Godfather and Godson

Chapter 6: Training

Giggling with laughter in a lilting tone to which Harry found music to his ears, the young witch remarked, “I look forward to that.”

“Good,” Sirius said, “Now your mother told me you just graduated Hogwarts last year?”

“Yep, that’s right, the class of 1993! Right now, I am at the Auror Academy trying to join the force.”

“Really?” Sirius asked as a bit of surprise and pride was evident in his tone, “Is Sergeant Rockery still there treating everyone like a slave drive”

“Yea, that old cranky man! He is our Drill Sergeant-- shouts in everyone’s face, plus makes them do push-ups at the drop of the hat. Do you know him?” Tonks asked, then as if realizing something she pointed her finger at him and asked, “Wait, you went to the Auror Academy?”

“Yep, me and my best mate James went there for a bit of training as the war was starting up then. Man those were some tough days; though now that I know that bastard James had the help from his bloodline, it explains a lot. No wonder he was that grumpy old man’s favorite and was the brightest and best in our group.”

“So you didn’t become an Auror?” Tonks asked and the ting of disappointment was clearly evident in her tone.

“Oh, we did become Aurors after we graduated. All hands were needed on deck as the war picked up. It was quite thrilling duking it out with those Death Eaters, but...” Sirius said as his mood took a downward turn. “It was also a sad and deadly time as well. Lily was always worried about James and his parents were not happy in the least bit that he left behind his duties as Heir and playing at Hitman Wizard for the Ministry.”

Closing his eyes for a moment and giving himself a moment to collect himself, Sirius opened his eyes then put on a false expression of cheerfulness then uttered, “Okay, enough of my old history. Come meet my godson, Harry.” he said as he waved towards the young wizard.

Harry was caught off guard as he seized by the recollection of his parents by Sirius. Quickly trying to collect himself, Harry tried to play it cool but he really had no idea what older kids thought of cool. Thus coming off as an idiot in his opinion, Harry uttered with a wave, “Hey, Warrior Princess Diana.”

Giving Harry an unreadable look, Harry took it the wrong way and immediately stuttered out an apology to the gorgeous witch. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight, of course, you wouldn’t know about....”

“Princess Diana of Themyscira,” the blue haired witch pronounced, finishing Harry’s sentence for him. Looking up at the future Auror in the making, Harry stared at her in shock, “What you didn’t think that I would about your average witch or wizard, not knowing anything of the muggle world.”

“No, not at all,” Harry said ambiguously as his words carried dual meanings and he quickly racked his gaze over the Hogwart’s graduate body. “I just never thought that somebody would catch my meaning you know.” Harry said with a chuckle.

“Yea, being raised by a muggle-born father, there is a lot that separates you from other kids who only grew up to learn about the wizarding world,” Tonks said with a nod of her head. “Anyways,” she added, “Thanks for the comparison, I have never been contrasted to Wonder freaking Woman. That is a first.”

“I hope you take no offense to it,” Harry said, “I really didn’t mean any.”

Shaking her head from side to side to which it created a mesmerizing look as her hair rolled around her face and her bosom slightly jiggled. “No, it’s no offense at all. I actually kind of like it. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to a total badass.”

“Thanks.” Harry mentioned as a slightly goofy grin played on his lips.

“No thank you for the compliment.”

“Yea, you know I just thought, hey she is a warrior and so is Wonder Woman, though I am not saying you guys look similar or anything.” Harry persisted on awkwardly, all the while he cursed himself for not just shutting his mouth.

“Oh, so we do not share appearances?” Tonks asked in a teasing manner.

This time Harry didn’t need to stammer out his response since he knew that she was just ribbing him. However, what came next was a real surprise, “Well if you do not think I look like Princess Diana let me fix that.”

Right before Harry’s eyes, Tonks as he knew it, slowly disappeared and in her place was a woman of the same height but a well built frame, blue eyes replaced the grey ones, and raven black wavy hair topped the head. Wonder Woman stood right before him in the flesh.

Staring at Mrs. Tonks wide-eyed seeking some answers, the woman simply smiled at him giving no response.

“What the hell just happened to you, Tonks?” Harry asked, trying to get some answers from the source. He knew that this had to be Tonks, but maybe a polyjuice potion at work though he never saw her drink one and he did not know if you could transform into fictional characters since they didn’t exist. Still, this had to be Tonks right before him since she still had on her clothes though it was stretching to the limit.

“I’m a Metamorphmagus. It means I can change my appearance at will. I was born one.”

“Wow.” Harry simply remarked.

“Yep,” Sirius said with a nod, “It is a Bloodline ability common in the Black Family though it was dormant for a while now. Nobody had that ability in nearly four generations give or take. I am surprised to see its triggered. Oh man, if I was Head of House, I would immediately be bringing you back into the family.”

“Thanks, Uncle Sirius,” Tonks said as she slowly changed right back to her original looks though this time with dark violet-colored hair and the same green eyes as him. “Mom was always saddened by the fact that Great Aunt Walburga removed her from the family.”

Changing the topic, the young beautiful witch asked Harry, “So is Uncle Sirius really the fun and lovable guy he says he is?”

Harry had a million more questions to ask about what happened but it seemed like Tonks wanted to move on. Turning to look up at the man who was his guardian, Harry could honestly answer, “Yea, he totally is.”

Before Harry and Tonks could continue with their conversation, Mrs. Tonks cut in with a loud clap and uttered, “I am glad to see that the both of you are getting along, but let’s head to the kitchen so that we can get something in the both of you. Then I am sure before long you will both be getting along at the hip.”


“Alright, take care dearie.” Mrs. Tonks said as she rubbed his head affectionately.

“You too Aunt Dromeda.” Harry stated with a nod.

“See you around, Potter.” Tonks said with a wave.

“Yea, see you, Warrior Princess,” Harry said as he watched both women disappear into the fire.

Once the guests where gone, only Harry and Sirius were left in the living room, Harry was about to head on up to his room in the Black family’s home, but Sirius uttered a few words which stopped him right in his track. “You’re interested in her, huh, pup?”

“What,” Harry shouted as he felt shell shocked, then quickly going into denial, he stated. “No, no, no, I am not interested in her in the least bit.”

Patting the young wizard on the back, Sirius uttered, “It is okay pup, I am your godfather and I can tell these things. Ahh, you should have been there, Witch Weekly used to call me the ‘Playboy of the Century!’”

“But is it really okay?” Harry asked, once he saw no point in hiding it any longer since the cat was out of the bag. “Tonks is like my cousin three times removed.”

“Ah, don’t fret about that,” Sirius said as he waved off Harry’s concern. “As long as you guys are not siblings, you are good and even then that is sometimes contested since Wizarding Families used to practice incestuous marriages long ago. ”

“Now that is gross,” Harry said, as he slightly shivered in his place.

“Yea, but you know how Wizarding Families are all about blood purity. Anyways like I said before Purebloods are always related somehow in someway or form-- if they really stopped to think then they would have realized that over half of them are somehow married to their own cousin, so do not let that stop you, pup because it sure as hell didn’t them.”

“Yea, but do I really want to be like these bigots?” Harry asked as he shook his head.

Gesturing his hands in a placating manner, Sirius uttered, “Being a Pureblood isn’t the issue here. If you are a Pureblood that just means you come from a richer and more deep-rooted family, however, it is the belief that most of them carry that is the problem. So I am not saying become a muggle hating ass...”

“Like Malfoy,” Harry uttered underneath a cough.

Chuckling a bit over Harry’s remark, Sirius continued, “The take away from all that is you can totally pursue her, let there be no distress in your consciousness. I am okay with it as her uncle and as your godfather, and Dromeda would be totally thrilled by the fact that her daughter got back to a Most Noble and Ancient House!”

“Okay, but how do I make her like me?” Harry asked slightly convinced by Sirius’s argument though maybe it was his hormones deciding for him. “I know nothing of girls, there like unto a magical creature themselves.”

“You are not wrong in that remark,” Sirius said in total agreement, “But did you forget that Witch Weekly used to call me the ‘Playboy of the Century!’ I can totally teach you everything you need to know to conquer a lady!”

‘Oh boy.’ Harry thought as he saw that roguish smile on Sirius’s face. ‘What the hell did I get myself into?’


As the days went by, one after the other Harry quickly got into his daily routine. In the morning he would wake up and practice a bit of meditation he picked up from one of the books in the Black Family’s library. The book was really vague about what the meditation does for you but he felt like he had a tighter control on his magic whenever he did the exertion.

That more than anything meant more to him to whatever the book promised since he still remembered what happened in those hallways and what he did to Kreacher. He still had some outburst of accidental magic here and there; like him setting a wardrobe on fire, flooding a bathroom, creating a sinkhole, and a bunch of other crap. However, as he kept to the meditation it became less and less so he did not have to worry anyone about it.

After his meditation session, Harry would shower and brush up then head on down for breakfast. When all that was done he would go to the library where his day truly started.

Reading the material that Sirius assigned him, Harry would get to learn so much more about Wizarding history that he never got to learn in his true History class, also he would pick up on so much culture and tradition he had no idea of.

However that is not where it all stopped, Harry quite enjoyed picking up the different histories of Western powers similar to Magical Britain like the French, Germans, Greeks, Slavic, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, American, and countries.

There were also the weird and strange powers that fell and rouse throughout magic’s long and ancient history that fascinated him very much so. It was like Harry left the small confides of this great library, decrepit house, roiling country, and traveled far off to into wondrous lands; like the South Americas with their unique and separate history, Africa where it all started, the Middle East with countless layers of Empires and civilization that fell and rose, China with their powerful warlock serving great dynasties, India with their monk wizard meditation on the meaning of life.

Each and every single one of them fascinated Harry as he picked up on tome after the other. However, the wonders of the great library did not stop there.

After evening approached Harry liked to wander the stacks as he found archaic pieces of knowledge and interesting branches of magic he never heard about; like ritual magic, demonic magic, aura magic, blood magic, black arts, necromancy, voodoo magic, dark magic, shadow magic, draconic magic, dimensional magic, nether magic, chaos magic, and so much more.

Furthermore, he did not know why but there were also subject matters on Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Psychology, Computers, and so many other muggle related stuff in the library he was quite surprised. He would be the first to admit, he never expected that from a family that was clearly muggle hating, but that did not stop Harry from sometimes picking up those books and giving it a read.

All in all, Harry found that the Black family’s library was truly extensive and he soaked it all in like a piece of sponge.

Once his time in the library was done, Harry would head up for some lunch then his evening would begin.

Sirius kept to his end of the bargain and began his training in Battle magic.

Although both Sirius and Mrs. Tonks said that he would be good at Battle Magic that did not mean it would be an easy process to learn this highly respected branch of magic.

Sirius totally handed him his ass when it came to the training mats. It was obvious the man he met at the shrieking shack and the one before him were not the same two individuals. If the man wasn’t running laps around him, he would be giving him quite the bashing as he tore at Harry’s paltry defenses and handed him his ass.

Though that did not mean he didn’t learn anything, every day he was getting better and better in the training mats as he got faster, stronger, smarter, until he felt like he could hold his own.

Some days Tonks would visit and get in on the training, those days all Harry did was watch her ass and wonderful globes bounce around, countless fantasies would pass through his mind as he imagined what she could be doing to him with those great assets. If he did not have half the mind he would already have been drooling on the floor like an idiot, but he somehow kept his cool.

In addition to the younger Tonks visiting, Mrs. Tonks also came by to check on his and Sirius’s health. She also got into the habit of teaching him a bit of healing magic and potions; the one subject he struggled at Hogwarts no thanks to Sniveling Snape as Sirius likes to call him.

Sirius also kept the other half of the bargain as he got him started on the process of finding his magical creature animagus form. He had no idea that it would be a long and grueling process as each day he had to follow a certain complicated and in his mind very convoluted steps. Why the hell would he need to carry a mandrake leaf in your mouth for a long excruciating month?

The other thing Sirius kept up was teaching him about girls. Even though he found it a bit foolish and idiotic, he still somehow listened in on the older wizards lectures. Though at this point it was getting to the fact that Sirius was only talking about the women he seduced.

One big surprise Harry had was the visit of his old favorite Defense against the dark arts teacher, Remus Lupin, one of his father’s best friends. It seemed like he and Sirius kept in contact with each other and having some time off from his new menial job he decided to come visit.

The one great enjoyment he had about Remus’s visit was that it got Sirius in a talking mood. Those were the only moments that his godfather would open up and talk about his parents. Harry found great enjoyment about learning more about his parents and he started to form a clear picture in his mind.

First, there was his mother who kind of reminded him of his best friend Hermione. They were both very studious and excelled at school. Though there was more to his mother; she was kind, caring, compassionate, firm, furious when provoked, smart, wise, cunning, brave, well mannered, beautiful, thoughtful, and so much more.

Then there was his father, it is no wonder he and Sirius got along so well, they were both jokesters just like the Weasley twins. Though more than that he too was kind, orderly, smart, fun, commanding, chivalrous, noble, loyal, brave, honest, and a whole lot more.

On the whole, Harry had grown a lot both physically and mentally. He would not deny that some mornings he would look at himself in the mirror, and stare at his muscles and physics for quite a while. Though who could blame him as he got more and more attractive by the day. Okay, now he was sounding like he was narcissistic.

Anyways a new and much better Harry Potter was about to arrive at Hogwarts this year and he couldn’t wait to see all the mayhem that would be in store.

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