Our Secret

6. they all knew by now

Suga, Jimin, Jin, and Namjoon had been lying to the other three other members for awhile. They snook out when Hobi, Kookie, and V were asleep. "Yoongi hyung, I think it's time for them to know...They will appreciate us, haven't they always?" Jimin says nervouse of Suga's oppinion. "I-i think that is a good idea, Chim Chim" Suga says "But, if they don't accept us then what?" Suga finishes with a worried frown on his face. Jimin starts to say "Then we will get payback on Jin, and tell his secret." Suga smiles at that, then slowly says "Let's go, But not right now, give it a few months...or years" he (Suga) says with a smirk.


"Wait, so you and Jimin are....together?" Hobi said "Yes we are" Jimin says with a sort of pleased smile. Then Rap Mon comes bursting through the door, "THEY *tries to catch breath* T-they aren't alone, me and Jin are together too.." Jin turns around real quick and yells "HEY STOB IT!" Then there was a long moment of silence when Jungkook says "I'm with V...." Then Hobi confesses he has been seeing TXT Soobin and that they are to gether. "Now the whole world knows." Suga explains "Now it doessn't matter what they think, they know how we all are, and that they don't have a chance with us because I garentee that we will always love our lovers, Thankyou all"


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