Iris Jackson and the family reunion


What happened of the elements had children? Would the famous Greek gods, worry? Can Iris get past her brother troubles?

Adventure / Other
Francesca Carboni
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It all started when my mum met my dad and they had me, a Demi-freak. I don't mean a cyclops, or a hydra, I mean a demigod. Can you guess which Greek God is my parent? Well, I'll give you a clue. My name is Iris Jackson. Still can't guess it? Well my mother is called Sally Jackson and my father is called Posidon, and yes that makes me related to the one and only Percy Jackson! And if you're wondering, no it is not fun, him getting all the credit for me helping him at his every quest. You see I grew up with my father for most of the time, so until a few days ago, my brother never existed. While my brother completed quests my father told me to help him, he said I would learn a lot from him, look where that got me.

It was great living under the sea, I met all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, there was Zeus which was a striking zero when it came to looks, but hus lighting bolts said a whole other thing. His wife Hera was beautiful, but she's a common kind of beautiful. Athena on the other hand was a star in the starless sky, where you could get lost in so easily. Hades was a really cool guy, he was kind to me and offered me gifts, my dad said to stay away from "Mr Emo." Ares was also pretty cool, and cute, he kind of looked like Percy, if Percy has a serious glow up. Aphrodite made my mouth droole, even if my cousin told me I was more beautiful, I still wanted to be her friend. Hestia's hearth was so warm and nice, she tried to put me in the fire. Dad saved me. Persephone was so fun to be around, we automatically became besties, we even put makeup on Percy. Demeter was the goddess of agriculture,means means food, and boy do I love food. Artemis invited me to hunt with her and her huntress', then we all baved. Her brother, Apolo, was such a big flirt that I regret meeting him. Lastly Dionyus, or Mr D as we call him at camp, is the god of wine, and tried to get me to drink.

My father tried not to beat the guy gods up for their flirting, but the gods cat help it, when the see a pretty demigod or mortal walk by, they try to woo her. Luckily Persephone and Artemis saved me. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what happened to Hades in the underworld when he was having a heart to heart discussion with Persephone about cheating.

Then I met my brothers, Percy and Tyson. Tyson is my half brother, and he is also a one-eyed creature, Percy, however, isn't too bad, He has brown hair, brown eyes and a pretty out of shape physicque. I'm more familiar with Tyson since he came by the castle forges a lot to work on trinkets and what not, he look human apart from the eye. Now he's a cyclops but he doesn't like to be called that, he prefers special kid, cause he thinks he's special.

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