Our Secret

3,it was hard

It was hard for Jimin to keep quiet about his new boyfriend. Suga was fixing to explode with rose red cheeks, Jimin was staring right into his soul. All they could think about was each other. "Yoongi, please tell us where Jimin's missing jams are" Shouts Rap Mon. Suga sits there in confusion "What?... I mean, I know he has no jams but..." Jimin started to sing some type of sing that made all the members listen to him, like his voice is magic. Suga sat there red cheeks, and smiling like he hadn't seen anything more beautiful. "I love you Yoongi Hyung~" Jimin suddunly adds to the song. The other five just look at them (Suga and Jimin) in confusion, them Jimin goes to hold Suga's hand. "Eh-Hey, no, Jiminah, wait, stop" Jimin just says " There was something in your hand" and lets go. Suga felt bad so he drags Jimin in his closet. "Jimin, You can't do that infront of them" Suga says " I know, I just couldn't help myself" Jimin mumbles. They hugged for a long time, then Suga leans in for a kiss, when Jin walks in the closet to get one of Suga's suits. "H-hyung, This isn't real! Are you trying to kiss Jimin Hyung!?" Then all of a suddun, when Suga gets ready to try to explain himself, Jimin says, "Please don't tell the members." Jin stood there still shocked. "You mean...You guys are a thing!?" Suga doesn't like how Jimin tries to explain himself, "Yes we are, nobody is to know Jin hyung." Suga starts to say, but then decides he will keep the rest to himself. "OK, You have my word." Jin says then takes a suit and runs out of Suga's room.

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