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This is a story about a girl named Tan Soyeon,who is a high school student. But as she is poor, she needs to work.Thus through her friend Krystal,she found a job at Big Hit Entertainment, which changed her life as she got the job to be the personal assistant of the SEVEN COLORS OF RAINBOW!~ Look forward to see what happens next!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: FINDING THE JOB!~

Every human on this planet have had the taste of failure. It’s a experience that helps us to become who we are today.Some failures are due to our mistake,which we regret from the bottom of the heart.Some failures are caused by chance, while others are cause for lack of experience.

Whatever it is everyone has had a reason which lead to failure.I, Tan Soyeon am no different.As a kid I loved music-it was my life and still is.I was ready to do anything to achieve that dream.But soon I was brought to reality. Failure after failure...that’s what I experienced.sometimes its due to my family background,other times its just because of me.Or perhaps I should simply put it,my luck was really bad.


“You’ve not passed the talent show”

That was what was written on the computer screen.Sitting in front of the screen was a girl of warm ivory.She had short hair-like Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Club but a bit longer.Her hair was silky and was wavy-straight.Exactly like her hair,her eyes were brown.It often held the glint of kindness.But currently it was focused upon the screen.

″looks like I need to find a job, then″, saying that i quickly searched for job, but found NOTHING!I definitely need to ask from my cutie stubborn friend, Krystal tomorrow to find me a job. Just so you know,I & her are friends from middle school.So you could say we’re pretty close!

Thinking that, i went to a deep slumber.


Krystal [k]: Noo....i don’t want to give u this job.....i am telling u, it is not your type..

me: no! tell me.....i am begging you to tell me. Why do u need to be stubborn always? tell me u idiot!

k: ok ok fine. the BigHit Entertainment Co., Ltd is wanting for a job, a specific job that many people failed to do.But better believe me,it will make u crazy....but again u are also a stubborn idiot!, you never listen to me!

me: yeah yeah, whatever...now give me the address.

k: [~ getting information from the google~] Looks like you need to go to Busan for these job, but really?!?!? You aren’t going there,leaving your family and friends, right?

me: Then I quickly extend my finger and told the person standing at the end tip of the finger is going to take care! and also said, ‘Why not? I will go anywhere! anytime! why do i have you guys as my friends if I can’t rely on you guys?!?! You guys will see EVERYONE OF MY FAMILY! got it? [😡]’

k: ok.... Here I emailed you the information. go live your life now girl!

me: Good girl! That’s why I LOVE YOU, you know that, right?

k: Yeah Yeah. You know its reminds me of a song:


The only difference of this video is that we are girls, and they are boys.

-------At night-------

me: Ishh....[with a sigh] I said. ’why is it that much difficult to pack my bag?!? These stupid clothes doesn’t want to go with me, that’s why it’s not staying in the bag! These clothes are also stubborn! Looks like the stubborn fever is also applied on non-living things also.... I murmured.

Finally! I signed and said : Done packing. Then one thing came into my mind. The thing was that papa told was correct though I want to go no matter what! he said, It is not good that a girl will go somewhere alone. But my papa also know stubborn I am....[totally learnt from my friend!] So, he agreed. [ Hehehe~]

---- Tomorrow-----[ the time when I just got there]

me: See! I knew she[k] won’t like me to come. Such a big and famous place! So big and gorgeous inside. Maybe, she was thinking this for herself....or no....I dunno! But who cares!I took this place at first.

[in the phone] k: have you gone there safely?

me: ‘Yeah , why not?’ Don’t you know how good I am at taekwando? [even though I am at yellow belt.....] If anyone was here to kidnap me, I would smash his/her face including his/her whole body like an egg! You know, I am a pro right?

k: yes, I know. ok, gotta go. I will tell auntie and uncle about you. so don’t worry. And DO NOT FORGET TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN THE INTERVIEW, OR YOU WILL FAIL AGAIN!

me: Yes i know. NOW GET LOST! always remind me of my bad luck!

I cut the phone, and begin to walk with full of ATTITUDE!

Unknown: Hello, I am the manager of these company, how can I help you?

Me: Oh, Hi! I am here for the interview...for the difficult job....at least that’s what I heard from people.By the way, I am Tan Soyeon, aged 20 years old, a graduate student of Yale International school. Nice to meet you.

Manager: Nice to meet you too. I am Cheng. So you are here for the diffi--cu--lt job?! Ok, looks like its your first time then...So, who told you about this job? And tell me about your family background also.

Me: ohh.., It’s one of my cutest friend!... her name is Krystal. My family consists of my father who is about to retire, mother who is a house wife, brother who is middle school student and myself.

Manager: Ohh..That’s great.So,why did you take the attempt of taking this job?

Me: I’ve heard that it is something that no one can do...but I have full confidence, and I promise I will do my job properly with obedience.

Manager: Ok...then. You are hired. I think you are talented to do this job! You will be the personal assistant of Bangtan Sonyeondan [BTS]. You can join from tomorrow, Oh, but before that, you can go to their house and introduce yourself.

Me: ok! thank you sir!

[murmuring]: Well, I guess my luck felt insulted when I said it is obvious that the non-living things { my mind included} are also having stubborn fever to always do bad things to me! and that’s why it didn’t happen this time I was then shaking my head and giving thanks to my head,saying ‘You are a genius indeed!’

-----[ at the time when i reached there ]-------

me: Yeah!It took my whole life to come here! oh,wait, then why am i standing here right now? I should be in the grave, right? ok, never mind...lets move on. These house looks splendid!Indeed if its so high decorated outside the apartment,i wonder how fabulous it is going to be inside!

---[outside the house]----

me: ‘hey, whats going on inside the house? Why so much noise??’ saying that I quickly knocked the door,but no one was opening the door. -_- then I quickly opened the door and then...my eyes widened,the seven boys were having fun & were teasing each other.Some of them were fighting and being chaotic.Seeing this I quickly was about to close the door, when suddenly someone held the door open.He was known to be RM [ NAMJOON] then everyone else stared at me. I then stood like a statue....


Tan Soyeon:

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