Tea Leaves and Gold Pins

Dreams, Dark, and Unsettled

Match Twenty-Three: Dreams, Dark, and Unsettled:


Lately, I've been having strange dreams. It all started after I tried to read was in that file. They are kind hard to explain. The dreams first came to me six days before exam week. I know it is not the stress of exams; I am usually relaxed around this time. Things have going good lately. I already made the choice of who I want to enter into a business partnership with. I am adjusting rather nicely to life without my father. I exactly understand what is happening to me.

These dreams always start out the same way. I open my eyes to a cool darkness that stiffens up my body. I can't feel anything—not even my own body. I can't even see my own breath. I'm not even sure that I'm even on the ground in that darkness. I look around with my eyes for any sign of familiarity.

Suddenly, I hear screaming. It usually comes from under my feet. Against my better judgment, I always look down with my eyes. I still can only she darkness below my feet, but the screaming gets louder and louder. I don't know who they are, but they always cry out in pain. The voices reach out to my heart and twist in pain. I clutch my chest as I try to catch my breath.

As the pressure build up in my body, I feel myself sinking to the ground. As I keep sinking, the crying and screaming get louder and louder. I shut my eyes to block out the pain. I begin to feel fire at my feet.

I want to scream out "no!," but my voice is lost in the air as it gets thinner while I sink. I find myself choking the lower I go.

Suddenly, I get a feeling something is being ripped from my back. The air is crushing my voice, preventing me from screaming out in pain. The ripping does not end, instead it drags me further downwards into the darkness.

When I am finally able to turn my head, I always look down and see a blackened tower standing proud and tall in the bleak emptiness below. It always feels like it is trying to draw me in. I want to try and fly away from it, but the force has rendered me helpless and still dragging me in. With all of my attempts thwarted, I just let myself get slowly sucked in in the end.

And then, I hear this voice like a little child's whispering to me.

"Don't let the devil get me."

I wake up unsettled with my heart racing and my back all in a sweat. I have no idea what it all means and I don't want to either. Is it because of those documents that Fei and Hen-to don't want me to see? I take a moment to close my eyes, empty my head, and go to class for my last exam. Maybe these dreams will stop when exam time is over.

I hope…

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