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The Neighbor With Blonde Hair


With a self-imposed quest and starting over in a new country, Life was turning out to be harder than it once was. At least her neighbor was a gentleman. I DO NOT own Boku no Hero Academia, it belongs to its creator. I just own the OC's and fanfiction plot. https://linktr.ee/XireanaPrime

Romance / Humor
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Things Left Unsaid

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The photo she was staring at would typically be heartwarming, instead of tearing her own heart to shreds. It was a picture of a green-haired woman holding a fluffy-headed equally green-haired baby next to a man who was clearly the father of the child. The worst part was...

The man was her fiance, and she just found out she was pregnant with her first child. It had been confusing at first seeing how her period was always finicky. Sometimes it would be months before she’d have one. It wasn’t until she got sick that she went to the doctor. Only to find out that she had been three months along was a surprise.

With her heart in tatters, the young brunette began to pack her belongings and ordered a flight ticket early. They had planned to have their honeymoon in Japan ...Now she would be going alone.

Glancing at the clock, she saw that her soon-to-be ex-fiance would be home any minute. She sat waiting for him at the dinner table. Photo in front of her along with her engagement ring.

Hearing the door open and close, a voice was heard “Bunny Dear! I’m home!”

“Kitchen Hisashi...” She answered back.

Exiting the hallway was a ravenette man with fluffy hair and a scattering of freckles across his face donning a business suit. “Bunny, is something wrong?” His expression was of confusion.

The woman dubbed “Bunny” opened her eyes and lifted up the picture. “Were you ever going to tell me?” She replied instead of answering him.

A deer-in-the-headlights look appeared on his face. She observed as he looked from the picture she held to her face. “Were you?” She reiterated with a little more force.

“No...” He looked away.

Standing up, Bunny left her ring on the table next to the photo. She grabbed her bags and walked past him. “I can’t trust you. I wish it was different... If we ever see one another again, don’t call me ’bunny.”

“I’m sorry...” Hayashi whispered.

Bonnie Darbi stood at the apartment door, her back to her now ex-fiance. “Me too...”

It didn’t take long for Bonnie to get to the airport and board the plane to her future. She was just lucky enough someone had a cancellation and she was able to trade in her old tickets for some cash and an earlier flight.

She had a plan.

Her first hurdle was to find a job; a convenience store, fast food, cafe, or if she could, an art teacher. Even though her webcomic was doing well, she’d still need a source of income that was more reliable than a small-time webcomic.

Next was to find Hisashi’s wife and child and warn them of his... transgressions against two of them.

With a sigh, the brunette closed her eyes and tried to rest as much as possible during her long flight.


Toshinori Yagi sighed as he made his way to his apartment. It had been a rough day. His adorable successor had broken another bone, though after some time with his former teacher, the young man was able to come up with a new way to use One for All.

As he faced his door, He noticed the apartment next to his, which had been empty for so long, now had a name on the occupant plate.

It read as “Darbi” written in English.

He gave a hum at the thought of his new neighbor. He hoped they weren’t too loud like the last ones. Toshinori gave a shiver at how loud the last tenants were. They had been the party-college type.

He was about to enter his dwelling when he heard a groan behind him. Turning towards the sound, Toshinori finds a short-haired brunette with a large number of purchases. She had walked past him to the door next to his. She grumbled as she tried to balance some of the bags and unlock her door simultaneously.

Only to drop her keys.

The woman looked down at the keys, making the bags that were blocking her face, move. He was able to see her expression. It was a combination of emotions like she was about to cry in frustration. It made the blonde let the hero part of him, want to surface. Which he gave into and went to help the young woman out.

“Would you like some help, miss?” Toshinori offered as he picked up her keys.

“Please?” She answered tiredly.

He opened the door for her and left the keys in the lock for her.

His eyes met hers as she gave him a small sad smile. “Thank you very much.” She glanced at her sparsely furnished home. “Would you like some tea?”

Toshinori wasn’t sure how to react, though tea did sound really good... “That would be wonderful. I’m Yagi Toshinori, your neighbor.” He points to the door next to hers.

She led him into her apartment and turned on the lights as she went. “I’m Bonnie Darbi.” She blinked. “Shit, I mean Darbi Bonnie. I’m still getting used to the customs...”

Toshinori gave a small laugh. “I understand, I was the same during my time stateside.”

Bonnie looked at him in surprise “Oh? East or West Coast?” She came back to the table with two mugs with amusing sayings. One read; “I am an author: fear me!” While the second one said in glittery print “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.”

He snorted at the mugs. “East Coast.”

She set the two mugs on the table and inquired on which mug he wanted.

Toshinori decided with a laugh. “Unicorn.”

Bonnie laughed. “I didn’t think you’d choose it.” She went back to the kitchen and called back, “Cream, sugar, lemon?”

“Honey if you have it,” he replied.

She gave a sigh. “I don’t, but I do have agave.”

Toshinori’s curiosity was piqued. “Agave?”

“It’s like honey, but made from Cactus Juice.” She explained.

Toshinori smiled, “I’ll give it a try.”

Bonnie got up and came back with a bottle of amber liquid. “I hope you like it. I myself use it frequently.” She then added a small bit of each mug.

She snickered at the image Yagi made. He took a drink out of the unicorn mug with a straight face. Before breaking it and chuckling himself. Bonnie almost ended up snorting her own tea. The two continued talking for an hour about their favorite places to visit in America till they both noticed the time.

“Is it really that late?” Toshinori asked, surprised at how long he had stayed. Making a small milestone in his book. Being that it had been the longest he had willingly visited with someone in the last decade.

Bonnie laughed. “When in good company time tends to speed along.”

“Truer words were never spoken. I hope you have a good evening Miss Darbi.”

Bonnie had walked him to the door and gave a smile. “You as well Mr. Yagi.”

With that, the two parted ways, both feeling a bit better than they had earlier in the day.

Bonnie sighed as she went back into the kitchen and put away her purchases. She used her quirk to grow four more arms to make the task go by faster. Half an hour later her kitchen was ready for use. Though not feeling up to cooking, let alone eating, the young brunette made a list of things to do for the coming weeks instead.


- job

- doctor’s appointment set up

- baby supplies

- set up a bank account

- set up the rest of the appointments

- find Midoriya family

Looking at the list Bonnie felt good about what needed to be done and it gave her plenty of time to mentally prepare herself for her self-imposed quest. She only hopes that Mrs. Midoriya wouldn’t blame her for anything, but it was a more likely option.

With another sigh, Bonnie made up her futon and soon drifted off to sleep.

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