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~Ace’s backstory~

*introducing aces father*

Aces father.. if “father” is really a term to describe him. He’s the monster that fucked poor ace up..

His name was Alex. He was 34 when ace was 8 years old. He usually wore his black suit, dark grey pants, tie,boots, and his eye patch he wore All The time.. when I say “All” I mean all the time. You would never see him without his eye patch. Ace never knew why until...

Basically him and aces mother had a decent relationship except the fact you would never see them kiss hold hands or even hug. They basically acted like best friends.

Alex was never abuse too aces mother. He was only abusive towards ace. And for some odd reason his mother only cared a little bit. When I mean a little bit I mean when the two of them were alone. Ace and his mother *********.

Aces father was not a wolf. He seemed too be human but.. he had these weird abilities he was able too use. He was able too teleport,heal,fly,shape shift,and use mind control.

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