Godfather and Godson

Chapter 13: Lunch

“Okay, okay,” Sirius said stopping the goblin in his tracks. Harry didn’t know at that moment if he wanted to kiss the man or shout his name in admiration. “We will get back to this on a whole ’other date. Right now we have appointments to keep and numerous things to do. So how does that sound?”

“Ah, ah,” the goblin said as he was left speechless.

However, he was quickly saved as Gorkit spoke up, “What about your accounts? Are you just going to leave without checking them or even claiming Lordship for the Black Family?”

“What? I thought I was kicked out of the family, and couldn’t claim Lordship.”

“No, your mother might have removed you from her tapestry but your grandfather never rescinded your future Lordship and made it impossible for your mother to do so.”

Laughing out loud as Sirius got up from his chair to which Harry quickly followed in step, “HA! What would she think if she ever found out I am to be the next Lord Black. Well for now as long as you haven’t been giving away my money to people like Narcissa or Bellatrix, then we can pick this up another time.”

“Do you not want to raise up an Heir Apparent?” the goblin asked, “If you die with no descendants then the Black family fortune will go to your closest kin, Narcissa’s son-- Draco Malfoy.”

Pausing as he was putting on his leather jacket, the older wizard’s eyes narrowed when he heard what the goblin said. “That is never going to happen, make my Godson Heir Apparent!”

“What?!” Harry shouted, as he heard what the older wizard said. He did not want to take on the task of another family at all, five were plenty enough, thank you sir.

Both of them ignoring him and his outburst, the goblin continued, “Well then we will need to Bloodline Embrace if that is the case.”

Waving it away, the older wizard stated, “Like I said before, another time. Right now we have places to be.”

“Fine.” the goblin grouched out.

“Master Potter,” Barnott exclaimed, seeing his chance to cut in. “There is much that can not wait until another day.”

“Like what?” Harry inquired.

“We can leave the matters that concern the other accounts to another day, and make the visits to the vaults when you get back, but there is one thing I will need to bring to your attention.”

“Spit it out,” Sirius urged as he stood at the precipice of the door.

“I have no other way to say this Master Potter but people are using your good name for profit.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked as he already had a clue where the goblin was taking this.

“Well, Master Potter there are numerous books being sold that feature you without your explicit permission, one series by a witch named J.K Rowling is so successful that it made millions in Galleon. There are also ads running that have your face, toys that in the likeness of you, your name being thrown around in countless products, numerous people impersonating, a whole chain that is about you, and that is only scratching the surface.”

“Wow, I had no idea I was that famous,” Harry voiced, he did see a few books about him, but wow, everyone seemed to be slapping his face unto each and every product.

“Of course you are,” Sirius scowled, “You are the one who defeated a Dark Lord that has been terrorizing Magical Great Britain for countless years on end and has killed too many wizards and witches to even count.”

Turning away from his godson, the animagus wizard demanded, “So what do you recommend we do then?”

“Of course you will need to collect all the Royalty payment that has built up, for that you will need a Solicitor.”

“Mhm, if I recall quite well my cousin’s husband is a Solicitor, so I shall speak to him. Now is there anything of importance that can not wait until another day?”

Shaking both their head in a clear no, Sirius nodded his head and finally turned to face the goblin king. “You will do as you promised, correct, your grace?”

“Yes.” the bulky goblin simply replied.

“Good, before we leave, we will require a vault card; which of course grants us access to the Potter and Black fortune.”

“Oh, yes, yes, how could I have forgotten,” the plump goblin uttered. Taking out two platinum cards, the goblin presented it to them, and he clarified to his young clientele, “All you need to do Master Potter, is give a drop of blood to the card, then the enhancements would start working, and you will have direct access to your vault. You can present the Vault Card to any store or business and it will work.”

“So it is basically a credit card?” Harry wondered out loud.

Snorting in distaste, the bad-tempered goblin replied, “We have invented these hundreds of years before those muggles even thought about it.”

Shrugging shoulders, Harry didn’t really care anyways as he was only pointing out his observation. Watching Sirius bite his thumb, and let a droplet of his blood fall onto the card, Harry followed in his example.

As if by magic, of course, letters started to appear on his card when he let it drink his blood. In bold, elegant letters were the words; Vault Card of Lord Potter!

Continuing on his explanation, the plump goblin added, “No one can use this card except for you since it is blood tied to you, and you never have to fear of ever losing it since it will magically appear in your pocket.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, as he nodded his head in appreciation to the goblin.

Drawing things to a close, Sirius uttered, “We will be back before the start of the school year for the Bloodline Embrace, to check up on all the other accounts, and to go down to the vaults. For now, I wish you a farewell, until then.”


Watching as the two wizards made their way out of the office, only the three goblins were left inside the room.

“Ah, they already left,” Barnott sighed in glumness, “I had so much I needed to cover with young Potter.”

Snorting out loud, the scowling goblin remarked, “You even bored me through the end.”

“This is important stuff.”

“Yea, yea, you know wizards like there stuff to be brief and simple.”

Ignoring his coworker, the plump goblin continued sighing, “Ahh the Young Harry how could he recklessly invest into muggle business.”

“It is his wealth so he can do as he wills.”

“Enough bickering you too,” the goblin king cut in, “You both know what to do, speak to the Dumbledore family account manager, and have his accounts frozen. Then call in the Enforcers for me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the two goblins shouted as they bowed low then hurried out of the room to do as they were told by their King.

Watching as his subject hurried along, the Monarch’s face finally took on an expression one of a savage grin. “All will pay who dare to interfere with our gold!”


“Wow, Sirius,” Harry uttered once the two wizards were out of the bank. “I never knew you were such a hard ass!” The way the ex-Auror handled the goblins was superb. Not only has everything been set straight with his parents Will, the money going to the Dursely, and Dumbledore with all his interferences. He is also the Heir to multiple fortunes thanks to the older wizard’s hustle.

“Well pup,” Sirius replied as he walked out of the large door leading inside the bank. “You need to know one thing; goblins care about one thing and one only, GOLD. If you interfere in it they will come down on you with the wrath of god.”

Nodding his head and taking his godfather’s words at face value, Harry asked “So are we heading back or continuing with our shopping?” It was already noon and they had already wasted a good quarter of their day inside the bank.

“If I know Dromeda well then she will be taking all day to prepare for the surprise party, so I think we have some time before we will be needed back at the house.”

Shrugging his shoulder in acceptance, Harry remarked, “If that is what you say.”

“Now,” Sirius said as he went down the flight of stairs in twos and threes, “Let’s get lunch, then we can go to a barbershop, after that we can get your school supplies and anything else that you would need.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Harry inclined his head.

With that agreement, Harry followed behind Sirius as he lead them away from Diagon Alley and into a new section he never knew before. From the street sign he read the place they were in was called Boards Way. A fanciful place that was clearly tailored to the rich and affluent as they passed by clean, pristine roads, polite and subservient shop owners, and small crowds that were dressed up as if they were going to a ball.

Finally, they came to a two-story building with an open terrace occupying the second-floor and a staff standing outside at a booth.

“This is it.” Sirius said as he walked up to the entrance.

Following at his heel, Harry came to a stop at the booth where the waitress greeted them. “Hello Sirs and welcome to the Fabled. Do you have a reservation?” It was clear from her underlying tone of distaste, the woman thought not, as she gave their muggle clothes a look over.

Silently presenting his vault card, Sirius stood back and awaited on the hostess.

“Oh,” the woman said as she took in a sharp intake of breath, “You are a Platinum member of Gringotts bank!”

“Yes,” Sirius simply replied as he plucked the card right out of the woman’s hand, “Now if you can find us some seats with a good view.”

“Yes, yes, of course, Sirs, right this way, and apologies for the delay.”

Saying nothing, Sirius followed the waitress as she led them inside, up the golden-colored stairs and into the terrace... which opened up to the sea? Looking from the waitress to Sirius, Harry’s confusion was evident and his silent question was clear.

Leading them to a table for two, the woman laid down their menus and stepped back. Harry couldn’t hold it any longer and blurted, “Hey, why does the view show a body of water when there is clearly none outside?”

“Oh that?” Sirius asked as he turned to face the wonderful view of the ocean, “That is an enchanted view. We are not really facing the ocean, here come touch it.”

Doing as told, Harry walked nearer to the enchanted view and slightly tapped it, and the whole section shimmered like it was a pool of water.

“Stick your head out,” Sirius went ahead and invited, “You will see the real view outside.”

“Ah, Sirs please don’t do that, you might unravel the enchantments.” the waitress called out as she had on a strained smile.

“Come on you are being a worry wart, let my godson have some fun we will pay for it if it breaks.”

“I’m fine,” Harry called out as he stepped back from the false view and made his way back to the table. “I already know what’s beyond.” Harry added, as he did not want to inconvenience the waitress and get her into trouble with her boss even though she might have been a slight snotty bitch for a moment before she found out how rich they were.

“Alright, sure.” Sirius said as he sat down at the table.

Once they were both seated, the waitress asked, “Now what can I get you for some drinks?”

“Do you serve beer?” Sirius inquired.

From the slight wrinkling of her nose, it was obvious that was not a choice drink for the fine and fanciful. “Yes, we do Sir, and what about you?” the woman asked as she turned to face Harry.

“Get some juice,” Sirius playfully mocked, “He is still too young and can not handle any alcohol drinks.”

“WHAT! I can handle some alcohol,” Harry exclaimed as he put on some false bravado. “I tried some Firewhisky.” he then outright lied.

“Really? Okay, get him some Hard Cider!”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Harry added continuing on with his false bravado.

“Alright then,” the woman said, “I will be right back with your drinks and then you can start ordering.”

As the waitress hurried along, maybe to outrun these wild, and crude bunch, Harry opened up the menu.

“What are they selling here, wands?” Harry exclaimed once he saw the prices. Even his wand which cost 12 Galleons cost less than these menu choices.

“If they still have the same quality as I remember then this place serves the best sandwiches in all of London. So it’s well worth it, and don’t worry I pay for it, it is chump change for the both of us now.”

“Oh yeah,” Harry replied as he recalled the HALF BILLION sitting in his account.

“So what’s good here,” Harry asked as he saw a whole lot of opinions laid out before him.

“Ah, they are all equally good, so don’t fret. You will be getting a small slice of Europe from each option.”

“Mhm.” Harry said as he continued to stare at each option. As he was doing that the server walked back in with their drinks.

Setting them down, the lady asked, “Are you Sirs ready to order?”

“Yea,” Harry said, making up his mind on what he will have, “Can I get the Mitraillette sandwich, the Gyro, and the Grilled Cheese.”

“Okay,” the woman said, not commenting on the excessive amount he ordered. “And what about you sir?”

“Just the Cucumber Sandwich will do for me.” Sirius replied as he took a sip of his drink.

“Alright then,” the woman said as she closed her small note pad, “Your sandwiches will be out in a moment. Is there anything else you will require?” the woman then asked while she took their black leather-bound menu.

Shaking their head in a clear no, the woman once again hurried along to complete their order.

As they were both having small chatter while they waited upon their meal, Harry noticed from the corner of his eyes a family being walked in by another waitress.

Glancing over at them for a quick second, Harry did a double-take as he turned back to face Sirius and asked him. “Is that the Malfoys?”

“I think so.” Sirius said as he racked them with his eyes.

“Agh,” Harry grumbled, “I so don’t want to deal with their bullshit.”

“What, you got a rivalry or something going on with the little junior Lucius?” Sirius asked as he grinned over at his godson.

“You can say that or something,” Harry answered as he too took a sip of his drink. “All he does is throw insults around and complain like a little bitch.”

“Ha, then he reminds me of Snivellus!”

“Who is Snivellus?”

“Snape, that old bat!” Sirius answered as if it was obvious.

“Ooh,” Harry said as he waggles his finger at the older wizard, “I get it now. That is a good one, I should really use it behind his back.”

“Go right ahead, and help yourself by all means,” Sirius encouraged. “You got to keep up the Marauders’ tradition of putting little old Snivellus in his place.”

“Ah, there’s our meal,” Sirius took notice of as the waitress came towards them with their food piled up on heaps.”

“Here you go, a Cucumber sandwich for you,” the waitress said as she set down Sirius’s light meal. “And here is the Mitraillette sandwich, the Gyro, and the Grilled Cheese for you.”

“Thank you,” Harry said as he started to ravenously dig in, he did not know if his large appetite came with his transformation or all the removal of all his inhibitors, but he could literally eat a horse right now.

“So,” Sirius inquired, “How is Hogwarts treating you besides of course all the life-threatening things.”

“It’s pretty good you know, learning magic and all that stuff.”

“Aha, made any friends beside of course the two I saw that night?”

“No, not really,” Harry replied as he picked on his chips from the Mitraillette. “I do not know if the twins or Neville-”

Right as they were getting into the conversation, Harry heard one obnoxious voice he knew pretty well and could do without in his life. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Potter.”

Turning around, Harry saw Draco coming up near him with his parents not to far behind. Sighing, Harry knew that there would be one outcome to this, a confrontation. Can’t a man be left alone to eat in peace, Harry wondered to himself.

“What do you want Draco?” Harry growled as he stared up and down at the racist pureblood. No longer where they both of the same height as before, now Harry had a definite advantage over him in height, weight, build, and even aristocratic looks.

Raising his nose to the air, the pompous ass replied. “I never thought they would let in rubble like you into this fine establishment.”

“And I am starting to wonder why they let in a bigot like you who only knows how to throw around his father’s name.”

Going red to the face, the young wizard looked like he wanted to jump his opponent, but his father came to the rescue like always. “Now boys, play nicely.”

Narrowing his eyes at the Death Eater, Harry stated, “It is Lord Potter to you, Viscount of Mersea,” as Harry made sure to stress the Viscount title. Although he did not want to play his hand, there was still a certain amount of unveiling of power and authority required to put some of the scoundrels in their place.

“You will address me with the proper respect required of one higher in station than you, Viscount Malfoy. Is that understood?”

Face slowly contorting, the Death Eater quickly settled back into a neutral expression though the anger was palpable in his eyes. “Of course Lord Potter.”

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