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dean and sammy winchester jr

chapter 2

dean jr’s point of view:

″dude,″ said the shorter man, while turning towards the taller man. ″did we just get Thanosed?″

the taller man made a face and said ″dude what are you talking about?″

″ya know? Thanos? cause the witch snapped us and then we came back like........... a bunch a years later,″ said the shouter man.

″ok......″ said the taller man. ″they could be lying.″

″look at them!″ said the shouter man. he then pointed to sammy ″that one looks like you,″ then he pointed me and that one looks like me.″

″no he doe........″ the taller man started to say. but i then took off my glasses. then the taller man paused and said ″okay.... i stand corrected.″

″one question dude?″ my well..... dad (the shorter one)asked me.

″yeah?″ i replied.

″why are you on the ground?″ he asked.

″i hurt my knee,″ i say.

my dad walked over and said, ″did you bring a car?″

″uh, yeah.....oh yeah,″ i said. is he gonna be mad at me. i mean its kinda my car now.

″well i can help ya get back to your car and drive ya back to where ever you came from,″ said my dad. ″that is if you’ll let me drive, i mean with my car i hate it when other people drive her.″

″yeah....... um about that......″ i started to say.

″what?″ he asked.

″my car is well...... your car,″ i said.

his eyes grew wide then he said, ″are you taking care of her?″

Sammy interrupted ″yeah, he wont even let me drive!″

″good,″ said my dad.

Sammy made a b**** face.

my dad extended his hand down to me and said ″lets get you up before your a** freezes,″

″thanks,″ I said and grabbed his hand. he hoisted me up and I stood there balanced on my right leg. still holding my dads hand. it felt weird cause I never knew him i just saw pictures and was told i look just like him. which i do.

″can you walk?″ asked my dad.

″I don’t know,″ I said I then put my left leg down. pain radiated from my knee, ″son of a b****,″ i muttered. and took the weight of my left leg.

″we should probably get that checked out,″ said my dad.

″no, no, no, im fine i just have a low tolerance for pain,″ i said.

″really?″ asked my dad.

Sammy interrupted again. he said ″oh yeah, he’ll stub his toe and yell out.″ Sammy started laughing.

″hey, it ant funny,″ i said. i looked at my dad. and said ''i get it from my mom.″

″is your mom Lisa Braeden?'' asked my dad.

''yeah,'' I said. ''I don't live with her anymore though, im carrying on the family business.''

''okay,'' said dean and nodded his head.

i started rubbing my knee. i couldn't tell if it was swollen or not cause i was wearing sweat pants on under my jeans, so couldn't really tell. i tried bending it but it hurt so bad, a tear ran down my face.

''hey dude, what's wrong?'' asked my dad.

''nothin', '' i said and tried to think of something else. ''we need to get back to baby,'' then my dad started laughing.

''what's so funny?'' I ask.

''that's what I call her,'' said dean and smiled.

''wait? really,'' i say and smile despite the pain in my knee.

''yeah,'' said sammys dad, (the tall long haired one).

''okay..... um you probably don't want me to carry you so.....'' my dad said.

''i can walk,'' i said and slowly started walking.

''okay......,'' said my dad with some uncertainty and then put his hand on my shoulder. to steady me. at the moment im hiding my limp with a strut. ''im fine,'' i gently pushed him away.

then i hear sammys dad say: ''well we all know where he got that from.''

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