Godfather and Godson

Chapter 17: Nymph Tonks Pt. 1(R-18)

“Last but not least, it is me,” Sirius remarked as he passed his gift to Harry which they picked up from the watch store. Opening up the last present, a luxury watch was displayed, picking it up and turning it in his hands, and immediately feel in love with the watch.

“What are you not going to ask what the watch does?” Sirius asked in an accusatory tone.

“Does it do something?” Harry inquired of him, a watch is a watch what else does it do?

“Yea, if not would I be asking you to ask me?”

“Okay,” Harry quickly said not wanting to wrap his head around that conundrum, “what does it do?”

“You see that crown over there,” Sirius pointed to.

“Yea,” Harry said with a nod.

“Well, if you press it I am told that it stops time for a couple of seconds,” Sirius uttered with pure smugness.

“No way,” Harry said as he did a double take.

“Make that a yes way, pup, this watch costed me a couple of tens of thousands in Galleons. So when I say it can stop time, then it can stop time.”

Looking down at the watch, Harry had to give it to his godfather, this gift topped all other gifts in comparison. Ha, if he wanted he could call himself a Time Lord with this watch in hand, and all of time could bend at his will.

Turning to face his godfather, Harry nodded his head in appreciation and tried to put words of his ecstasy. However, all that really came out was, “Thanks.”


Sitting on the couch, the only people left in the living room were Harry and Tonks.

The hour was really late and the two of them just let the silence envelop them and the time passed away in solid comfort.

With drinks in hand, especially the good stuff there wasn’t really much to talk about until all of the sudden Tonks decided to speak up. “Do you know I graduated today?”

“From the Auror Academy right?” Harry asked as he inched his head in the young witch’s direction.

“Yep,” Tonks answered as she took a swing from her firewhiskey. “I was the top of my class and now I get to apprentice under Alastor Moody himself.”

“Who is that?” Harry asked as this was the first time he heard about this man.

“You don’t know who Alastor Moody is?” Tonks asked as she gazed up at him.

“No, never heard of him,” Harry said, if she told him that he was a young, up and coming Auror Harry won’t like it one bit. Him and this Alastor would be having some problems. There was no way he would be giving up his woman to anyone, no matter what star he was.

Pausing Harry repeated those thoughts in his mind, and stopped. When had he started to get hoardy like some dragon?

“The man’s a legend, he took more dark wizards than you could count. They used to say if Moody ever stepped into the battlefield all dark wizards would flee in terror. That is how scary, and deadly the man is.”

Hearing that the man was from the times of the last war, Harry slightly felt better, “So he is just an old man past his prime, huh?”

“What?” Tonks said, unbelieving at what he said. “How... You... Dou you know you are speaking of a war hero...”

“Alright calm down,” Harry said as he grabbed her wrists as it was clear she was about to send some punches his way. “I just thought for a moment there I had a bit of competition, that’s all.”

Blushing when she heard his shameless admission, Tonks turned her head away as she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

Letting go of her wrists which Tonks took back hesitantly, Harry remark, “Anyways, congrats, I am really proud of you that you made it through boot camp.”

“Thanks,” Tonks said as she still didn’t turn to face his way.

“So does everyone know?” Harry asked, he would imagine this was something that everyone would want to celebrate.

“No, not yet,” Tonks answered, as she took a long draft from her firewhiskey. “Of course my mom and dad know and they are happy but I still haven’t told uncle Sirius and Lupin about it.”

“Why not?”

“Well today is your special day and I did not want to ruin it for by butting in,” Tonks uttered as she slightly squirmed in her seat.

Laughing, Harry brought Tonks’s attention towards him as she looked at him in confusion. Wiping at his eyes, Harry amended with a grin and a hand to his heart, “So you do care for me.”

“Wh- what...no, I just thought,” Tonks stuttered out.

“It’s alright,” Harry said as he waved her concerns away with a cheerful gesture.

“NO,” Tonks shouted, “I do not care for YOU!”

Once again placing his hands on his chest this time Harry put on a hurt expression and uttered in a voice barely above a whisper, “You wound me, my dear, with your harsh words!”

“No... no I did not mean that,” Tonks stuttered out again. Then stopping, she balled her fist and screamed, “AAAA, you confuse me at time, Harry James Potter!”

Chuckling, Harry muttered, “Is that in a good way or a bad way.”

Narrowain her eyes at him, she grumbled, “You know which one.”

“Alright, alright,” Harry said moving on, “I believe a good cheer is in order. What do you say to that my lady?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Tonks answered smugly.

“Alright,” Harry said as he held up his drink, “A toast to our new Auror!”

Clinking bottles with him, the young adults took a long swig all the while they were staring at each other.

“So,” Harry begin with, the sexual tension in the air was so heavy that he needed a moment to draw himself up.

However, before he could say anything witty Tonks attacked him, not with her wand or hands, but her lips. It came to a complete shock to Harry since it was always him that initiate any sort of advance.

Still that did not mean that this was not a pleasant surprise. If he knew anything about conquering a women’s heart, which was barely anything really then whatever Sirius put into his head, then this was a good sign, this meant that she was opening up to their little dalliance.

Having said that, Harry found great enjoyment in being on the receiving ends of things. Snogging her, Harry relished the taste of her lips and tongue which held aftertaste of the chocolate and vanilla from the birthday cake and fermented magical grain from the fire whiskey.

Getting lost in those wonderful lips of her’s Harry barely heard it in time the silent footfalls coming nearer and near towards them. As much as it pained him Harry broke away from the deep french kiss and Tonks looked up at him with her clouded eyes full of want and confusion.

Gesturing with his hands for her to remain still, Mrs. Tonks walked into the living room as she looked packed ready to leave.

“There you are deary,” Mrs. Tonks greeted. “I just came to tell you that I will be heading out right now, and is Nymphadora there with you?”

“Yes Aunt Dromeda,” Harry answered, “but she went to sleep,” he lied, “I think she a bit too much to drink.”

“Ah, that does sound like her,” the woman replied as she craned her neck to look at the bundle that was her daughter. From there on his laps it did look she was asleep and long gone from this world.

“Why don’t you go ahead Aunt Dromeda, I will tell the house-elves to give her a room, we wouldn’t want to wake her up, would we know.”

“Yes,” the woman said as she nodded her head along, “we wouldn’t want to walk her up.” Turning to face Harry, the older witch smiled at him and uttered, “that is very kind of you dear, thanks.”

“Its no problem at all, Aunt Dromeda,” Harry reassured the woman.

“Well, I should be leaving,” the witch uttered as she made her way over to the fireplace. Turning around once again, the woman smiled at him appreciatively, returning the smile Harry watched as the older witch disappeared into the flames and was gone.

After a few long seconds, Tonks got up with a bit of clarity in her eyes and shouted, “Why did you lie to my mother?! I wasn’t asleep. I....”

Placing his finger on her lips to silence her, Harry drew her attention to his eyes and whispered, “Why don’t we take this upstairs to my room.”


Walking hand and hand into his room this time Harry made sure to close his door behind himself silently, there was no way he would want another bout of confusion. Plus he made sure to throw a silencing charm around his room so nothing would escape of what would happen tonight.

Leading the stunning witch to his bed, Harry immediately went for her lips before she could say anything. Now instead of tasting the chocolate and vanilla plus the fire whiskey, he savored her more natural taste.

Yet that is not where the young wizard stopped, reaching out for her wonderful melons Harry held them in his mind and this time did a rough estimate. C-cup he would say, not too large or not too small, just right for her perfect athletic figure.

However this time the plucky witch didn’t take too kindly to his advances and slapped his hands away and push him away. Holding him at literal arm’s length, the two of them stood face to face with no words exchanged.

“We can’t do this,” Tonks finally uttered.

“Why not?” Harry exclaimed, he was this close to becoming a man and being held from it didn’t do his mood any good.

“First of all I am much older than you and we are cousin for christ sake!”

“You know those are just excuses right,” Harry uttered as he pulled her short crop hair behind her ear. “You are only older than me by what three or four years? And we are like cousins three times removed, that really doesn’t count in wizarding lineage.”

“You know I am not talking about the age difference, Harry. I am a young adult while you are just a child, maybe a teenager at best.”

“Are you questioning my adulthood, again,” Harry growled.

Turning to face with an even look, Tonks didn’t turn away from his heated look full of lust and validity such his age. “I am not questioning anything, young man, I am just stating the facts.”

“I will have you know I am not some child, the things I have been to would have made a child broken a long time ago. I am a man, god damn you woman, can’t you see that.”

Expecting anger to be answered back with anger, Harry broke off when he saw that sadden face on her and that incensed him even more so. What he hated most was pity, he did not need people’s pity, he was a survivor who had made it on his own.

“I am sorry whatever happen to you, Harry. I really am. But, we just can do this for so many reasons,” Tonks voiced as she got up from his bed and made to leave.

Taking a deep breath and collecting himself, Harry knew that the key to getting a woman wasn’t through anger. No that was for the one you were conquering as you built a fire in them towards you.

Turning to look at Tonks, a grin played on his lips and he inquired from her, “You are just like me, aren’t you?”

Pausing, Tonks turned around to face him with confusion written all over her face, “What do you mean, Potter?”

“Well, ” Harry said as he drew out the response, “you’re a virgin just like me!” he uttered like it was a fact and nothing she said could deny it.

“What? No, I am not,” Tonks quickly uttered, too fast in fact that he already knew that it was a lie.

“Come on,” Harry said as he laid back in his bed as if all this was a foregone conclusion. “We all can see it, if you had a bit of experience then you would have rejected my advances outright, in the beginning, if you thought I was too little for you. Or you would have taken me for a ride a shown me bit of the grown-up world.”

“Wh- who knows,” Tonks stuttered out, “maybe I am just trying to lead you on.”

“Pfft, please where was all your seditious wants and womanly charms, huh? If you were truly leading me on, which I doubt thanks to your character, then why was it that I was one making all advances and you were the helpless, blushing maiden.”

“I.. I,” Tonks flounder out as she had no arguments against his pure nonsense.

Harry grinned when he saw the state she was in, all he did was uttered a bunch of pure gibberish that made the slightest sense, and here she was.

“It’s alright,” Harry said condescending as he waved her off, “I am sure I can find more experienced woman back at Hogwarts. Now if you could be a dear and run along, that would be wonderful.”

Hearing his tone, the valiant witch went read in the face as anger and embarrassment built up.

“What are you waiting for?” harry simply asked in an innocent tone.

“Yo- you... I will teach you who is a woman, you hateful twerp!” Tonks shouted at him as she pitched towards him and attacked him.

All the while Harry was laughing like a manic inside of his head since in the end he won and he would be going home like a champion!

Attacking his lips once again, this time the young spirited witch started to tear and rip at his clothes. It was like he awoke the furnace as Tonks burned with a heat so hot and passionate that there was no way to quench a fire.

Seeing no point in why not to enjoy her rough administration, Harry did not reached for her melons once again since they rested at his chest, but her rear end.

There really wasn’t much in the way except for her panties and the thin fabric of her short dress. Hiking up her silken garment in one smooth gesture, Harry was able feel up the flesh of her thigh and then up to her rump with only a single fabric coving it.

This time he did not run into any resistance for his inappropriate behavior since Tonks had long ago ripped his shirt open and had his chest laid bare to the open world, and was too busy running kisses down it and his neck and mouth.

Stopping her dress all the way up to her shoulder blades, Harry bunched it up there and evenly ran his finger down her back, to her rear, and continued all the way to the back of her knee.

Continuing on with that repetition, Harry could feel goosebumps running down the fearless witch’s spine as he maintained his gentle administration. Moving on to the next phase once he saw that she was comfortable with his hands running up and down her back, Harry started to knead her ass.

Unlike the squishiness he felt from her breasts, Tonks ass was made of much harder stuff that signaled to her workout like. Still enjoying the feel of a woman’s bum in his hands, Tonks cried out in between the kisses she rained down his upper portion.

Yet that wasn’t the only goal he had in mind, in between the haze of their lengthy snogging session, Harry would slowly hike down her panties until it was clear all the way up to her knees.

Reaching down Harry’s finger reached the sensational witch’s outer lips which was soaking wet to the touch. This time he got a loud moan in answer as he continued downwards until he reached her inner lips and run his finger over it in a circular motion.

Stopping with her kisses, Tonks continued to moan at loud on top of him as his fingers carried on with their ungodly work.

Using only his index finger to run endless circles around Tonks’s inner labia, Harry held out his thumb finger and started to use it to flick her clits. This particular move got a silent whimper out of her as a small amount of liquid squirted out of her.

Holding out his middle finger this time and slowly stuck it inside her tight opening after that he stuck his ring finger as well. With that, Harry continued on with his three pronged attacks on her snatch as his two finger slowly went in out, his index stretched out endless circles around her inner lips and his thumb continued flicking her clit.

With all that set against her, it wasn’t long before Tonks cried out in pure ecstasy as her flood gates let loose and a torrent of liquid squirted out of her slit.

Setting down once her orgasm came to a close, the plucky witch took in deep breaths to slow her breathing and laid slump on his chest. Harry felt a slight dampness around his crotch, but choose to ignore it as he pushed the witch off of him and laid her on the bed. In the movement he removed her dress completely and threw it to the side followed by her panties which came off as well, plus his shirt which held no buttons anymore.

Now laid out before him was his prize that at long last he would get his hands on.

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