Wasteland 2011

Long Night's Journey into Day III

IX: Long Night's Journey into Day III:
People eventually die.
They can't avoid it;
It just happens.
They don't want it,
But it comes anyway.
Slave screams.
Take more, give less.
The blood's back.
They know I'm here.
I've lost time.
The sun is not coming this morning.
I've never seen a man so
Broken up,
Ripped apart.
Why do we need religion?
She talked with death last night.
It was a lovely chat.
He found her on the bridge.
The black water swirled below
This was it;
She found her ticket out.
Just into the black waters and
That's it.
Wait to find her body by morning.
Easy, right?
But then a hand closed around her

"Why do we die?"
"It has to be so."
"But why?"
"Why do you want to die?"
She looked away, biting her lower
"Things aren't so good right now."
He gave her a puzzled look.
"How do you mean?"
"My dad is cheating with a girl my
"I told mom, but she looks the
Other way."
"I can't stand it anymore. How
can they live these lies?"
"And you want to die because of it?"
"Are you sure about that?"
"Yeah… I guess…"
"You guess?"
She looked away some.
She searches in her brain for
the answer.
He smiles and takes her hand.
She looked into his eyes.
"I'll be with you forever. But,
that's only if you really want to die."
She swallowed hard.
She doesn't have an answer anymore.
He leaned in and gave her a small
kiss on the lips.
It all became clear to her in
a flash.The police found her just in
Davait posmotrim, chto budet dal'she. (1)

She wants revenge.
No, men hurt her years ago.
She and her sister were little girls.
The young wolves hunted that
The little girls had the misfortune
of being out that night.
They couldn't escape.
The wolves caught them.
Oh the poor babies!
Attacked so many times.
The four wolves took turns with
those little girls.
Both were savagely torn to bits.
Their clothes coated in mud.
Every orifice ravished.
The wolves tore at them until they
were bored,
But, the girls just couldn't walk
They knew too much;
The little girls had to die.
The slowest of the bunch had that
Just two shots to the head a
The animals would do the rest.
Easy, yeah?
He couldn't hurt them.
Their pitiful little eyes stung
his heart.
He tried to fake shoot them,
But the last bullet ricocheted and
struck the younger girl in the head.
She died instantly in her sister's arms.
The older girl used what was left of
her strength to flee into the blackened
She buried the child's body and
quietly swore revenge on the wolves.
She is hunting them down now.

1.) Translation: Let's see what happens next

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