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Our First kiss


Did you ever wonder what happened with Will and Nico after the end of 'The blood of Olympus'? Well, I have, multiple times, and having dreamed about that moment so many times, I just had to write it down. I guess that's the good thing about being a writer, you can fill in the blanks to fill the holes some stories leave in your heart. This was a challenge, it was my first time doing so many things. First time writing fanfic, fist time writing from a male's perspective, first time writing about a same sex couple. But now, when I read it, there's still something about this little story that I love. And I hope you enjoy it too.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Infirmary

I just couldn't stop staring.

Will Solace was changing the bandages on an Hermes kid's arm, his hands moving with such confidence and ease. His blonde hair was pointing in all different directions after he'd run his fingers through it for the thousandth time, which he did every time he was working.
He looked concentrated, but he always looked so relax while he was working too. I didn't know how he did it, I mean, I'm no stranger to injuries and blood, but the way he deals with the people is what I don't think I could ever do.
'Nico!' his voice brought me back, both Will and the Hermes kid (Callum, maybe?) were staring at me. How long have I been staring blankly at him?
'What?!' I tried to sound annoyed even though I wasn't, like it was his fault and not mine that he had to yell at me.
'I was talking to you,' Will said as he grinned, and made my heart skip a beat. 'Could you please pass me more gauze?'
'Yeah, sure.' I turned around and looked for the gauze in the cabinet behind me, glad to be able to look away so he wouldn't be able to tell how embarrassed I was for being caught staring.
I had been helping Will in the infirmary for the past day and a half as per our arrangement when I returned to camp. I still couldn't understand why all these dying people would want a child of Hades around, after all, no one wants a reminder that death might just be around the corner. But no one seemed to really be bother by it, some even seemed… glad? I honestly didn't get it.
I handed Will the gauze after a moment, and as I did, our fingers touched ever so slightly sending an electric wave all over my body. I felt a chill in the back of my neck and sensed the dead stirring under our feet. Not now!
I looked down and concentrated on a spot of grease on the floor, trying to get my emotions under control, and sending the dead away.
That was stupid, why was he getting to me like that?
I glanced back up and saw that Will was looking back at me with a big grin on his face. Why did he have to be so damn charming?
I am Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades, and I am not scared, I told myself. Still, another chill ran through my body.

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