Godfather and Godson

Chapter 19: Nymph Tonks Pt. 3(R-18)

Rolling his hips in and out of her wet, hot core Harry felt like cumming right then and there as her tunnels fit in snugly with his sword like a sheath.

“Ahh,” Harry groaned out, “you feel wonderful,” he complimented. His first entry into a woman’s cunt had gone on without a hitch, and he had to say it truly did feel like heaven inside there. No wonder man always tries to find their way into a wonderful cunt!

Blushing as she heard his wanton flattery, Tonks bite the back of her fingers as she tried to hold back the moans that were coming up to the forefront and was only able to get out, “Th- thank you. You feel great as well ins- inside me!”

Smiling down at her, Harry started to pick up pace as he plowed in deeper into her vigina which felt like a vacuum trying to suck him in and trap him there forever. Grunting, Harry’s fingers dug into Tonk’s muscled and well tone thighs he leveraged on his shoulders as he plowed in even deeper yet.

It wasn’t long before he had his feel length was inside of her, and was slamming against her deepest reaches. Crying out in both pleasure and slight pain as he slammed against her cervix. Tonks arched and held fast to the bed sheets below.

“Mmmm, slow down, slow down, Harry,” the plucky witch called out as she softly banged at wide chest.

Ignoring her, Harry picked up even more speed until he going at the rate of a piston engine, going in and out of her.

“Tell me,” Harry inquired of the near listless witch as he bent closer to her, “are you enjoying this?”

“S- sh.. shut it, Potter,” Tonks answered as she tried her best to collect herself.

“It’s alright if you are honest with yourself,” Harry whispered to her as he let go of one of her thighs and letting it hang limply on his shoulder.

“Wha- what are you doing?” Tonks asked as she did not like that dangerous and playful look in his eyes one bit.

Taking no heed of her, Harry reached down until his fingers until they grasped her clits and started pinching.

“AAAA,” Tonk’s shrieked out as she arched even further back and her eyes started to lose focus as the pleasure assaulted her all at once and was too much for her to handle.

“You like that very much don’t you?” Harry asked of her as he played with her clits and flicked it as well. However, she was long gone and senseless at that point as Harry continued to plow into her as he found great enjoyment with all the strangled and pleasing noises that she kept making. And so was she, if the clenching of her tunnels was any indication as her third orgasm was right above the next rise.

“You truly are a naughty, naughty girl, huh?” Harry beseeched from the intrepid witch that laid beneath him. “Tell me,” Harry inquired of once again, “you’re enjoying this real well, right?”

“Mmmm, yes, yessss,” the witch uttered in between her passionate sexual noises. Continuing talking in her lucid state, the witch uttered, “Make me cum, Harry, please make meee cummm. I am soooo close!”

Smiling once he saw her in that wonderful dreamy state of her’s she was in, Harry started to slow down from his rapid pace. Then he removed her thighs from his shoulders which he all of a sudden he felt the burden it had on him. After that Harry laid her legs split to either side.

Looking up at him in confusion the clear why was right on her lips, but Harry held a finger out to forestall it. “Now tell me,” Harry demanded of her, “do you want me, mhm? Do you want me inside you, fucking your insides?”

“I.... I,” Tonks splattered out as she clearly never expected this at all.

Staring back up as he went into real nice and slow as he increased the bliss to a soft rolling level. “Come on, we both already know the answer, so just say it. Just say it for me.”

“Mmmm,” Tonks moaned out as even the slow pace that Harry was going was causing her to be blissful from deep within her core. “I... I- iiiii,”

“Just say it and your release will come,” Harry whispered to her as his hot breath cooled against her ear which he then bite.

“I do wa- want you, Harry. Please fuck me, fuck me real gooood!”

Seeing how low he brought her, Harry knew from here on out he would be having a much easier time breaking into her. “Where do you want me to shag you real good, huh, my plucky little witch?” the wizard asked as he playfully tweaked her nose a bit.

“Right in my cunt,” the witch answered unabashedly as she was far gone into euphoria.

“What do you want me to ‘right in your cunt,’ huh?” Harry asked as he continued to hold her in the Missionary form with her laid back, legs open wide to either side and him on top.

“I want you,” Tonks moaned as he carried on with his work. “I want your big fat dick ramming into my pussy! I want you to make me cum with it.”

“Mhh, if that is what my dirty little lady wishes,then it’s my command!”

Awash with masculine pride, Harry went into her with renewed vigor and took her right then and there.

Staring right up with her moaning, Harry used his fingers to start playing with her hard, sensitive nipples. That immediately got the witch that laid beneath him squealing to new levels. “Well aren’t you a slutly little slut?” Harry quized as he started speaking dirty to her, “You like that it when I impaling your dirty little cunt, don’t you?”

“YES, YESSSS,” Tonks moaned out, “just keep going, just keep going, I am soooo close~”

Laughing wickedly as he held her deep within his palm, Harry commanded, “Say my name. SAY IT, you little slut!”

Turning to look up at him, but at the same time staring off into the distance, Tonks did as he commanded of her as she started off low and start screaming, “Harry... Oh, HARRY~ HARRY. I want you, I want you sooo bad!”

“Haha,” Harry chuckled as he really felt like he was on top of the world. “Now tell me,” Harry said as he pinched her nipples real tight, “how does it feel when just a little child takes commands of you like this, huh?”

Not giving him the time of day to answer his question since she was far gone, Harry had to shout, “TELL ME! How does it feel for a young adult like you to be forcefully taken by some child!”

“AAAA,” Tonks shouted as the young wizard forcefully shoved his tool into her deepest reaches, battering against her womb.

Seeing that would not be working, Harry took a much simpler approach as he continued to impale her swollen lips. “Tonks, I am nearly there. I will have to get out.”

“No, no, NO,” Tonks moaned deliriously as she wrapped her legs around him in a steel grip. “You can’t leave until... until...”

“Until what?” Harry asked in an innocent tone.

“Until I milk you for all you are worth, and I have my orgasm as well,” Tonks growled. For a moment there Harry though she was coming through all the haze of lust and pleasure, but after a closer look it was clear she was only speaking from deep within.

“But its too dangerous,” Harry said, as if he did want to spill his seed inside of her and paint her walls white.

“I do not care,” Tonks growled, “I want you, I want your seed deep within me.”

“Alright,” Harry said, playing to his innocent edge which was a much better turn then anything else right now. “If that is what you wish.”

“Good, good,” Tonks said, “now cum for me you magnificent little stud. I am sooo~ close!”

With those words out of her mouth, Harry’s wants increased to heights never seen before as he went into her with near animalistic need. He wasn’t lying when he said that he was so near, after a long period within her, Harry sure as hell was feeling his release near at hand.

“Yes, yes,” Tonks shouted as her legs coiled around him thither and her hands started to find purchase on his body. Digging in deep within his flesh, Tonks’s nails racked against his arms and torso as their pace reached near feverish pitch.

Grunting as the pain of her nails scratches added a bit of flavor to their sex, Harry growled, “I am about to cum.”

“Aaa, aaa, AAAA,” Tonks simply answered, then as if the funnel gates were open wide Tonks clamped down on him real tight and came. In answer, Harry felt his control all but slip away from him, and his balls churned then his seed spilled away.

Being both held in the euphoria of orgasm, endless waved of pleasure assaulted their nerves as they stood standstill in positions as if they were frozen in time.

Harry did not know how it was even scientifically possible, but he felt like the seeds that spill out of him were endless. He even watched as Tonks’s stomach slightly buldge in place as it tried to hold in all spunk. Throwing it up to magic, Harry exit out of her and with his withdrawal a swell of jizz spilled out of her.

Even then Harry was still cumming as he coated her well toned and abbed stomach with his spunk.

Taking in deep, heavy breaths Harry felt weak in his knees and legs as they burned with the hard workout. Giving in, Harry feel back on to his ass and laid there as he tried to come down from his all time high.

Breathing in and out, Harry made to get up until he heard Tonks, “No, no, NO, what have I done,” the plucky witch shouted.

Getting up before him was Tonks, who naked all over like him plus covered in his seed all over. The one single point she was staring at was her slit which still dripped his seed out in a slow steady current.

All over again Harry got hard again as his little brother stood up on end, ready for another round as he watched how vulnerable Tonks was. She looked real close to tears and very much aware how exposed she was.

Clearing his throat to get her attention, Harry knew immediately that was a bad idea as Tonks turned to look at him with his sails raised up high and glistening with her juice.

“You,” Tonks shouted in an accusatory tone, “You did all this you little twirp!”

“What?!” Harry exclaimed as he tried to play innocent, “How is this my fault. You were the one who was so needly.”

“You...” Tonks said as she went red all over the face as she clearly remembered her previous reaction. “How dare you!” she shouted as she came at him so full of rage and righteous wrath.

Trying his best to hold her arms off as she rained blows down at him, Harry couldn’t help but find this situation a bit comical. Even so, he knew he had to keep a straight face, or so help him god, she would kill him.

“Please don’t tell me you did not want that,” Harry uttered as he ducked and weaved around the blows.

“AAAA,” Tonks screamed, “I am so going to kill you, you twirp!”

Finally catching a hold of one of her arms, Harry leveraged his advantage and grasped the other hand and held it still in place. Freezing in place, both wizard and witch stared at each other for long moments and were at each other again.

Kissing again heatedly, Harry let go of her arms which fell to either side and ran his cold fingers against the spin of her back. Gasping, Tonks returned the favor as she caressed his wide shoulders and ran down the length of his chest.

Breaking away from the kiss, Harry pecked along the length of her neck and whispered sweet nothings into her ears.

“I knew you wanted this as badly as I did,” Harry spoke softly.

“Agh, this is a total mistake,” Tonks growled as she reciprocate towards his tender administrations. “But still I do want you sooo badly. Ahh, I blame you for this.”

Chuckling in response, the slight vibration of the resonance sent shivers down her spine to which Tonks moaned unabashedly.

Finally getting bored with that, Harry wanted to turn to much better things as his shaft pulsed with clear wants and desire to go back into the sweet folds of her core. Spinning her in place, Harry pushed Tonks in the bed face forward as she only got a single chance to cry out in surprise.

Grabbing a hold of her well-toned ass, Harry pulled it up until it was quivering before him and started to knead it. Even though her rear end wasn’t as soft and fluffy as her wonderful breasts, it was still a blast to play with her button as he pushed around and pull her ass cheeks.

Moaning into the bed sheets, Harry only heard muffled shouts from the spirited witch as he kept her in that Leap Frog position.

Pulling out his pulsing rod, Harry slide it in right between her butt crack and started sliding it up and down. Immediately Tonks squealed in delight as his length ran across her ass cheeks.

“You like it if I shove it into your puckered hole won’t you,” Harry asked in a dark tone.

“NO,” Tonks shouted as she seemed to be sane enough to not have all three of her holes used up.

“No?” Harry repeated.

“Yes, no,” Tonks answered as she lefted her head up from the sheets, “it is dirty and...”

“So it’s okay if I use your cunt, but not you asshole?” Harry inquired, cutting to the meat of the matter.

Watching as she achieved a miracle by blushing while his dick remained lodged within her ass cheeks, Tonks hide her head back in the bed sheets in embarrassment.

“Oh-ho-ho,” Harry chuckled as he found it too funny.

Scowling up at his as all previous embarrassment was gone, Tonks barked, “Just shut up and fuck me, you little bastard.”

“Bastard, I won’t deny it,” Harry mused, “but little is it?” Running his full length up and down her ass cheeks, Harry moved down her slit and grind it against his full sail. “Is there any thing little about me?” Harry murmer to her.

Shivering in both delight and ecstasy, Tonks had the bright idea not to answer him since she already knew the answer that would be coming out of her mouth.

“That is what I thought,” Harry said as he snickered in mirth. He loved the reaction he was producing from her as it threw his ego to new and much higher height.

Still playing with her rump and sliding his shaft against her wet, hot snatch, Tonks seemed to lose patience with him and growled, “What are you waiting for?!”

“What?” Harry asked innocently, “you never told me what you wanted.”

“Must I?” Tonks demanded as she looked at him dangerously.

Harry knew he was pushing his luck, but he just loved pushing Tonks buttons. “Where you the one who said I was a little kid, and you are a young adult. I don’t know the way of these things and I can only wait on you who is so much more wiser and experienced in these matters.”

“You little beast,” Tonks grumbled.

“Fine!” she exclaimed, “I am sorry for calling you a kid. It’s clear you are so much fiendish and racy then any other kid.”

Placing his hands on his chest in a mocking tone as his face took on a genuine expression, Harry uttered. “You do not know how much that warms my heart to hear you say that.”

“Now,” Tonks said as she stretched her arms back then split her moist lips and widened her hole open. “Fuck me, you magnificent stud. Run me through with your big, fat cock!”

“As my lady wish,” Harry said as he impaled her on the spot with his prick and entered her all the way.

This time Harry knew he wouldn’t be lasting long since his sensitive prick felt like cumming already. No this was going to be quick and dirty.

Already Harry was in a much better position as he could reach in much further and tap into depths he hadn’t reached yet. Tonks seemed to really love it if her incessant screams and moans where any indication.

Once again tapping that wonder, well toned ass dark, lewd thoughts entered his mind.

Raising his hands up to shoulder levels and smacked down on the trim ass with sufficient that Tonks came to a pause. Standing still in her positions as all noise of pleasure ceased, the plucky witch was two parts shocked and offended but also secretly intrigued.

Taking no heed of the valiant witch’s shell shocked state, Harry lifted his other hand up and came down on her ass plenty of force.

This time Harry had a muffled squeak as it seem Tonks tried to hide the sensual gratification she felt.

Continuing with his task, Harry picked up speed skewering her with his tool which felt close to release.

Gradually over time, Harry found his tempo as he dropped a beat on her ass and Tonks responses constantly got louder and louder. That is until she was screaming at the top of her lungs and shouting at him, “Go faster, faster, FASTER!”

Following her command as Harry started going at a near feverish pace, he felt his orgasm close at hand and amended, “I am about to cum.”

“AAAA,” Tonks shouted, “Let cum together, ” she urged!”

Finding total agreement in that, Harry smacked down one final time on her ass and then came.

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