Wasteland 2011


II: Leda

I'm so tired of flesh and blood.
My lord has grown so vile.
He keeps me in my golden cage.
My wings are held by chains.
The darkness blocks out everything from me.
The rats are invading my head.
The rats are invading my head.
The rats are invading my head!
I cannot sleep;
I burn in fire.
Früher habe ich meinem Herrn, lieben (1.)
Seine seele ist jetzt tot (2.)
Ich werde zerreißen ihm das Herz (3.)
Und vernichten seine Seele (4.)
Er tötete mich zuerst (5.)
The rats and time have rotted
My brain.
I can't remember much about my past.
Only bits and pieces come to my mind now.
I believe that I was born in Ireland
to a farmer girl and a German soldier.
The only thing I remember is my
Ability to hear the thoughts of the city.
Even the thoughts of despair can't keep me together.
These chains suffocate me wings.
I can barely stand.
I used to sing,
But I keep quiet around my lord.
I will not give him the satisfaction.
The smell of cigarette smoke for clothes
Makes feel sick.
The only thing I have left is the
Hope of escape and killing my vile lord.

1.) Translation: I used to love my Lord

2.) Translation: His soul is dead now

3.) Translation: I will rip out his heart

4.) Translation: And crush his soul

5.) Translation: He killed me first

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