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Breathe ||Jungkook


After having her heart broken into thousand tiny pieces she was offered a job preposal to end an engagement and just not anyone's but the heir to the thrown Jeon Jungkook's engagement what will happen if it gets to much will she stay or will she leave

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Chapter 1


It was Wednesday the day right after dad said that he wants me to marry her. Her being one a daughter of my fathers’ friends. Don’t get me wrong she’s extremely beautiful, she’s nice and she’s clever to top it all off but she was totally not my type. You see I want to date someone that’s not like me someone that didn’t have their whole life written in every newspaper and magazine both locally and worldwide.

So here I was sitting with all six of my bodyguards as I spoke to my therapist

“So what you're telling me Jungkook is that your parents want to arrange a marriage for you with another woman”

“Exactly aren’t arranged marriages out of the olden days?”

She simply nodded.

It was like she wasn’t at all interested in what I was busy telling her. I looked down at my shoes it was sneakers a pair of shoes I was banned from wearing it by the king himself.

Royals don’t wear things like that” he said and did I listen? No of course not I’m the rebel prince I snuck out late at night without my guards when I was in high school I was the first prince to tattoo their body. I was a disgrace to our family name and I didn’t deserve the name or so did they say.

I smiled up at her “Maybe it’s for the best if I just accept the marriage at least I know she won’t be after my crown because she has her own. How will it work in any case will we live here or in Sweden and do we have to have children, is that mandatory?” I bombarded her with questions.

She looked at me wide eyed “are you sure that’s what you want Jungkook what if one day you meet someone that makes you happy?” she stayed quiet “you know royals don’t do divorces”

“I don’t think I’ll ever find someone that truly loves me for me I mean I’m a prince they won’t be able to see behind that huge elephant that’s going to be in every single room and who in any case would give up their peaceful life for the chaos that I call life?”

She wrote something down on the little notepad that rested itself upon her knee.

“There are a few people that would do anything for the person they truly love just look for that someone before you decide you still have some time don’t you”

I looked at her yes I did.

“I have but I don’t think I’ll find my soul mate before Saturday” I looked at her as she played with the pen between her fingers she was much older than me but younger than dad I always found it weird how I could tell a strange women that was busy bothering me and that she would listen with so much interest or at least look like she did.

“She doesn’t have to be your soul mate Jungkook it’s just to throw your parents from your case” she spoke putting her right leg over her left knee.

I nodded knowing what she was saying I’m a twenty three year old prince people will start expecting me to get married soon

Marry early Jungkook and get children while you’re still young so you can enjoy them while you still can’ gran always said and that made me smile thinking of her always made me smile.

“I’ll see what I can do” I spoke air thickening around us

“So let’s get down to business Jungkook”
Here it comes all those questions she asks me every second Wednesday.

“Are you getting enough sleep” she asked peeking at me through her black rimmed glasses.


“Are you taking your medication” the room got silent. I didn’t need my medication anymore I was fine.

I nodded because I couldn’t handle it to lie with words.

She raised an eyebrow “You’ll tell me when something’s wrong right you won’t keep something from me will you?”

“Of course not miss Choi see you next Wednesday” I faked a smile collecting my jacket before walking to her double doors not in the mood to face anymore of her questions

“Where to sir” Jeremy my driver questioned

“Home” I spoke getting bottled water from the mini fridge in the limo sitting backwards closing my eyes.

No one was at the house when I arrived immediately I took my shoes off as I entered the living room jumping on the couch switching the TV on.

“Boy you better not make this house dirty we’re having guests over for dinner” mum spoke walking in with a basket full of freshly plucked strawberries. I took my feet off of the table turning to her.

“Let me guess it’s the Kim’s right”

“Of course hun they are good friends of us and it will be nice to get to know your soon to be fiancé more” my eyes went big.

“Whoever said I want to marry her I hardly know her”

“After what happened that day Jungkook you don’t have a say anymore” I glared at my mum didn’t she want me to be happy.

“What if I was gay what would you have done then?”

“We’d still let you marry her” I shook my head I never knew my mum could be so heartless.

When it was time for dinner the whole spread was made from pork to chicken and it was all placed on the dining room table that no one used anymore it looked quite weird. I was wearing a suit when I walked down the stairs. Jisoo was standing by the drinks table with her parents and mine and they were laughing.

This wasn’t a good sign

“Good evening” I spoke the manners mum taught me never failing

“Jungkook so glad you’re here” her dad spoke hugging me

“Nice to see you too Mister Kim but if you don’t mind can I please steal Jisoo for a bit” he smiled “Go ahead”

Jisoo and I have known each other since we were in diapers our parents always organizing play dates and now they are planning a wedding that I never wanted.

“We can’t do this Jisoo I don’t want this no offence but I don’t want to marry you” she looked at me with a smile before a tear slipped down her eye.

“You don’t get it they will cut me off if I don’t get married they’ll make my brother the next king” I hugged her close as she cried into my chest.
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