Tea Leaves and White Pearls

Exam, Drawing, and Pass

Match Twenty-Three: Exam, Drawing, and Pass:


Today, I have my exam. I am confident to do this. The exam will help me graduate or fail. If the latter happens, my father will roll in his grave. I just don't want to have another battle with him in my head. I prefer to let him rest in peace.

I walked into the classroom like it was a normal day. Only a small amount of students were waiting inside. A proctor sat in the back corner already. I took my usual seat as I cleared my mind. I can't have Yao, work, or anything else in my mind. This moment is critical to my future. I kept up this mentality as the students walked into the classroom. Qui plopped down next to me at her desk.

"Good luck," she whispered.

"Thank you," I whispered back. The teacher walked into the room and slammed the test books on her desk.

"Good morning, class!" she greeted us.

"Good morning!" we greeted back.

"Will the class representatives please pass out the exam books?" the teacher asked. A blonde American girl and myself stood up and passed out the books. Once we sat back down, the teacher set the clock.

"You may now begin," she said. The students picked up their pencils and got to work. I finished in about an hour and thirty minutes. I wasn't in college yet, so I had to sit at my desk and wait. I looked down at my scrap paper and felt like drawing. My doodles started out normal. I drew little flowers, cat heads, and bunnies. I can't be exactly sure what happened from there, but my art took quite a darker tone.

The cat faces looked pretty demonic. Their glowing eyes and fangs made me shiver. I shook my head to myself.

Why am I drawing this?

It didn't end there. The cats were joined by Japanese Kanji. I myself didn't recognize it all. I couldn't even get myself to stop. My hand started to shade back and forth while I was at it.

Stop! Stop!

My hand flipped over the picture and began to draw a face. The bangs covered up the small eyes with the nose and the upper half of the mouth. I freaked out as I began to shade the whole face black. Those eyes hidden behind the hair gave me such a heart attack, but I couldn't stop drawing. Something or someone wanted me to tell the truth. I shook my head to myself.

Somebody stop me!

I got my wish when the clock on the teacher's desk rang loud enough to startle me out of my trance. I looked up see her cutting it off.

"Pencils down!" she commanded, "Turn in your test books at the front desk as you leave the room." The students filed out as their test books piled up on her desk. I didn't talk or look at anyone for the rest of my exams. The girl's face only grew stronger as the day wore on. Who was she and what was she trying to tell my in that drawing?

A little ease came over my mind when I learned that I passed all of my exams. However, this was eclipsed with the dread of that picture. I had no choice; I was going to ask Fei, Hen-to, and even Yao. I decided to not let up until I got the answers I wanted.

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