Mafia's BabyGirl

Crossing Paths


As I took steps to the restroom, changing the shower setting to warm I stripped. Letting the cool light wind come into context with my skin. I stepped in the shower letting the water slide down my body awakens every piece of skin on my body. After my shower, I got out and put on a towel walking out of my bathroom sending the fog in my bathroom mixing with the cool winds in my room.

I walked to my closet putting on a white cream fuzzy sweater along with some black legging my black old school vans. I walked to my desk picking up my brush and lightly brushing my hair. I grab my phone, my bag walking out the door and into the kitchen.

My house has always been a one-story house. I have my room downstairs along with my brother Ben. My mother was most likely at work along with My dad. They work at a law firm while my brother goes to high school, I go to high school and work at a cafe 3 blocks away from where we live. I saved money only when I need it like sometimes when my parent forgets to go grocery shopping, so I go and buy things we need, I also help my brother with his homework, cook and clean.

I grab an apple for myself, then started making breakfast for Ben. I cut up a banana, strawberries, and apples, blending them in the blinder. Afterward, I put it in a cup and make some oatmeal for him, and made him lunch and my lunch.

After making breakfast, and lunch I wake up Ben. ” Ben wake up please,” I said softly into his ears causing him to shiver slightly. ” Ben, we have school. Wake up, please. ” I said a little louder. ” Mmm, five more minutes. ” Ben said whining. Nope, we have school therefore, get up, please. We are late, and I’m pretty sure Addy going to be there.” With that sentence, he woke up prancing out of bed rushing to the closet to get ready. I giggle at this step out of the room putting the lunch in his bag following this, I sat at the dining room table waiting for him.

{skip jump}

Getting into the school, I recalled bumping into a hard chest making me fall on my bottom. I look up to see a boy with black hair push to the side messily, and dark brown eye, and tattoos covering his neck and arms. He looks intimidating. His existence was filled with much authority and power.

I felt tears starting to come out of my eyes. I shift on my knees picking up my papers and my books. ” You okay baby girl? Do you need help getting to your classes, huh? ” He said his voice deep and raspy but gentle. I felt myself almost slipping into little space at the pet’s name. ” N-no, sir. I-I’m fine.” I said stupidly stuttering. ” Come on I show you, your first-class baby girl.“, I felt my little side coming up. ” I’m sorry sir its f-fine I promise,” I said looking at him as a tear slides down my cheek.

I let out a whimper as I felt myself being picked up. I don’t even know why I’m crying. Tears coming out of my eyes cling on to his hoodie. But I think he didn’t think he minded it though. I could hear his heartbeat, beating somewhat faster just by a bit.

I heard a car door open and felt his body lowering into a car, then closing the car door back. It sounded almost unnoticeable. I’m seated on his lap, in the car. I could feel his fingers pushing my head into his chest. I let a soft sob, letting tears clouded my vision. He bounced his left leg a little, as he whispers sweet nothings in my ears slightly calming me down.

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