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I started to cry.....

I was crying there like a baby, everyone else was looking at me for some seconds -_-, then suddenly they ran into me and sat beside me, keeping me in the middle, still like a baby...

″Aww! Don’t cry, its nothing, why are you crying little ′pussy girl’ ?″, J-hope said with a delightful smile.

″yeah, don’t cryyy....even though you look really cute! There aren’t any cuteness than a pretty little girl crying like this. ″, Tae-hyung said, acting like me...but putting his hands below his chins, forming a love kind of shape.

″Ok″, Jimin said, wiping of my tears with is soft and tiny fingers of his. ″ Just tell us, whats the matter?″

I, then remove my tears and stand straight, ″ I forgot to look for the hotel~″, I said with my mouth still in a bend type. ″ Where am I going to stay tonight?, I started crying again...

″Is this for what you are crying for?, said Jungkook, laughing at me, making everyone laugh. ″Even though you are kind of boyish type, still you are like a baby girl, cutie pie~.″

Did he just call me’cutie pie’?? and J-hope called me ‘pussy girl’??

′ Don’t need to cry, ′cutie pie’, you can stay in my room for this night, I will stay with V.″

’Yeah, you can stay with me″, Taehyung told him again with a courteous smile.

″ Ok, then lets help this ‘sweatpea’ with her luggages, everyone, HOLD UP!″, Jin ordered with a enthusiastic chargeful feeling.

″ok~ then....″, I said with a soft tone, but wait, Are this boys are going to give me individual nicknames now?″, I murmured...

Jungkook’s room was in the 2nd floor, as the house was like kind of this:


″ It where you are going to stay today,′cutie pie~’. Hope you like it ;). It also consists of a washroom, so it will be better for you″, Jungkook told me with a warm smile. Everyone was following to the room with me, and behaving like they just saw his for the first time, roaming around to every corner of his room. I was the last one to enter and Jungkook was waiting for me outside. The seven colors started chaos over there, in a small bedroom....

Hey, what are thinking,huh?!? Wanna get a kick?

″ Guys, thank you for letting me stay here tonight, now...″, I said shying, even though I don’t know why...

″Its nothing...But don’t you think you are bit shying sometimes, which you don’t need to be, we will help each other, alright?″, Jimin said placing his hand on my cheeks and other hand in my nose, calling me ′sweatums’...

″ Yeah, I shouldn’t be the one shying, I am not like that...″ Ok, ahem ahem, everyone out of the room now! I wanna take a shower.......I said, but again in a low voice!″

Ok, lets move now, she needs to see this room herself, right? ;) ″, Jungkook said smiling giving all his charmness.

″Yeah, I really would appreciate that.″

″Ok, we will be waiting for you downstairs then, take a good shower, See ya!″ Suga said with a charming smile.

-----they went at last!-----

I then put all of my bag packages on the bed, roaming only my eyes to the whole room, It isn’t too good! It is the best!, ″Ok, but at first, let me kill my tiredness!″ , saying that I went to the washroom, singinglalalalala~~......

Every shower is like a movie scene to me and I am the actress. I undo my robe and take it off. I turn the tap on the water starts pouring down like a waterfall from the shower head. I always have to wait for it to get warm and before anything I dip my toe to check the temperature. On good days I turn my phone on for music and sing along as if I’m on a stage. On bad days I crouch down in the shower and shed tears until the water starts turning from hot to lukewarm and to lukewarm to ice cold.

~ after shower~

Done killing! I came out from the shower, leaving my fragrance all over the room with the hot airs from the bathroom. I weared a cute dress, more like a boyish type but still quite looking like I girl. I was in a good and refresh mood, and I wanted to spend time alone a bit. So, I took out my laptop, trying to watch and check some social medias. ;)

″Its been a long time, I should go downstairs now″ I said and rushed towards the stairs and also planned to take some stacks from the fridge.

But when I got there, I saw.....

......These boys were being jumbled, dancing, teasing others, singing and lastly making foods.

″ What’s going on over here? Its already too late , its 2 am now, What are you guys doing?″, I asked giving a confused look.

″ We are making foods for you~″, Tae-hyang replied.

″ We everyday, ohh..no, not everyday, especially on holidays, we sleep at 3 am″, said Jin. ″ Its normal for us anyway, but today we are making food. Join us, its almost done.~″

″ok~″, I ran to the table~

To be honest, the food was INCREDIBLE! I just eat careless, there is nothing needed in life rather than having a good meal, when suddenly I realized everyone else was looking at my reaction, and of course feeling proud among themselves.

″ the food is really tasty, thank you~″, I said giving a mouthful smile.

* everyone chuckled*

After eating our dinner, we went to the living room, cit-chatting with everyone whenI fall in sleep...........


Hello guys!

Did you guys forget that I told u to write comments?! How am I going to make u understand how freaking excited i am to read ur comments!! U know, when I had only five viewers, i was dancing crazi love ya all! bye bye! see ya!~

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