Wasteland 2011

Judas Kissed Her

VIII: Judas Kissed Her
He trailed her back to her apartment.
They only spoke once.
Since then,
She became an addiction.
He had to have her.
Even if she said no, he would still take
He watched her every day.
She never noticed him.
Maybe she could've escaped;
Too late.
He's waiting in her apartment.
She unlocked the door and went in.
She went to turn on the light.
His heavy hand caught her dainty
She couldn't scream out,
His hand blocked out her voice.
Her feet came off the ground.
Slam to the floor;
Raven claws ripped at her blouse and panty-hoses.
Fangs tore at her soft pale skin.
She couldn't scream;
His power muted her.
She watched on with blank eyes.
His claws parted her thighs.
He took in his fill.
He watched her drown in him.
Just one kiss,
Only one kiss.
It only took a kiss.
One kiss killed her inside.
He finished the kill with one kiss.
He part from her, covered in sweat.
He disappeared into the long night.
She lied there broken like
Clothes torn to shreds;
It hurt to breathe.
Later, she gets up, cleans herself
Off, and puts on Chopin.

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