Our Secret

5. when lies were told

"So, Namjoon you wanna know what I found in Yoongi hyung's closet yesterday when I was going in to borrow a suit?!" Jin says, he knew he should've kept it a secret, but he thought that it would be better if the members knew about them. Namjoon said "Sure, tell me everything." "OK, So I found Yoongi trying to kiss Jimin..." Jin says with a little bit of disapointmen for betraying Suga and Jimin. Then when Namjoon goes to comment on that, Suga and Jimin walk in. "You tried to kiss Jimin, Yoongi?" Namjoon says, not knowing that Jin wasn't supose to tell him that. "Jin, can you please explain how he knows about this." Suga says with anger building up inside him. Jin starts to stutter a bit. "Yoongi, I'm sorry, but they need to know you two are the cutest ship out of our group!" Jin says. "Yeah!, Your not alone eitther, me and Jin are in a secret relationship too" Namjoon said, not caring about Jin's oppinion. Then all four of them sat there wondering if the other three were secretly dating too. " I wonder if V and Kookie are together, V is always babying him.." Suga says, not hidding any other secrets from Jin and Namjoon. That's when all the lies had to be told.

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