Godfather and Godson

Chapter 8: Rituals

“So is this really going to work.” Harry asked as he sat in the middle of a grand magic circle with only a white robe on. Today was the day after that Sirius found the ritual to remove the Horcrux from within him, and now they were getting started with it.

“I think so.” Sirius said with a shrug as he was setting up magical ingredients at the required areas of the magic circle.

“I think so is not a proper answer.” Harry replied.

“Okay, I am 70% sure that it will work out.”

“Hey, what?” Harry shouted unable to believe this man, “You do know this is my life on the line. Not some joke.”

“You should know by now Harry not to take Sirius serious ” Lupin said from the other side of the magic circle, he was on duty of drawing out the magic circle. Today he decided to take a day off from work and come help out in this momentous occasion.

“But I’m not joking,” Sirius uttered, “There is a 30% chance this might fail.” At that point though, nobody was listening to the prankster wizard.

“Here you go dear,“Mrs. Tonks voiced as she stepped up to Harry with a salve in her hands. “Rub this all over your body and make sure you do not miss a spot.”

“Sure,” Harry answered with a nod, “But how am I going to get my back?” Harry inquired as he pointed towards his tail end that he wasn’t fully able to cover.

“Yes, yes,” Mrs. Tonks said with a nod, seeing his point. “Nymphadora,” the older witch shouted.

“Yes mom.” Tonks called back from the corner where she was helping her mother brew potions and make ointments.

“Come here and help Harry put on this ointment,” the older witch commanded.

“Why me?” Tonks complained.

“Young lady,” the older witch uttered in a stern voice, “Stop talking back and do as you are told!”

“Fine.” the young witch grumbled out as she walked over to the center of the magic circle, making sure not to step on the chalk.

Handing the salve to the younger witch, Mrs. Tonks commanded to her daughter, “Here be of some use and help Harry get his back.” With that, the older witch departed and headed back to her makeshift potion station.

“You did this on purpose, didn’t you,” Tonks accused as she narrowed her eyes towards him.

Unbuttoning his clasps on his back, Harry stopped at the mid way point and uttered to Tonks, “You can think whatever you want, but you need to hurry up, the ritual is about to start.”

Muttering under her breath, the young witch eventually knelt behind his back and started to apply the salve. As the minutes went by, Harry took great enjoyment from the young witch long, delicate hands softly suddenly stroking all over his back.

Breaking free from the pleasure he found in massage, Harry suddenly voiced, “Are you still mad at what happened yesterday?”

Pausing with her task, the young witch seemed to be collecting herself then whispered so that she couldn’t be heard which was pointless since everyone was several meters away and busy with the respective task. “Yes, of course I am. That was totally uncalled for what you did yesterday.” while she resumed her task.

“But aren’t you the one who dared me?” Harry inquired, turning the question on her.

“What! No, I was just teasing you, I- I did not expect you to....”

“..to kiss you.” Harry finished for her as he craned his neck over and grinned at her in triumph.

“Yes, but do not say that out loud.” the witch warned as she looked around to see if anyone noticed their conversation.

Ignoring her cautions, Harry pressed on, “What, are you going to tell me you did not enjoy it?”

“Ye- NO, no I did not enjoy it.” Tonks nearly shouted as her face turned a bright pink-red.

“Really?” Harry asked in a husky voice barely above a whisper as he rubbed his thumb against her lips. “If you want we can try it again then see if you enjoyed it or not.”

“Not in front of everyone.” The young witch slipped up as a slight shiver took hold of her.

“So you wouldn’t mind doing it in private?” Harry asked, smelling blood like a shark. Not giving her a chance to reply or even realize what he said, Harry removed his thumb and stated out loud, “Thank you Tonks, it seems like we are done here.”

Taking the salve from her hand, Harry continued on, “Here let me take that from you, I got it from here on, you can go help Aunt Dromeda.”

Gazing up at him as a cloud of desire passed through her eyes, Tonks silently got up from the floor and hurried off to her mother. Harry watched all that as a smile played on his lips, he felt giddy with all the power he was gaining on the lively witch. Harry had no idea where all this sure-fire confidence came from but maybe listening to Sirius brag about his dozens of conquests back in his Hogwarts days perhaps something really did sink into his head.

Whatever was giving him the level headed and self-assured boost he was thankful for it. The old abused Harry would never have been playing a much older girl like that and making her have the hots for him.

Quickly putting on the rest of the salve, Harry settled back into his cross legged pose then waited for the ritual to begin.

Once more, Mrs. Tonks came up to Harry and this time, she held a liquid potion in her hands, “Alright dear, we are finished with the magic circle, so you just need to drink this and we can begin.”

“Alright,” Harry said as he drank up the clear red potion in one gulp, “Let’s begin!”

Taking their places in the four cardinal directions everyone took out their Athame then sliced their palm letting the blood flow freely to the magic circle. Then as one like everyone practiced yesterday, they shouted out the incantation.

“Ut fiat essentia reditu suo in loco

Natura loci dimittere iustis reddere

Sit enim mortuus est reditu suo in loco!”

Suddenly the intricate diagram lit up in a bright shiny golden brilliance. Not letting the light show distract them, all four participants of the ritual continued to utter their incantation.

Closing his eyes then taking in deep calming breaths Harry waited for the true ritual to begin. Abrupt a burning sensation took hold at the sight of his lightning scar, slowly the sensation spread all over his body until he felt like he was on fire from toes to his tips of his fingers.

Then the pain came. It was a great explosion of throbbing pain that a groan escaped from his lips. From his scar, Harry could feel a sort of resistance that was going on as he was assaulted from two directions both from his scar which was fighting back and the ritual that was tearing into him.

Harry’s mind felt like splitting in half as he couldn’t help it anymore and grabbed his skull, trying to fight back against the pain. Suddenly one gave in, Harry thought it was the soul in his scar but he couldn’t be sure as the pain seemed to grow.

Biting his inner cheek to feel a bit of clear harness, Harry felt blood on the tip of his tongue. Ignoring it since it wasn’t helping at all as he tried to break free from the pain. Not even realizing what was happening, Harry fell into a tranquil quiet meditation state.

Everything disappeared, the pain, the continuous incantation echoing in the background, the two forces fighting within his body until Harry fell so deep into his meditation that he reached a state he never before touched upon.

Suddenly an eye, not the two mundane ones, but a third eye he never knew he had opened!

Out of the blue, Harry could now see clearly but not in atypical sight of before. Now he see things as the way they actually are. Right now Harry could see two forces fighting right before him-- standing in front of him was a pale, sickly creature humanoid in appearance dripping nauseating ichor. Then across from him was a gigantic knight in gold shining armor and its hands held a great sword and shield of the same brilliance.

Seeing the two large than life beings fighting against each other right before him, Harry was rendered speechless as all he could do was watch the battle. Gathering himself after a while, Harry got out of the stupefied state, then tried to think of something to do.

It was clear that the pale disgusting creature was Voldemorts soul, and that knight must be the manifestation of the ritual. Harry knew that he had to do something to help the knight in literal shining armor, but what?.

On the spur of the moment, Harry thought back to the hallway and how he telekinesis threw Kreacher against the wall, and force chocked him. Although it wasn’t one of his brightest moments, he somehow did the impossible and performed accidental magic at his age. Harry wondered if he somehow could repeat that action, he highly doubted it but it was worth a try since he wasn’t really doing anything except sitting there.

Trying to reach down for that feeling he experienced last time, Harry dug deep and tried to pull out that unique feeling. Instantaneously like the feeling was waiting to be grasped, Harry knew that he would be able to push and pull with his mind.

Shoving the pale creature in a wave of telekinesis force, Harry was able to unbalance it and as if just waiting for that moment, the knight rushed in and bashed Voldemort’s soul fragment sending it flying into the air. Then following it up with two crisscross slashes, more ichor flowed from the sticking creature and causing it to shriek in pain.

Not giving the creature even time to collect itself, Harry used his telekinesis and threw the soul fragment in the air. Somehow working in sync with Harry the knight jumped into the air after the pale creature then in one downward chop, beheaded Voldemort’s soul manifestation-- ending the fight once and for all.

However it did not end there, once the creature’s head toppled to the ground, its body slowly disappeared into pale white dust which flew at Harry at top speed. Unable to even react, the dust cloaked him and like smoke entered through his nose and mouth, choking him briefly.

Harry did not know how, but he felt memories ebb slowly into his mind. Memories of a soul he knew very well Lord Voldemort. Quickly he did the only thing he could do, use his Occlumency, and then with haste create a whole storage system for the memories.

It was like he had a computer in his mind filled with data that he could look over at any time.

Letting out a breath he did not even know he was holding back, Harry felt relief flow through his body. He didn’t know those memories of Voldemort. Would he go crazy, cold, or evil, he did not know, but thankfully all was okay now.

Coming down to the ground the knight sheathed his sword and slung his shield to his back, facing Harry the being gave him a bow from its neck then was gone in a wisp of golden dust. Staring at the space in which the being of golden brilliance stood only moments ago, Harry tried to rationalize what happened before his eyes.

Shaking his head to himself, Harry was about to try to find an end to this otherworldly visual perception. However, it seemed like all the breathtaking sights were not over as of yet considering that a fiery orange serpent countless meters long appeared in the air. Sweeping down to the ground, the giant snake devoured the soul fragment lying headless on the ground in a single gulp then spiraled around high in the close chamber.

Looking fixedly at Harry who was still in his cross-legged position on the ground, Harry knew that couldn’t be a good sign. Sloping down low towards Harry, the serpent opened its jaws wide and came down barreling as all Harry could see was a gaping dark pit consuming his whole peripheral vision.

Instinctively using his hands to cover himself, Harry did not feel the burning sensation he expected of being devoured by a giant fire serpent, all he felt was the cool caress of cold, stale air the opposite really of burning fire.

Opening his eyes and removing his hands and elbows from his face, Harry gazed around his surrounding. Doing a double-take Harry saw that he was back in the ritual chamber, examining himself. He wondered how the hell was that possible maybe he experienced some sort of hallucinations and he dreamt up of everything. Yet there was no denying how vivid everything he experienced was, shaking his head and putting everything in the back of his head Harry slowly got up from the cold stone floor.

This time taking in everything fully, Harry saw Tonks lying on the ground unmoving, he knew that she wasn’t dead, thank god, since her chest was rising and falling in a slow constant rhythm. Lupin also laid on the ground and he seemed to be awake but in a lot of pain if the groaned and grimaces were any indication. On the other hand, Mrs. Tonks seemed fine as she sat in a meditation pose, and was taking in deep breaths and slowly letting them out. The only person that stood standing was Sirius but he seemed unsteady on his feet, but grinned at Harry when he turned his gaze upon him.

Walking over to the man who was his godfather, Harry inquired from him, “What happened here, Sirius, you all look pretty out of shape?”

“Agh, not so loud,” Sirius grimaced as he clutched his head. “It seemed like the ritual took a lot out of us then what we expected,” he answered once he seemed to collect himself.

“Oh,” Harry said realization dawning upon him, “You guys are all magic exhausted.” He read about this predicament that sometimes plagues witches and wizards; when a magic-user bottoms out his or her magic reserve they become nearly magically inept for a while and get afflicted with numerous ailment.

“You want to sit down?” Harry asked as he tugged along the wizard to a corner so that he could sit down and rest.

“I am fine,” Sirius said as he waved off Harry’s concerns, “We still need to get started on your second ritual.”

“My second ritual?” Harry intoned, having no idea what the man was talking about. Maybe he went delirious thanks to the loss of all his magic reserves.

“Yea,” Sirius stated, “I wanted to keep it a surprise but now it looks like you will have to complete that on your own.”

“Okay,” Harry said, stopping the man right there, as he forcefully sat him down on the ground. “I have no idea what you are talking about and you are in no shape to do anything else.”

“The ritual is important,” Sirius muttered as his eyes slowly lidded close, then snapping them open he insisted, “You must carry out the second ritual pup.”

“Okay, okay,” Harry falsely promised, “You just rest and leave that to me.”

Nodding his head, Sirius’s eyes slowly lidded close then before long he was dozing off.

“Your Godfather was the one who powered most of the ritual, and he had to summon a fiendfyre at the end to completely destroy the soul fragment,” the voice of an older witch stated.

“So that explains that giant fiery serpent I saw in my weird vivid dream,” Harry exclaimed as things slowly started to clear up.

“What?” Mrs. Tonks asked, clearly not catching what he said.

“Oh,” Harry said, “I had this strange vision where there was a sickly apparition of Voldemort and a knight in shining armor plus there was a blazing serpent in the end.”

“Wait,” Mrs. Tonks stated, stopping Harry right there, “Could you please start from the top?” she asked as confusion and a glim of something was written in her eyes.

“Yea, sure,” Harry said with a shrug, even though he had his doubts about what he experienced there was no way he could pass it off as a hallucination. Thus Harry started from the top and told Mrs. Tonks everything that happened during the ritual-- who knows maybe a second mind could help him parcel out everything.

“Amazing,” Mrs. Tonks uttered as awe was written all over her face.

“What’s amazing?” Harry asked, as he wanted to know what the older witch learned.

“You, my dear, developed Magic Sight; a rare and powerful ability that’s well sought after. Simply amazing!”

“Okay,” Harry said very slowly, “But what is this Magic Sight, exactly?”

Shaking her head, the older witch stated, “The fact that you were not even trying to gain that ability, surprises me more than anything. Magic Sight my dear is as the name implies; the ability to see magic in all its entirety. Plus some side effects are that you see things as they actually are-- meaning illusions won’t work on you, you can see invisible creatures and objects, you can notice secret doors hidden by magic, reveal the original form of a creature or shape shifter, see into the Ethereal Plane, and so much more.”

Whistling out loud at the turn of his fortune, Harry now fully realized what he truly gained during that ritual.

“Also,” Mrs. Tonks continued, “the telekinesis you mentioned is wand less magic; the ability to perform magic without the use of a wand, staff, stave, or other magic implements. Also astonishing that you developed it at such a young age.”

From the mention of wand less magic, Harry needed no introduction to the subject matter. He knew perfectly well about the ability to perform magic without the use of a wand. All young wizards and witches know how difficult it is and what a sign of power it is, only the best and brightest wizards and witches could perform that feat.

“Is there anything else that you experienced dear?” the older woman asked.

Shaking his head a bit too quickly in fact that it might raise some question, Harry decided it would be best to keep it to himself that he had Voldemort’s memories. Having all that knowledge on dark magic, evil rituals, demonic summoning, devil contracts, necromancy, shadow magic, and so many other evil powers at his fingertips is never a good thing, and publicly sharing it with people is even worse.

Turning to face the older witch, Mrs. Tonks looked to be sure-footed on her feet but he could see the weariness in her eyes. “Are you sure you should be walking around after that tiring ritual?” Harry asked as the concern was evident in his voice.

“I am alright,” Mrs. Tonks said, waving away his concern just like her cousin. In that way, they were both similar, tough resilient people who can weather any storm.

“Your godfather is right, this is the best opportunity when all burdens have been lifted off you to complete the second ritual.”

“What is this second ritual?” Harry asked.

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