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Meet Colby

Cole Robert Brock, but everyone calls him Colby. Colby here is your average teenage boy. He is nice and caring yet don't get on his bad side. He is a very loving boy and accepts everyone for who they are.

He may look mean and "emo" but he has a soft and kind heart. His parents love him very much. He makes good grades and was even the popular kid at his old school.

But then he moved. He moved to a new school, and a new town. As soon as he stepped foot into the school everyone wanted to know him. As the days pass he only finds one student particularly interesting.

One student who he never new would make his world 10,000 times better. He grew fond of the sweet blond boy. Who always held respect for anyone and everyone. Who was nice to even the ones who bully him. His soft blue eyes, his fluffy blond hair, the way his face scrunched up in concentration as he listened to the teachers and wrote notes.

Colby grew very fond of this boy, so he befriended him and the consequences were grave.

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