Our Secret

2. alot of comfessions

Suga and Jimin went to sit on the couch after they got back home, Jimin had gone with Suga to his room though. "Yoongi, I've loved you since I first layed eyes on you...I wasn't sure if you noticed the way I treat you from the other members...D-do you love me too?" Suga had to think for a minuite on what he was gonna say, he wanted to say Jimin, I love you to, there is no words for how much I love you Chim Chim. He didn't because he didn't want to either freak out Jimin or say something he will regret. Jimin sat there waiting for an answer. Suga finally said " Jimin, I love you with all of my hearteu. I want to be with you for the rest of my life...but..." "But what?" "But, I don't want the members to find out about us..that is if you want to be my boyfriend?" Jimin smiled "You really love me back hyung?" "Yes I do." Then out of nowhere, Jimin kisses Suga.Suga didn;t know what to say. "Well, I am your boyfriend now, ok Meow?" Jimin says with a smirk. Suga is so happy that the love of his life said yes to him, Then they said "goodnight" and Jimin went to his room.

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