Godfather and Godson

Chapter 23: Potter Manor

“Dang,” Harry said as they finally came out of the orchard field and walked into the clearing beyond the castle. Harry had to say the castle looked a lot more imposing from the faraway view on the hill.

“Sirius,” Harry asked, “there is something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“Well it is about the ritual when we removed the Horcrux from my scar,” Harry replied as he toyed with his fingers in nervousness. Harry knew he needed professional advice because as much as he wanted to hide his deep, dark secret about the memories he gained that had belonged to Voldermort.

This was something way out of his field. You just don’t have an evil, dark lord’s memories saved and back filed in your head. There were just too many waking moments he spent thinking about what to do with it.

The only person he could really go to was Sirius. Not only is he a powerful wizard, but he always has his back and cares about what’s best for him. If there is anyone he could trust with this, it would be him.

“What’s wrong?” Sirius asked, his voice tinged with a hint of worry.

“Nothing,” Harry answered with a shake of his head, “It is just that I have Voldermort’s memories saved inside of my brain.” he uttered in one quick breath.

Pausing, Sirius gazed down at him and slowly asked, “Could you repeat that again?”

“Come on,” Harry said with a sigh, “you heard me, I have all of Voldermort’s memories.”

“Mhm, you telling me this is a good sign,” he mused out loud, “I guess it shows that he hadn’t taken over your mind.”

“Is that all you have to say?” Harry shouted. “Just so you know, I could now know how to raise the dead, summon demons, create devil contracts, do evil blood rituals, and so much more bad fucking shit.”

“So,” Sirius said with a shrug.

“So?” Harry repeated, not believing what he was hearing. When Harry dove into those filthy memories he quickly recoiled at all the horror and evil) that he bore witness to. Voldermort was an evil wizard through and through, he deserved to die no questions asked. But Harry was tainted as well, since he had carried all of it with him

“Yes, so what,” Sirius said, “are you acting on those memories? Are you raising the dead, summoning demons, or doing blood rituals?”

“No,” Harry answered, “but....”

“No buts,” Sirius said with a shake of his head, “people might define magic as light and dark, however there is no such thing as that. Magic just is. It is only the intention behind the practitioner that makes magic good and bad. I’m glad you have his memories....”

“You’re what?”

“Yes, you heard me,” Sirius said, ” I’m glad that you have that wanker’s memories and knowledge. It finally gives you a fighting chance against him. I might be a fucking awesome wizard, but let’s be honest I will be squashed like a bug if I ever fight him. We also know that the old fucker has some hidden intentions, so we cannot count on him to fight our battles for us.”

“So you’re telling me I should use those memories to my benefit?” Harry asked hesitantly.

“Hell yeah,” Sirius replied as he smacked Harry playfully on the back. “Anyways it can’t be all evil stuff, right? There has to be some good nuggets of knowledge right?”

“Yea,” Harry responded as he suddenly flushed a bit pink in his cheeks.

Sirius must have picked up on it because all of the sudden his smile widened and he conspiratorially whispered, “oh, there must be some really good stuff you have found. Are you going to share with your old man.”

“Hell no,” Harry quickly replied as he clamped his mouth shut.

Just then as they were nearing the moat with the drawbridge closed. Harry heard a loud, thunderous trill cry from up high in the sky.

Turning his head to look up in to the sky he saw what made that noise, once he did Harry nearly shat himself as a thing passed far ahead through the gaps in the clouds

It was a monstrous thing! The size of a small Boeing airline, each flap of its mighty feathered wings sent billowing gusts of wind swirling down below. Its head resembled that of a noble eagle with prominent feathered ears and it wore a golden roman legionary helmet. On it’s front feet were sharp gleaming talons equipped with forearm armor and pointed metallic talon extensions.

It had luscious golden plumes on its chest and it wore a breastplate with the house crest of his family- which was made up of shades of black, red, and grey with the coat of arms being that of two griffins, a patch of red roses, and an elegant sword with wings reaching out from the back.

The creature’s lower portion was that of a mighty lion with powerful, muscled hind legs of a lion and its twirling tail. Its sharp eyes were deep pools of gleaming molten gold which stared fixedly at Harry, and Harry alone.

Crying out again, the colossal creature banked towards his direction and for a brief moment Harry thought of just running and fleeing to the hills while screaming at the top of his lungs like a little girl. But for some god damn reason, he couldn’t move his feet. All he could do was stare gobsmacked as the creature landed right before him creating a small earthquake.

The eagle/lion beast still gazed at him with those noble, majestic eyes and then suddenly the etiquette that Hagrid taught him last year when he brought in a Hippogriff kicked in. Getting the nerve to finally walk up to the creature, Harry bowed to it from the waist while keeping his eyes staring fixedly at it.

The creature gazed at him as if weighing his worth, then finally returned his bow as it lowered its majestic regal head and spread its mighty wings wide until it blocked out the whole sky. Getting up at the same time, Harry inched forward with his hand outstretched and the noble creature reached out towards him until his hand was resting on its cool, golden beak which had on armor.

Harry was surprised when he heard a soft rumbling purr from the beast as its tail wagged swished from side to side creating a mighty gust of wind that nearly sent him off his feet. Once he saw the creature’s reaction all of Harry’s muscles relaxed and a soft small smile split his face and he slowly rested his head against the creatures beak.

Finally after long moments of Harry chirping pleasantly to the creature and it crooning back at him, it finally broke away from him. Trilling to him as it spread its wings wide, Harry could somehow understand it was saying to him, “see you later, human.”

With that it lifted up into the air and took to the sky, Harry watched as it disappeared into the mountain set behind the castle and all that was left in its wake was a single golden feather the size of his forearm that slowly drifted to the ground. Plucking it from the air, Harry spun it around in his fingers, as he longingly gazed up at the mountain.

He could say that in those short few minutes him and that creature made a connection , one that echoed in his bloodline.

“Isn’t it a beauty?” Sirius asked as he somehow silently came over while he was staring up at the mountain.

“Yeah,” Harry answered breathlessly, there was no denying the true majesty of the creature. Collecting himself, Harry turned to face his old man and asked, “What is it anyway?”

“What? Didn’t I tell you that your family rears Griffins!”

“Very funny,” Harry said in a sarcastic tone. “I know what a Griffin is and that... that was no Griffin at all. For fuck sakes, it looks like it can go toe to toe with the most powerful of ancient Dragons. That it can eat griffins for breakfast, give that thousand-year-old basilisk I fought a run for its money and squash a human underfoot like an ant!”

“Okay, okay, I get the similes,” Sirius said as he waved his hand for him to calm down. “Oh,” he added as if it was an afterthought, “language, please.”

Rolling his eyes, Harry knew if he got a pound for every time that Sirius used some very creative words he would be an even more incredibly rich man. Still he did not back mouth him since he knew that he was trying his best at this parenting thing.

“Alright be straight with me, what was that? I won’t deny that it kind of similar to a Griffin, but it is just too fuk-.... too big.”

“Well,” Sirius said, “I wasn’t lying to you when I said it was from the same breed as a Griffin. To be more exact it’s a Royal Gryphon. The most powerful kind of magical beast that the Potter Family breeds.”

“A Royal Gryphon,” Harry repeated as if tasting the word. “How come I’ve never heard about it?” Harry asked.

“Have you ever heard about a Kirin, or a White Tiger, maybe a Quetzalcoatl, what about a Naga?”

“Well no....” Harry slowly answered as he tried to keep up with all the magical beasts that Sirius had listed out.

“Exactly,” the older wizard said, “there is a big, wide world out there and you won’t find everything inside a book. Only when you go out there and explore it, will you ever see all its wonders.”

“Dang,” Harry had to say, “that is deep. Though if you told Hermione- if you are going for book version that you can’t find everything inside a book, she might break down.”

But Sirius had to ruin it as he puffed himself up and replied, “I know, its just who I am. A wise, savvy, and handsome man.”

Shaking his head sadly, Harry decided it was best to change up the topic, “So what kind of creatures does your family rear?”

“Dogs,” Sirius answered, “lots and lots of dogs. We have Blink Dogs, Hell Hounds, Death Dogs, Shadow Mastiff, and Cerberus.”

“Cerberus?” Harry repeated as he thought back to Fluffy. Although he had later found out that he was just like his namesake a fluffy furball. He still remembered well just how monstrously big he was, with those sharp gleaming teeth, those giant paws that can could crush you, and those three huge heads.

“Yeah,” Sirius said with a nod, “they are our secret weapons, like your family’s Royal Gryphons.”

Whistling out loud, Harry indicated with his head towards the closed off bridge, and asked, “Anyways how are we going to get in?”

“Oh, that?” Sirius asked, “just wave your hand toward it, and it shall respond, and magically open for you.”

“Really, is that it?” Harry asked as he half-heartedly did as told. Then when it actually worked, Harry’s jaws nearly dropped to the floor while the bridge slowly lowered until the way was clear.

Patting him on the back, Sirius headed into the castle. He he uttered, “That is why you never doubt your awesome godfather.”

“But how?” Harry asked as he quickly tried to catch up to the older wizard. He knew it was magic, but at some point, he would really love to know how it all worked.

“Remember how I said you are the Master of the Castle. Well, I meant that in the literal sense, you can control everything that goes on in this land, and lowering the bridge is a very easy matter for you.”

“So what else can I do as Master of the Castle?”

“Mhm with enough magic backing you up, you can rain down spellfire, create thunderstorms, levitate the castle, make labyrinths inside the castle, and even teleport it as well.”

“Wow,” Harry simply uttered as he had no words to describe his amazement.

“Yep,” Sirius said with a nod as they passed through the portcullis, “and it isn’t far from imagination since this castle sits on a leyline.”

“What’s a leyline?” Harry asked as he did not get to (had not covered) that subject in his readings.

“Mhm,” Sirius said as he thought about the proper answer to give. “What’s those wirey poles that the muggles have everywhere?”

“Are you talking about an Telegraph Poles?”

“Yes, that it,” Sirius said as he clapped his hands together. “Well leylines are exactly like that, they are conduits of magical energies that run all across the world. Once you tap into them, you have access to a butt load of magic.”

“Got to say, you learn something new every day,” Harry stated. “Anyhow,” Harry said as they walked into the castle’s courtyard. He had to appreciate, just how lovely a sight it was with a small grassy place right smack dab in the middle with freshly cut trees sculptures, a fountain spewing out water, and a gravel road surrounding it for cars to drive and park. He also had a good view of the white and blue walls encompassing the courtyard with flags posted high above, the gargoyle statues.

“Is it safe to be here? I thought you said my grandparents passed away here from the Dragon Pox.”

“The castle has already been cleansed Master, so there is no need to fret.”

Nearly jumping out of his skin when he heard the crisp, clean voice Harry looked around for the speaker until whoever it was that addressed him, uttered. “Down here, Master Potter.”

Glancing down to his feet, he saw a house-elf . It wasn’t one of the filthy mistreated house-elves that he got used to seeing, but one dressed in a mini butler suit. It had white, pristine gloves, a black bow tie, sharp stern features, and a well manner attitude around him.

“Oh, sorry,” Harry said, as he held out his hand to greet the tiny creature, “I did not see you there. I guess you already know but I am Harry Potter.”

Being a little put off with the break in decorum, the house-elf still shook his head and answered back. “It is perfectly alright, Sir. I am Tobry, the chamberlain of the family. The house-elves that you sent ahead told me about your imminent arrival. I have completed the task of preparing the master suite, plus I have laid out the Lordly duties that have been neglected for too long.”

“Well meet, Tobry,” Harry replied with a weak grin. Feeling like sighing, Harry just wanted to hide under a rock. Why is it that everyone wants a piece of his time, this Lordly business is far more than he had signed up for.

Once again coming to his rescue, Sirius shouted, “Tobry you old dog how are you even alive?”

“The castle’s magic sufficed,” the house-elf answered, “and I still see that you still the same Master Black.”

“Ahhh, come on I know that you missed me.”

“If you are speaking about your obnoxious behavior, then no.”

“Come on, it must have been very lonely all by yourself in the castle.”

Ignoring him, the house-elf turned to look up at him and asked, “Would you like a tour, Master Potter. I am sure you do not remember much of the first time you were here.”

“Yea, sure,” Harry said, he would love to see his ancestral home, the place his father grow up, and his father, his father, all the way to the first Potter that built this place.

“Well,” Sirius called out, ’I am going to remind you why I was always your favorite, Tobry.”

“Please don’t,” the house-elf said as he made his way to the large elegant front door with Harry at his heels, “and you weren’t even my favorite by a long shot.”

“Ah, you are just saying that because you are shy.”

“No I am not,” the house-elf shouted back as both he and Harry disappeared into the great, big doors.


“This here is Lucius Potter — the founder of House Potter,” Tobry presented. Right now they were in the family portrait room where all Potters big or small had their pictures hanging on the wall. If there was one word to describe the castle it would be ridiculously big ,there had to be spatial warping magic placed here just like the Black family home since it was much bigger in the inside than the outside.

However besides the size and the pure wealth displayed, he had to remark that it was also very homely. Unlike the Black Family home which was a cold, dreary place that put class above all else, this place looked lived in.

The portrait of Lucius Potter, his many times over great grandfather, that Tobry was showing him was a tall, slender man with steely grey eyes and a mop of messy black hair. He looked to be dressed in roman legionary armor with a Gladius at his hip and a griffin stamped on his breastplate.

“Greetings, boy,” the man in the portrait said with a nod.

“Hello ancestor,” Harry addressed the stern looking man, he wasn’t even going to try and call him so many times great-grandfathers. If he did they would be here all day.

“This is Elizabeth Potter — Headmistress of Hogwarts.”

“Hello,” Harry greeted her with an incline of his head. The woman was in her late thirties, dressed in a fine gown, with black straight hair, green eyes, and a kindly smile on her face.

“Hello to you, young one,” the woman answered back.

“This is John Potter — the creator of the Golden Snitch,” one the wall was a man dressed in old quidditch equipment, who had a daring look in his eyes, and a mop of black messy hair.

“This is Abraham Potter — one of the first original Aurors,” looking down at him was a tall, burly man, who looked to be all brawn and no brain. That is why Harry wasn’t surprised when he heard a loud booming laugh come from the portrait.

“Hahaha, we have another little Potter in the house.”

“Greeting ancestor,” Harry addressed the man.

“You look too weak and scrawny, boy, eat more meat if you want to a strong like me,” with that, his ancestor started posing.

“Moving on,” Tobry said, being polite enough to not shake his head to his master. “This here is John Potter, he was a second-born son that went to the Americas during the colonial period and founded a branch family there.”

“This here is Marcus Potter, we do not usually speak of him.”

“Why?” Harry asked as he looked at the dark-haired man with the same emerald-colored eyes at him, all he did was just grin down at him.

“He was a Dark Lord,” Tobry simply replied then moved on to another ancestral Potter.

Giving the man one more look, Harry followed behind him without a word.

Moving on and on, Tobry introduced him to more and more Potters throughout the ages. Some were great men and woman, others were more down to earth until finally at long last they reached his great-grandfather. “This is Henry Potter, the person your parents named you after.”

Turning to look at a man dressed in a fine suit with an overcoat on top and a cane in hand, Harry inclined his head and greeted, “Hello, great grandfather.”

“He was the 134th Ministry of Magic,” Tobry uttered in a tone filled with pure worship. The man nodded his head stiffly to Harry and simply uttered, “You have a lot resting on your shoulders.”

Moving to the next portrait, which was of his grandparents that he heard so much about, Harry gazed up to see two couples.


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