time, I keep feeling something breathing on my neck. I don't know who, but I keep feeling that someone is behind me, watching. I slowly glanced behind me to see. This girl looked about my age and beaten up. Her body and clothing all over covered in back. She looked like she wants to kill me. I try to walk forward as fast as I can, but another girl is blocking my path.

This girl looked about six years old with long black pigtails on the sides of her head. She held a dusty stuffed bunny to her chest as she stared at me. The little white blouse and bright red skirt doesn't ease my nerves. She too has eyes of murder. I whipped around and happened to notice that the blackened girl is now walking towards me. She opened her mouth and let off a loud death rattle with each step. A louder meowing sound makes me jump to see the little girl joining in with her own noise.

I tried to run to the side, but I am joined by another woman in this crowd. She looked the most demonic all them all. Her body is in all white and she reached out for my neck. I keep backing up as my fear grew out of control. I wanted to scream out, but my voice is lost in the silence.

No… No… No… NO!

The woman reached out and grabbed by neck.

The other view frightened me just as much. I disappeared into I think is the same city, but it's in ruin and beyond repair. The buildings were half-sunk into the ground. I could barely see anything with the wind harshly blowing the dust and fog around me.

"Hello?" I called out in vain. The sinking feeling of being alone doesn't sit well with my stomach. This looked to be just as bad as the other vision I keep having on other days.

The wind pushed back further into the city. I froze when a sharp wail filled the bleak air in the sky. I whipped to a horrifying site. Humans, I think they look human, holding their head and screaming out in pain. Their voices scream out to die. However, death has rejected them. God turned a deaf ear upon them. One of those crawled over to me with its frail, skeleton-like body. My eyes widened in panic as I sped backwards as fast as I could.

No, stay away! Stop! Don't come near me!

That poor creature grabbed onto my foot. I tried to scream as I desperately shook away the bony hand. Again, my voice is swallowed by the silence. The bodies started to pile on top of me as they wailed out in agony. Pretty soon, their darkness consumed my vision. That's when I saw it.

A huge blackened tower reached up to the gray, empty sky above. My eyes widened in terror as one tiny voice filled my ears.

Don't let the devil get me.

I don't know the source of these visions or how to stop them. Something inside is telling me that they involve my sister, Alfie, his friends, and me if we keep going down this path blindly. So far, I haven't told anyone about these visions, but I have no idea how long I can keep them a secret for much longer. As of right now, the best that I can do is hurl up into a ball and wait for something else to take over my mind from this repeating terror.

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