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The Black Exorcist


Ace, a young girl seeming to be in her teens works amongside Mephisto in True Cross Academy as his second in command. the two have known each other since highschool, and yet they still dont know how to act around one another... is it true the feelings they have are love??

Romance / Fantasy
Mephisto's Girl
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The hell inside my head?

It was storming out..

this night was like no other.. this night was a one of terrior...


Chapter 1- the hell inside my head?

I woke up by a loud ‘kaboom!!’, jumping awake, I found out it was six in the morning. I sighed, throwing the sheets off me and using the bathroom that was connected to my room. I felt like screaming, in fact I almost did, but nothing came out as i brushed my hair, putting it in a ponytail, along with clothing from my closet that i layed out the previous day. I growled as I had walked out ‘tippical for them not to wake me up’ I thought as I had walked to the kitchen to make breakfast. Upon my arrival, there was one of my roomates.

“Good Morning Ace” he spoke. he has short green hair, with a spike that was lighter than the rest of his hair. He also has blue eyes, and has long claw-like black fingernails. He wears a jacket that has cross bones as buttons. He also wears green arm warmers and a black and pink short sleeved shirt which is the same colour as his spike, under his jacket, with rips at the ends. This made me blink.

"Wait- how long have you been awake Amaimon?" he blinked as i talked, sitting on the couch dumbfounded.

"Since Two AM, why?"

"wh- and you can live without sleep?!?'' i growled, hell knows I need my sleep or I'd go loose with ragging hell without it.

"Why yes, why?"

"Darn you- you" I was lost at words as a shiver down my spine. someone was behind me. I immediatly turned around to be face to face with my other roomate, he just smiled. He has short Purple hair with a short goatee, percing forest green eyes, and wears a suit. Only this suit was diffrent, he wears a white cape, accompanied by a white hankerchife, white suit with three weird buttons, along with jester style pants. My face started to heat up.

"Ah my dear, Ace" he smiled "You seem to be blushing, my dear" i shook my head as he showed his pearly, white canine-fanged teeth.

"Y-You must be hungry!!" i stuttered out, making him smile whider as i raced into the kitchen to cook them food.

"Ace-Chan makes the best food" Amaimon spoke which made the man make a 'hmph' sound. "Big brother, whats the matter?"

"Nothing Amaimon.." he mumbled out as he walked over to the entrance of the kitchen. "My dear Ace, do you need help?"

"No- maybe a little" i whinned as he nodded, helping me gather materials to cook with. "Thank you, Mephisto" I bowed as the man named Mephisto chuckled.

"Its no problem my dear" he walked off and soon enough i was done cooking, i set it down on the table.

"Whats this Ace-Chan?" Amaimon tilted his head, emotinaless as ever.

"This is a rice Bowl, Amaimon" I chuckled "but nevermind that, this is for you" I chuckled as i gave him a slice of cheesecake, I knew he loved sweets, so I wanted to make something he had never tried before. "its an american sweet, called Cheesecake"

"cheese....Cake??" I nodded as he took the fork off of the plate and tried a bite, his eyes whidened as he took the plate and started to eat it down.

"!! Amaimon!! Go slow!!" but it was too late, he was somehow...done with the whole slice. "w-wha-" i whinned as i took the plate and put it in the sink, he just smiled as Mephisto sat down at the table. I smiled as I sat next to him and we ate together in piece.

something, something made my heart beat fast. Something was off..I had never felt this feeling before... my heart felt light as it was beating fast.. I guess I was in a deep consintration untill I had heard Mephisto whisper to me which made me jump.

"Ace dear~" I turned towards him, tilting my head "Come on Its time" i nodded, finishing what i had on my plate and putting it in the sink (seeming that Mephisto must have already packed up the food and such), i smiled as he handed me my umbrella, and we were off.

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