Bullied by One Direction


Elara Evans is just trying to cope through college. She just wants to be invisible but that’s a little hard when she’s named the school “freak” with her golden eyes she’s anything but invisible. And what makes it worse is that she’s bullied by five boys and their demon girlfriends. Courtney Abbot is Elara’s very best friend since forever and so she’s also bullied by the boys. She has enough problems of her own and sometimes the bullying just pushes her short temper to its limits; no matter what she will always be there for her friend and she knows Elara will too. Will these two girls survive college and all its horrors? Will they ever find someone to love them. Can they be pushed over there limits without snapping?

Romance / Drama
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Elara Bio

Hi! My name is Elara Evans. This is my Bio

Name: Elara Star Evans (I know weird right?)

Date of birth: October 3 1997 (18)

Residence: Mum’s house

General appearance: (I’m sort of the “Freak” of the school) Wavy-Curly dark brown hair, pale skin freckles and gold eyes.

Height: 5’5

Friends: Courtney Abbot. Yup that’s all

Relationship status: Nonexistent

Past boyfriends: Zero

Crush: Nobody hahahaha you thought.

Work history: Works at a little bakery. Her only job. Has had it for quite a few years.

Skills: Baking, hiding the truth, flexible

Phobias/ Fears: Losing Courtney, going to school, the boys and their demon girlfriends, drowning, claustrophobic.

Bad habits/ Vices: biting nails, curling up into a ball and trying to shut out the pain. Very little sleep due to nightmares, self hate, suicidal thoughts

Quirks: nose wrinkles when smiles, twists hair when nervous.

Best qualities: smile (Courtney tells me I have a shining smile) compassionate

Worst qualities: scream (I have a really, really loud scream Courtney said that I might be able to make someone go deaf with it hehe)

Key childhood experiences: Watch her father get murdered when five leading to some trauma. Abused by mother ever since and her alcoholic jerk of a boyfriend.

Key teenage experiences: bullied at school, abused by her mum and boyfriend still, almost raped by mum’s boyfriend, self conscious due to being called an ugly freak.

Favorites: Oversized hoodies, The Fray, cake, root beer float, To kill a mockingbird, Huger games, photography, Hunger games movie.

Goals and motivations: Photographer.

Weight: 105 lbs due to lack of food (I am not anorexic!)

Nicknames: Lara, Star, Elar, Larie

Marks: (I have tons) biggest one is a jagged line down her right arm. Compliments to my mum.

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