Wasteland 2011

My Own Ruin

XI: My Own Ruin:
In April, Ju's father will die.
Three weeks later, Saki will die.
Eight days later, Keichii will beat
his pregnant wife to death.
In six months, Mollie will die in her
childlike madness.
Jesus and his lawyer are coming back.
In January, Keiko will disappear to
the land of the dead.
In July, Michiko-chan will be
found dead at her house.
In August, Callie's uncle will be
beaten to death.
Then is two years, I will be slaughtered,
But, I don't want to die.
The hounds are coming to get me.
They can smell the blood on my
Damn it to hell!
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
私は死にたくない. (1)
The widow wants me dead.
They are coming to kill me.
I know too much,
I've seen too much.
They want me to die.
But, what can I do?
Meine optionen werden ausgegeben. (2)
He ovat kaikki jättäneet minut hukkaan. (3)
E finita per me. (4)
ことを信じることができない. (5)

1.) Translation: I don't want to die

2.) Translation: My options are spent

3.) Translation: They have all left me wasted

4.) Translation: It's over for me

5.) Translation: And I still cannot believe that I cannot saved

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