Tea Leaves and Gold Pins

Meeting Between Men

Match Twenty-Two: Meeting Between Men:

Yao met with Fei and Hen-to at a local tea house. The former looked at both men as they waited for their tea cakes.

"What is this about?" he asked. "Is there something wrong with the business deal?"

"Oh no, no," Hen-to spoke up. "The deal's fine. In fact, she's already decided who she wants." The third man looked at him them, intrigued.

"You have?" he asked. The two advisors gave him a quick smile.

"We can't you tell you without our lady too," Hen-to replied. Yao nodded at him.

"I see," he said. "But, that's not why you called me out here, is it? What is the problem?" The two advisors looked down at the table. The other man noticed their faces.

"What's the matter?" he asked. Fei looked up at him.

"Our lady has found the file," he said in a low voice. Yao froze with his cup in his hand.

"What?" he asked. The man slowly shook his head. "No…"

"Yes," Fei replied. "That file."

"Well, did you destroy it?" Yao asked.

"Yes!" the men said quickly. The other man sat back in thought.

"I see," he said. Yao glanced up at the men. "But, wasn't that file destroyed before?" Fei nodded at him. The other man's eyes widened.

"Then… how did…" he began to ask.

"We don't know," Hen-to said. "Our lady found it in the storage house." Yao's hands trembled a bit.

"I don't like how any of this sounds," he said. His eyes stayed on the men. "What did you tell her?"

"I just basically told her the basics about how one of our translators killed themselves while working on the file," he said. "I warned her not to get involved." All three men felt their stomachs turn at those words.

"You know that won't really work with her, right?" Hen-to asked him. Fei nodded with a pale face.

"That donned on me as I left her to study for her exams," he said. "And if our lady is anything like her father…" Hen-to lowered his head. Yao looked at both of the advisors in silence as he set down his empty mug.

"So, what happens next?" he asked. The men glanced over at him.

"We have to keep watch over her and make sure that it all doesn't reach here in this country like in the 90's." Yao looked at them with one burning question in his mind.

"And no one knows the full extent of what happened in Japan in 1987?" he asked.

"Oh trust me," Fei said. "We all have tried and look where it got us." The talking all derailed with a bad taste in their mouths as the waitress came over to their table. Outside the glass, a pair of golden eyes stared intently at them as they ordered lunch.

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