Tea Leaves and White Pearls

Gifts, Lust, and Uncertainty

Match Six: Gifts, Lust, and Uncertainty:


I'm going to be working alone with Wang Yao tonight. We have to wrap some party favor gifts for a wedding that our businesses are sponsoring. Yao is providing the food and my clan is funding it. Up until sundown, I have tried my best to prepare myself not to lose control again. I still can't get our last encounter of my hand. The scary thing is that I want more of it. I couldn't help but to wonder what would happen if he hadn't stopped me. Yet, I know that I can't go any further. I don't want to lose a big piece of myself in a way. With that being said, I must be really careful this evening.

I met Yao at the front of our building. I paid the cab driver and gathered myself up to execute tonight's job. Yao gave me a small wave.

"Good evening, Liao-furen," he said.

"Good evening," I replied back with a bow. Yao put up his hand at me.

"Please," he said, "You don't have to do that. We are equal partners; we don't have to be so formal." I smiled as I kept my composure.

"Of course," I said in one breath, "Shall we get started?" Yao turned to face the glass doors.

"I already have the gifts and supplies on the fifth floor," he told me before going inside. I nodded as the glass doors slid closed.

"Okay then…" I mumbled. I put up my shield again and followed after him. First the first few moments, everything felt normal. I tried my best not to make eye contact. Instead, I focused my eyes on his chin, mouth, and nose.

"So, what exactly do we have to do tonight?" I asked.

"We are wrapping up the party favors for the wedding," Yao explained to me. I nodded as I kept my eyes on his moving mouth.

"Right," I said.

"Watch how I do it," he told me. Then, he told a seat beside me, picked up three little charms, a pack of rice crackers, and little beads, and put them in the little purple bags. I watched his hands as stuffed the white tissue paper inside and rolled up the bag.

"You understand now?" he asked.

"Yes!" I said quickly. I took a seat beside of and got to work. We sat in silence working as the sun disappeared outside. I really wish that I brought some music with me tonight. The silence leads my mind into places that it shouldn't be. A perfect example of this is my mind going back to sexual thoughts about my business partner. I shook my head to block out such thoughts, but they are just getting more vivid and stronger. My eyes glanced over at him. Yao kept working away with those gift bags. Maybe I should say something…

"Are you okay?" I heard him asking. I looked up at him puzzled.

"Hm?" I asked. Yao set aside another bag his pile.

"You haven't said a single thing or looked up at me this whole time," he said without looking at me, "Is something wrong?" I tried to think of the right answer to throw back at him. I bit on my lower lip. The silence not only makes my mind wander off to places that it shouldn't; I end up saying things that I usually wouldn't. I looked down at my hands.

"I'm afraid," I mumbled.

"Afraid?" he asked, "Afraid of what?" I swallowed as I couldn't make myself stop talking.

"That I will lose control," I admitted.

"Lose control?" he repeated. I nodded my pile of gifts. Then, my partner went straight for the jugular.

"Tell me, Ju," Yao said, "Do you find me attractive?" I sat up with a red face.

"WHA—WHAT?!" I yelped.

"It shows on your face," he said, "You keep trying to avoid me in private and you're blushing." I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"Uh… well…" I said.

"Do you?" he asked.

"What will happen if I say yes?" I asked. He didn't answer me there for a moment. My mind began to fear the worst that could happen.

"Look up at me," I heard him say.

"I can't…" I mumbled.

"No, it'll be fine," Yao told me. I didn't move at first. Feeling trapped, I finally turned my head. It didn't take like for our eyes to meet. My heart flipped in my chest. The impulses in my brain took over my mind as I rushed forward and kissed him. Yao grabbed onto my arms and pushed me down on the table. I pushed aside the gifts as our kisses sped up. The heat spread between as he grabbed onto my pink tank top. It didn't take me long to end up lying naked on my back wide open, looking up at him. Yao, already shirtless, untied his pants and slid them off. I didn't speak as he finished stripping down. He grabbed onto my shoulders and entered me. I winced and breathed in hard. Yao gave me a rather puzzled look on his face.

"Ju," he said in low voice, "Is this your first time?" I nodded as I tried to endure the pain.

"Oh, I had no idea," he said, "Should I stop?"

"No!" I whimpered to my partner, "You must keep going! Please!" He didn't respond, instead he got right to work with pounding inside of me. I have to admit, it still did hurt me at first. I found myself rather surprised on how fast I gave myself over to the pleasure. I shut my eyes and gave into deep moaners.

"Oh, harder! Harder!" I cried to him as my nails dug into his back. My partner responded to all of my commands with tender force. I lost count of how many times we did it that night, but along with the pleasure came unease that I didn't notice at the time. If had, our partnership wouldn't have evolved in the steamy way that it would and I would still have myself.

However in that moment, I indulged myself in more sex with my partner and new soon-to-be lover.

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