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Rosabella Black |Daughter Of Sirius Black|(Book 2)


Rosabella Black is going into her fourth year at Hogwarts, along with her three best friends Ron, Hermione and Harry. After finding out her Father, Sirius Black, was innocent she couldn't be happier. But what will happen when Harry is entered into the Triwizard Tournament? How will she help Harry prepare? How will she help Harry stay alive? Book 2 of the Rosabella Black story. ALL RIGHTS GO TO J.K ROWLING.

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The Interrogation Of Remus Lupin

Rosabella's Point Of View:

"Okay...so Moony is sitting on the couch by the fireplace reading the Daily Prophet. Mike, you and I will distract Moony by asking him an important question that will take him off guard. Jay, Jake you sit either side of Moony and while we distract, you guys grab his wand and hide it. Well. Lu, when the twins have hidden the wand lock all the doors and windows so Moony can't get out. Then he'll have to tell us all the things he and Dad got up too at Hogwarts." I whispered to them, while peeking through the tiny gap in the door.

They all nodded their heads.

"Jay, Jake make sure you both go seperate ways when one of you hides the wand. Go past each other as much as possible. Make it really random. Use that twin telepathy thing to communicate with each other. Moony is observant. When he releases what we've done he's gonna search for the wand and he'll know you two took it, but he wont know which one of ypu hide it if you cross over a lot, giving you a chance to pass it between each other. Hide it well." I continued to whisper.

They all nodded grinning.

"Ready?" I asked quietly, grinning from ear to ear.

They nodded their heads enthusiastically.

"Lu, you first." I whispered.

Lucas went in, acting casual.

"Alright Moony? Want anything?" Lucas asked.

"Fire whiskey please, Lu. Have one yourself if you want one." Remus said.

"Jay, Jake you next." I whispered.

The twins high fived each other and entered the room.

"What about us?" Jason said.

"We're nearly seventeen." Jacob said.

"Why can't we have fire whiskey?" They said in unison.

"Nearly seventeen isn't seventeen. Ask me on your seventh birthday and I'll consider it." Remus, while laughing at the twins disgruntled expressions.

The twins sat on either side of Remus.

"Anything good in there?" Jason asked grumbily.

"Follow my lead, Mike. Let's do this." I said, still quietly.

We five hived and got into character.

I took a depth breath and put an angry expression on my face. I slammed the door open.


Remus jumped and nearly spilt his fire whiskey.


Remus looked completely taken aback and flustered.

"Ro, I-I- I haven't been looking forward to when you start taking an –er– interest in boys. But Mike, the more you try to smother and control her, the more creative she'll get to try and hide it from you. She'll rebel and do it just to spite all of us. I trust her to be sensi— Jay, Jake why are you pacing around all over the place?" Remus asked confused.

While Remus was giving his speech, Jason and Jacob nicked Remus' wand and got the idea to hide in another room and when they came back, they winked at Lucas. Then Lucas locked all the doors and windows.

"Lucas, what are you doing?" Remus asked suspiciously.

My siblings and I all grinned triumphantly. Remus went to try open the door and he reached for his wand.

"Where's my wand?" Remus demanded.

"What are you all up too?" Remus yelled.

We all burst out laughing.

"One of you better start explaining!" Remus said angrily.

My brothers and I all sat on the couch. It was a bit of a tight fit but we managed. We all crossed our arms in unison and stared at Remus grinning like crazy.

"We locked you, well all of us, in here so you will tell us about our Dad and all the things you guys did at school." I said, grinning.

"Lucas either you undo the spell or give me your wand and I'll do it." Remus demanded.

"I don't like either of those options." Lucas stated, amused.

Remus made a move towards Lucas. We expected this. We all shot up from the couch and we threw the wand to each other and ran in different directions all over the living room, keeping Lucas's wand away from Remus. We did this till Remus collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. He lasted a good two hours. I'm impressed.

"Fine! You win. Merlin help Hogwarts when you guys return." Remus panted.

We all grinned and sat in a semi circle in front of Remus, with eager expressions.

Remus laughed and shook his head.

"Well, on our last day of classes in our first year we cast a charm so teachers could only say 'Gobbledegook'. Dumbledore found it quite amusing.

In our second year we switched all the Slytherins robes with prom dresses.

Throughout all of third year we gave random Hufflepuff students aging potion by slipping it into their pumpkin juice.

On the last day of our forth year we filled the entire Great Hall with popcorn.

In our fifth year we filled the Slytherins pumpkin juice with a ten pound bag pepper.

In our sixth year we enchanted the squid to break out into song all throughout spring.

And in our seventh year, the day of the finale for the Quiditch Cup, it was Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Who ever won that match, won the cup. We made everyone's hair turn red.

Satisfied?" Remus said with a raised eyebrow.

I couldn't breath. I was laughing too hard. My brothers and I were paralyzed by laughter as we roared with laughter. It took us at least ten minutes to calm down.

"Now, Lu, let me out." Remus said.

Lucas reversed the spell and the twins retrieved Remus' wand and gave it back to him.

"So who was the mastermind behind this little scam?" Remus said pretending to be angry, but he couldn't keep the smirck of his face.

I put my hand up at the same time as my brothers all pointed to me.

"Good plan Ro. I'm impressed. No all of you upstairs to bed, it's late." Remus said.

We laughed and all hugged Remus goodnight. I jumped on Lucas's back and he walked up the stairs.

"It's getting harder and harder to walk up the stairs with you on my back." Lucas panted.

I laughed and jumped off his back and went into my room. Winter was sleeping on my bed. I then noticed that Soren was back. He had a letter from dad.

"Thanks Soren." I said as I gave him an owl treat.

He hooted tiredly in thanks and flew to his cage and drank a lot of water.

My brothers and I all sent dad very detailed letters on...everything. Everything he missed. All the pranks we pulled. The trips we'd been on with uncle Remus. Our adventures at Hogwarts. I don't think I've ever written so much in my life. Dad replied to us with some of the stuff he did at school but there's only so much paper he can get hold of so he couldn't tell us much.

That's when I came up with the idea to force Remus to tell us, since he wouldn't do it when we asked nicely.

At first he wouldn't tell us because the memories brought to much pain, when he believed one of his best friend and his brother in law betrayed his sister and his other friends, resulting in their deaths. Now, he wont tell us because he said we dont need anymore ideas on how to torment Hogwarts. He should of known we wouldn't take no for an answer.

I read dads letter where he told me about how they once turned all the Slytherins skin silver and it couldn't be reversed for a month. I was about to write back when my door suddenly burst open, this woke Winter and she shot up and stood in front of me in a protective stance.

"MR WEASLEY DID IT! HE GOT TICKETS FOR THE QUIDITCH WORLD CUP! WE'RE GOING TO THE BURROW TOMORROW MORNING!" Jason and Jacob shouted, with Michael and Lucas grinning behind them.

I squealed in excitement. We stayed up for a little while longer talking about quiditch and the chances of Ireland winning against Bulgaria. Remus then came in and told us to go to bed since we were goinging to the Burrow in the morning.

I wrote the a letter to dad telling him about what we did to uncle Remus and that we were going to the world cup and if he wants to send anymore letters to any of us we'll be at Ron's house. I would send it in the morning so Soren could get soom much needed rest. I then got into bed and hugged Winter as I drifted of into a deep sleep.

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