Godfather and Godson

Chapter 18: Nymph Tonks Pt. 2(R-18)

Now laid out before him was his prize that at long last he got his hands on. The alluring spunky witch did try her best to cover up her slit with her legs but fluid kept on running down her thighs creating an alluring sight. She also shielded her breasts which Harry found pointless since her bra already had her covered.

“Harry,” the witch sensationally cried as she rolled her legs and hips around in the afterglow of her release.

Enjoying the sight before him very, Harry got on a real hard on as his pants constricted against his full length.

Reaching down, Harry grasped those wonderful melons of the enticing witch and started to play with them as he knead and flattened. Not liking how the cloth hindered him from grasping those soft pieces of flesh, Harry tore it off in a single ripping motion and tossed it away.

Whimper underneath him Harry reached even further as his hot breath ran across her hardened nipple on the right while he continued to play with the remaining breast, then started to run his tongue over it.

Tasting the salty tang of her sweat, Harry moved on from slobbering his drool on her nipple and started suckling them. Moaning out loud in reaction, Tonks’s hands found their way behind the back of his head and stayed there as if she wanted him to stay in between her tits forever.

Taking to mean a good sign, Harry continued with his work as he sucked and played with her boob. Moving on to the next phase, Harry started to nibble at her nipple to increase her pleasure then full-on bite it and started to pull upward then to the sides.

This time the spirited witch let out a shriek of pure pleasure and pain as she pulled down at the back of his in pure reflex. Now Harry was squished down her boobs and nearly suffocating as he could barely get some air in. Struggling with all his might, Harry found that the Auror to be was a lot stronger than he imagined, and was nearly unable to get out if he hadn’t pinched her left breasts he was playing with.

Crying out her ecstasy it was clear the witch was close to her second release, however, Harry wouldn’t let that happen until he got something in return. Getting out of her breasts which nearly costed him his life, to which Harry thought it would be an even trade, dying in-between a nice pair of boobs.

Whining when Harry left her soft alcoves, Tonks looked at him in silent beseechment as her cloudy eyes asked why he left her hanging. Grinning down at her as she twisted lithe under him, Harry gave no answer but just the motion of removing his pants.

Tonks watched silently him as he tossed it aside followed by his boxers until his full girth was released.

“Wha- what are you doing,” Tonks stammer out as she blushed deeply but never could turn her eyes away from his membrum.

“What are you the only one who can feel good?” Harry asked in an accusatory tone. “Can’t I feel good as well?”

“Of course,” the plucky witch fumbled though she wasn’t acting brave anymore.

“Well then would you like to use your hands, mouth, or breasts?” Harry inquired of her like he was discussing the weather and not some carnal services.

“WHAT!” Tonks shouted as the incredulous look in her expression was evident. “How... how....”

Sighing out loud as if it was a foregone conclusion, Harry made to leave and muttered, “If you are chaste then you are chaste why do you have to drag me all the way over here.”

“I am NOT a virgin,” Tonks shouted as she struggled beneath him.

“So it is even worse, you are an old prune,” Harry uttered in false bewilderment.

“You know what,” Tonks said as she steeled herself, “let me show you what this old prune knows.” With that she reached out with her lithe fingers and wrapped her hands around his full girth. Thanks to all the restrictions being removed, his body and magic weren’t the only things to grow to their natural extent.

His cock which used to be of an above-average in length measuring 6 inches and a half was now a monstrous thing reaching up to 10 inches in length and proportionality equally wide across in girth.

Smiling inside like a manic, Harry watched as Tonks played right into his hands and slowly polish his sword up and down with her inexperienced hands.

“Man,” Harry uttered out loud, “I do not know about you but this is literally the worst handjob I ever experienced in my life,” turning down to face the plucky witch, Harry asked in an innocent tone, “wouldn’t you agree?”

Growling under her breath, the spirited witch said nothing in answer but simply only increased in pace with the hand service. “Now we are going somewhere,” Harry uttered, then advising her he added. “Okay, you do not need to grab my cock so hard, only a light touch would do. Yea, like that, now would you look at that, it is already much better, and you’re also learning something.”

After twenty minutes going at it with Harry giving her some pointers here and there, Tonks’s skills at giving a handjob improved double-fold, and no longer was she some inexperienced maiden who knew nothing of carnal desire, yet Harry still proved to be difficult as he hadn’t cum yet.

Snarling under her breath in frustration, the plucky witch looked up at him and groused, “Why haven’t you cum already, damn you!”

“Who knows,” Harry said with a shrug, “maybe somebody isn’t good enough,” he answered with a playful grin. Although Harry might speak those words, he knew deep down that he wanted to explode already and spill his seed all over her ripe and abs stomach. It was only thanks to a little spell that Sirius taught him that he wasn’t already spent.

Screaming in resentment and defeat, Tonks let go of his erection and turned to face him with blazing eyes of fury. “What does it take for you to cum.”

“I don’t know,” Harry answered with a shrug, “maybe somebody a bit more experienced.”

“You know what,” Tonks boldly said, “Do your worst, let’s see what you got.”

“Oh-ho-ho, you are going to want to take that back in a while,” Harry said, enjoying the audacious and spunk that the witch was showing.

Moving foreword, Harry came up to her chest and laid his girth right between her breasts. “So are you ready,” Harry asked in a dangerous tone.

Looking hesitant now that her young partner had a dangerous aura surrounding him, Tonks wasn’t able to give any answer except for silence. Taking her silence to mean a clear yes, Harry clasp both of her wonderful melons together than started to run his tool in between them.

Immediately he felt like he was in heaven, and right then and there he wanted to release his whole onto her. Holding himself back from doing that, Harry looked down at the valiant witch whose gaze was zeroed in on his rod going in and out of her tits.

“What am I to do all the work here?” the young wizard grilled out of her.

“What do you want me to do?” the witch asked of him in a grumble. It was clear in Harry’s opinion that she was still angry about not getting her second orgasm from him.

“Take the place of my hands,” Harry instructed her. “Yea, just like that, and mover it around it. Good, good,” Harry complimented her.

Doing as she was told, Harry found his hands were now unoccupied with nothing to do. Grinning wickedly, he recalled a certain reaction she had when he tweaked her nipples a bit. Reaching over with his fingers, Harry started pinching her hardened nipples.

“AAAA,” Tonks cried out in two parts pleasure and one part pain as she clearly did not expecting that but nevertheless was enjoying it very much so.

Continuing with his work as he twisted her nipples this way and that, he called out, “Turn your head this way.”

Following his command with little hesitating thanks to the haze of pain and pleasure, the tip of his shaft and then some found their way into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Tonks tried to say, but with his cock going in and out of her mouth there really wasn’t too many words she could make out.

“You like it?” Harry asked, although he knew that she wanted to argue the opposite of that.

“Oww, that is just too hot,” Harry uttered, as he felt a great build-up in his shaft. With his length inside her tits and the bulbous part of his rod going in and out of her mouth like she was sucking a lollipop, Harry knew it was too much.

Letting go nipples, Harry grabbed the back of her head and started to ram his full length into her pouting mouth. “Uh,” Harry cried out as those warm tunnels of her’s did wonderful things to his shaft.

“Mmm,” Tonks shouted as she resisted.

Ignoring her slight protest, Harry carried with ramming his tool in and out of her waiting mouth. Spitting and chocking on his cock, Tonks’s protests reached a new level as she slapped and punched his thighs.

Being already far gone into high heaven, Harry went faster and faster barely even giving her a moment chance. He knew that he was really close, and there was no way he wasn’t going to find his release.

Getting louder and louder underneath him, Harry found a bit of twisted pleasure in her resistance and finally unloaded his seed deep with her throat. Endless coils of seed poured into her as Harry thrust into once then twice and finally came to a pause as shaft slowed down a bit.

Removing his tool right out of her mouth which looked slightly bruised from all the punishment it took. A few coils of sperm landed on her face, neck, and chest decorating her in a milky white sheen.

Coughing and spitting, large chunks of his seed spilled out of her mouth and finally when she was able to collect herself, the spirited witch glared at him.

Before she could get a raging response out, Harry posed, “So how did you like that?”

“How did I like it?” the witch repeated as she shook with anger.

“Don’t worry,” Harry said as if everything was perfectly alright, “I will trade you the favor.”

“What do you mean trade the favor?” Tonks asked incredulously. However before she knew it she got the answer she was looking for as Harry got off of her, and proceed downwards until he came to her leaking core. Bending over, Harry flicked his tongue over her lips to get a taste of those fine amber which he found quite to his liking.

Moaning in pure bliss Tonks shivered under the light touch of his tongue on her snatch. Carrying with his works, Harry’s tongue reached even further deep as he found his way into her inner lips.

Whimpering under the effort to keep it in, Tonks extended her hand out until she found his hair and ran her finger through it. Being preoccupied with that, Tonks didn’t see it coming when Harry bit down on her clits eliciting another cry as she clutched on to his hair.

Moving on from her clits, Harry got back to running circles around her inner lips and this time he brought out his finger. Slowly plunging one in one finger, Harry made piston gestures in and out which got the juice flowing as some squirted out.

Seeing that she was nice and wet, Harry withdrew from her core which incited a whine of complaint from her. Being a man of his word, Harry was going to draw out her second orgasms like he promised, but it wasn’t going to be with his tongue.

“Wh- why did you stop?” Tonks whisper as if she didn’t want to be heard of what she was asking.

“Don’t worry,” Harry pronounced as he split her legs wide open, letting her womanhood be bare to the whole world.

“Wait, please wait,” Tonks uttered as a hint of worry entered her tone.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked a plaintive voice as he had his shaft then lined up with her glistening opening, and looked near enough as if he was about to plunge it in with one quick, hard thrust.

“I... I was lying to you when I said I wasn’t a virgin,” Tonks shouted out quickly, “I... I am not ready yet to... to do this.”

“You are finally being honest, aye?” Harry inquired of her in a playful tone.

“Yes,” Tonks answered in resignation, “you win, you can laugh all you want.”

“Mhmm,” Harry said as if was thinking it over all the while he got his hips rolling and made sure to do as she asked of him, not fully entering her, but still running his manhood over her slit.

“Wha- what are you doing?” Tonks bite out in between held back moans.

Ignoring her question, Harry continued with his work as he got his tool lubricated on her honeypot then all of a sudden remarked. “Do you really think I am petty enough that I would make fun of your chastity?”

“I... Aaaah... Mmmm,” Tonks tried to answer before she gave in to her base instinct and started to make animal noise of deep heat.

“You forget,” Harry whispered to her, taking her reply as a clear answer whatever it was, “that I too am I virgin like you,” passing Harry turned to face her fully and asked in a husky tone. “Why don’t we both lose it together?”

Once again the only answers that the plucky witch could give in answer was, “Mmmm... Uhhh...”

Grinning deep inside, Harry slowly plunged his tip inside her warm, wet lips until he ran into a barrier of sorts.

“No,” Tonks shouted in between the steamy desire.

“What?” Harry asked of her, “I thought you wanted this,” thrust in and out of her.

“I... I don’t, MMM, want to lose my virginity. I, AAH, want to save it for that, UHH, special someone.”

“Is the tip okay then?” Harry asked in an innocent tone,

Even though she knew that it was a bad idea already, Tonks still found herself agreeing as she answered, “Ye- yes, just the ti- tip only.”

“Okay,” Harry whispered as he came closer to her and started to nibble at her earlobe. Making her shiver, Harry rain down kisses over her neck and shoulder until he reached her mounds and started playing with them.

Then Tonks hands stared to run across her parter’s back as she felt along his hard muscles and traced her fingers across his bent over spine.

“Should I go faster?” Harry asked of her as he felt that she was very close to her orgasm.

“Ye- yes, goooo FAsTer!” Tonks shouted, giving her consent in between the haze of her near release.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked as if this was all her idea, “I might slip in by accident.”

“It okay,” Tonks answered, “I will take responsibility.”

“Okay,” Harry said as satisfaction leaked out a bit. He had her right where he wanted her to be!

Plunging in quickly, Harry rammed again and again, against her barrier all the while the noises that Tonks made got more and more desperate and her nails started to dig into his back. Even Harry was started to feel a release slowly start to build up as his tip was heightened to over sensitivity.

“Oh, oh, Harry,” Tonks called out amidst the fog of yearning, “I’m close, I’m sooo close.”

Going even faster than before, Harry had no idea how he wasn’t in her already but the time was coming soon. Feeling some of her liquid leaking out, the steps became even more treacherous as anytime he might fall and plunge in.

All of the sudden he sensing her tunnels starting to go clench in the grips of orgasm, Harry knew his time had arrived. Driving in further, Harry felt her barriers at their weakest ever yet and as her release reached their noon tide, Harry plunged in deep, impaling her with his shaft.

“Ahh.... AAAAA” Tonks wailed out as everything came to ahead and liquid gushed out of her torrent as it spilled over to his crotch then all the way to the sheets covering a near quarter of it.

Trying to move inside of her, Harry felt constricted by the grip of her tunnels as they continued to pour more and more out of her. Still it was a welcome surprise as felt like her snatch wanted to milk out all his worth and enveloped him in a tight, warm embrace.

Finally coming to a stop, Tonks settled back on the bed as she let go of his back which was racked with her nails. Laying there motionless as she let the afterglow of the orgasm wash over her and tried to recollect herself. Harry felt her tunnels loosening up, and carried on with his ungodly work.

Coming out of her listless state, Tonks felt the steady rolls of Harry’s hips as it reheated the insides of her core and another wave of pleasure roll down her.

“Wha- what-mmmm- are you doing?” Tonks asked as she didn’t look to incensed but simply annoyed.

“What?” Harry asked, “are you going to deny me my pleasure when you got the best orgasm ever in your life.”

Snorting out a response, Tonks turned her head away from him as she tried to hide her new urges and uttered out, “Whatever! Do what you want.”

“Oww, you don’t worry yourself about that. We have lots and lots of stuff to do together, and the night is still very young.”

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