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I stood there like statue.....

′ He-llo’! , I said raising one hand of mine. Everyone else was looking at me as maybe they were watching a movie or something.

″who are you?″, someone asked me who belongs to the solid voice. Just after that, the rest of them looked at him and then again to me. -_-

″ok, ahem ahem″, I released my breath along with the sound of my voice.

″I am Tan Soyean, new personal assistant of you guys.″, I said with a cold tone along with my teeth visible in a rectangular shape.

(like this)

″ohh...″, all of them said at the same time. Ok, lets sit over the sofa and talk about each other, RN or RV or whatever has suggested.

I quickly sat on the sofa, as I was really tired and also faded up for torturing myself by looking at so much drama all day long.

Seeing that everyone else began to sit one by one in the big sofa, leaving me sat alone in the other side. Without talking, I started to look around the house with a quick glance, as it is something a girl can do while sitting in a alone place, right? While I was moving my eyes around the whole house and thinking, ′ I knew this house will be incredible’, my glance stopped when I suddenly saw everyone else looking at me. -_- They don’t even let me see properly!! ok, never mind....

″ So...hello once again! I will be your assistant. My name is Tan Soyean, from Yangsan, which is 18 km away from here. I am 20 years old. And I just got hired in Big Hit Entertainment to be you guys personal assistant. Done introducing! now guys start!

They were still looking at me. -_-, ″hey, earth to you guys! hello~ ″ I started calling them moving my hands in front of them. Looks like they went to mars in their imagination.

Then they suddenly came into the earth and got crashed into my face!

″Ahhhh″, said the one with a charming voice, making others to realize also. Did they got to know now that I am done talking? -_-

″Yeah, I said I am done with my introduction, now you guys start″

″ohhhh″, said the one with a endearing voice.

I murmured,″Do I need to explain to all of you individually?″, but maybe they all heard and said ‘ohh no...’ at the same time.

″Ok, then I will start″, said the owner of the charming voice with a wide warm smile on his face.

″ My name is Kim Tae-hyung , you can call me ‘V’ ″, then suddenly one after another they began to say.

″ My name is Jeon Jungkook, call me Jungkook,″ the endearing voice said.

″Me, Min Yoon-gi, nickname ‘Suga’ ″. The solid voice speak up with a smile.

″ Name, Park Jimin, you can call me Jimin only, aged of 24 years, nice to meet you″ , said a cute boy with a amiable smile.

″ I am Namjoon″, said a appealing boy with a dimpolic smile on his face.

″ I am J-hope, I am your only hope! ″ said a young man with a chargeful nature type.

″ And lastly I am Jin, the world wide handsome boy that ever can be in this planet!″, said a perfect looking adorable man, making everyone of us chuckle a little.

″Nice to meet everyone of you guys,″ I said. ″ Hopefully I will be helpful to you guys″, I said showing by obedience a little...maybe.... ; ) wanted to be a dramatic type for all the drama happened today. But, did I ever talk to anyone like this before? I don’t think so, but whatever, my behaviors can charge, right? yeah....but its kind of weird.......

″ yeh, yeh , you really can, you look like you are really talented indeed!″, said the one called Jimin. Then everyone also nodded.

ok, they look like robots....one say something and all of them agree.


Then suddenly make me remembered, J-hope said ″Its been already night″. It is 12 am now...Aren’t you go home? Its really late too late to let a girl alone......

OMG! It is actually been a mid-night!!! I screamed out.

Then RM told, ″its not a problem, I can send you now with my car. Just tell me which hotel you wanna go, you are going to hotel, right? as you told, you are from a different city.″

″ yes....but the thing is I FORGET TO LOOK FOR THE HOTEL! as for all the thing that occurred today...″ I said and started to cry......


Hey guys! Your author here!

I know you guys don’t know me.....so I have planned to change my profile...as you won’t be able to know about me seeing those stupid stuffs......but the thing is I AM LAZY!!! and also tired of the ridiculous exams and dramas at school.......I know you guys know my feelings..😌

Ok, now what was I about to say is that, DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE COMMENTS as well as do those stuffs when you like a story. Write whatever comes to your mind........oh wait....no, not whatever.....write something that encourage me, not those words that hurt me... ok? I hope you guys will understand and I AM WAITING FOR THE COMMENTS!😎

for now, gootta gooo! by by! [ I am also lazy to write ‘e’]😁

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