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dean and sammy winchester jr

Chapter 1

authors note: please read the prologue or wont make sense.

″Dean, im freezin’ my butt off!″ yelled Sammy. ″hurry up!″

dean was bent over digging in the snow.

″well im sorryyyyy,″ said dean sarcastically he pushed up his glasses, ″i wouldn’t be taking so long if you hadn’t made me drop my pocket knife!″

″i slipped on the ice,″ muttered Sammy.

″yeah, yeah, what ever,″ said dean then he found his pocket knife he stuck it in his back pocket. ″lets go,″ said dean.

″finally!″ said Sammy, and stated following dean to the impala. it was all going fine till Sammy tripped on a rock.

Sammy fell on top of dean. deans left knee twisted awkwardly and then hit the ground hard. ‘thats gonna leave a mark’ thought dean.

″good God, sammy!″ cried dean.

″im sorry dean.″ said sammy trying to get up but the ice slipped out from under him.

″then get off of me!″ yelled dean.

then Sammy finally got off of dean. dean turned over and sat up in the snow, but he didn’t dare try to stand. pain radiated from his knee. dean clutched his knee and squeezed his eyes shut trying to breathe through the pain.

″dean....?″ asked sammy. ″ya okay?″

″yeah,″ said dean still holding his knee with his eyes squeezed shut.

″ya need some help to get up?″ asked sammy.

″no,″ dean took and deep breath. ″just give me a minute,″ dean and sammy hear crunching in the snow they both look in the direction dean still clutching his knee sitting helpless on the ground.

then flash lights get shone right in their eyes Sammy shields his eyes. dean looks down not wanting to let go of his knee, it hurt too much. his mom had told him that his father had a very high tolerance for pain. dean jr sure didn't. his knee was probably only a mid grade sprain, nothing serious. But, he was a baby when it came to that. though he has learned to hide it pretty well..... that is if he isn't walking.

''who are you?'' asked a deep threatening voice from behind one of the flash lights.

''dude.... we don't want to cause any trouble,'' started dean. ''me and Sammy here were just.....''

both men lowered his flash lights simultaneously. ''Sammy?'' the man with the deep voice said.

dean and Sammy got a good look at the men. Sammy looked at the taller one dean looked at the shorter one. dean pushed up his glasses and pulled out a photo from his jacket pocket with one hand his other hand on his knee. then Sammy walked over to dean, bent down and looked at the photo. dean and sammy both looked up at the same time and said:


authors note: dun dun duhhhhh!!!! cliffhanger!!! let me know if you like.

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